Prices in Jakarta, 2019

Maybe you’ve read my previous articles about prices already. The one with prices in Bali, or the one with prices in Kuala Lumpur. Those lists are very detaild and the one from Bali will probably help you pick which restaurant to go to.

Well, you see, this time I wasn’t very great with the receipts. -partly because streetfood stalls don’t give out receipts – I only have a few, oops!

I still wanted to share those prices with you though, just to give you a quick overview of what to expect. I’ve got some transport, food and groceries in there, but of course it all depends on where you go to eat or shop of course. I also includes the prices for entertainment.

By the way, all prices are in Indonesian rupiah, because that is what they use in Jakarta, Indonesia 🙂 50,000 is around 3 euro.

Let’s just start with the best category, which is..

Prices in jakarta

Food at restaurants

First of all, prices vary a lot from restaurant to restaurant. At the most famous Indonesian restaurant in town for example, you pay around 70,000 per dish (and you’ll be ordering multiple to share). Obviously the food is amazing and definitely worth it, but if that’s not within your budget you can definitely find some other tasty food elsewhere.


  • 1 eggs Benedict on a panini was 48,000

Eatwell & coffee

  • The tuna sandwich is 52,000
  • Strawberry juice is 38,000
  • Chocolate oreo cake 1 slice is 30,303
  • Ice green tea latte is 34,000
  • Mie goreng seafood was 54,000


If shopping is your thing, Jakarta is the place for you. People here love it and malls are like amusement parks for the people here because they have everything from food to entertainment to groceries and clothes. Everything you need in one building. People apparently spend much of their time here.

I don’t really do shopping, but there were a few things I needed.

I got 3 fridge magnets at Alun-Alun, a typical Indonesian store. Total was 105,300

At the airport I bought a sim card for 250,000

I went to the indomaret for some groceries and paid this:

  • 6 small buns with filling: 15,500
  • Sedaap instant noodles: 4,650
  • Oishi pop snacks: 6,200

I also had to get some laundry done, which was more expensive than I had anticipated. My bag of laundry was almost 1 kilo but the minimum was 2. And on top of that I had to pay for Express service because otherwise I would have to wait 3 days for my laundry to be done. THREE DAYS. My God way too long. Anyways, I paid 32,000 total.

Famous Indonesian restaurant in jakarta


Also one of the best categories, just after food. – at least, that is my opinion – While you are in Jakarta, you obviously want to spend your time seeing and doing nice and fun things. Which of course, is what I did too. So here are a couple prices for you to keep in mind!

  • National monument: 15,000 (if you want to go to the top)
  • The new aquarium underneath the mall, called Jakarta aquarium: regular adult weekdays ticket is 150,000. On weekends it’s 200,000.
  • Famous church and mosque opposite from eachother: both FREE


Last but not least: transport in Jakarta. You can walk bits here and there, but most of the city is not very pedestrian friendly. Getting around is very easy though if you just order a gojek motorbike. Very cheap.

A couple minutes gojek ride during the day cost me about 12,000.

A grab (safer than gojek cars I heard) from the airport to the city centre will cost around 150,000. That’s not the price that the app will give you though and that’s because there are extra factors the app doesn’t know about. From the airport to the city you have to use a toll road, and usage of it costs 16,500. You as a customer have to pay that fee, as well as the 5000 fee for the car entering the parkinglot when picking you up. But maybe that’s just with gojek because there is a special grab pickup zone.

Alright, those are all the prices I remember or have a receipt of guys. Of course, when it comes to more entertainment prices, Google is your best friend!

Mosque in jakarta

Inside the mosque

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