Travel budget for 10 days Japan

Travel budget for 10 days Japan! While writing this I'm sitting on the couch in my appartment, feet on the table in front of me, wrapped in a blanket and with a scarf around my neck. Fall has officially started in The Netherlands. So as I was sitting here, trying to come up with a blogpost to write, I started thinking back about all of the wonderfull vacations I've had this year. For some reason, Japan is the one that always pops up in my head first. Thinking about Japan made me want to write another blogpost about the country. One that would be helpful for everyone going there, especially if it's your first time going there! This is what I came up with! I'm sharing with you my Japan travel budget for 10 full days! How much money will I need to travel to Japan and survive there? Click on the link to get an answer!