Hotels in Kuala Lumpur: The Bed Station Chinatown (hostel)

I knew I was going to stay in Kuala Lumpur for about a week, so I searched on for the cheapest options that week, like I always do. is my favourite website because it has so many great filters to narrow your search and they offer the best prices out of all of the sites I found. And the amount of accommodations registered on this website is far greater too. If you use my link to book your accommodation with, you get a discount and I get a small commission too. This would really help me out!

I eventually selected this hostel in the middle of the city for a very good price! Keep on reading if you want to know more about this place, and the cost of it!

Staying in Kuala Lumpur

The hostel was very easy to find. There was a big sign above the entrance that I could see from across the road. The entrance itself is right in between two shops, but the door also has a sign on it so there is no confusion possible. After the door, a staircase follows and you’ll find the reception at the top. You can go further up the stairs, but there’s nothing but rooms and a roof terrace there.

The reception, or lobby, looks quite nice and fancy, considering it is a hotel. The staff is really nice and speaks English well. On the left of the reception is an area with computers and couches, and a door leading to the 2 showers and 2 toilets as well.

On the right side of the reception, are some rooms. One of which I stayed in. It had a total of 3 bunk beds, so 6 people staying in there at the same time. The rooms were pretty sober, compared to the lobby.

The location of the hostel is right around the corner from Chinatown, right next to central market and just across from the train station and bus station.

Hotel review Kuala Lumpur

What I liked

What I liked most about the hostel, is the location. Turn right outside the hostel and you walk straight to central market, which takes 2 minutes. Take the first right again and you walk straight into the Chinatown market, with lots of awesome street food! The hostel is also right across a train station, which is just one stop away from KL central station and very easy to navigate.

I also enjoyed the lobby, it looks rather fancy and made me feel really comfortable. The bathroom here is great too. One toilet, one toilet and shower combo and one shower. Perfect! Quite clean too, apart from the hairs on the floor every now and then when a girl had brushed her hair in front of the mirror again. Towels are provided.

One of the staff members clearly works there more hours than the rest, and he is very polite, helpfull and speaks pretty good English.

What I didn’t like

I really enjoyed staying at this hostel, apart from the squeaky bed with pillow that was too hard. I had the top bed and I am not exaggerating when I say that it made a sound with every movement I made. And the pillow was so hard my head didn’t sink into it one bit so that was a little uncomfortable.

Also, wifi sometimes just stopped working for a bit, which was weird.

I would also have liked to have more different nationalities in the hostel. It was mostly people from the Philippines that were trying to get a Visa to go work in Poland and other Asian people. I think I saw 5 other western people there, a brief moment, during the time I stayed here. But obviously this is not the hostels fault.

Cost and score

For the 7 nights that I stayed here, I paid €39, which is 43,80 USD. This comes down to around €5,57 per night. Definitely not bad!

I’d score this place 8,5/10

  • Staff 8/10
  • Location 10/10
  • Comfy beds 4/10
  • Wi-Fi 6/10
  • Bathroom 8/10
  • Cleanliness 7/10
  • Good value for money 10/10

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