The 10 BEST things to do in Bali

Bali is an island of many gorgeous places. You can’t go here and not fall in love with its nature. The beaches, mountains, waterfalls and incredibly green plants…. it’s all there. And I loved it!

Apart from visiting pretty places of nature though, there are also a lot of other things you can do in Bali. Depending on where you’re staying of course. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of pinterest posts about all of the activities by now. Today though, I’m sharing with you my personal favourites. And no, not all of them are typical tourist hotspots 🙂

Top 10 things to do in bali

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Here is my list of my favourite things to do in Bali, combining activities from the North, East and South.

  1. Uluwatu temple. Other than the name might suggest, you’re not going to go here for the temples, because those are not worth it. You’re going to go here for the view over the ocean from the temple site, and for the traditional Balinese dance at sunset.
  2. Leke Leke waterfall. This waterfall hasn’t been discovered by most of the tourists yet, so it’s a better one to visit than, for example, the NungNung or GitGit waterfall. But still, make sure you go early if you really want to be the only one there.
  3. Snorkelling in Amed. I actually have mixed feelings about doing this. It was my first time ever snorkelling, so that was exciting. Then when we got in the water we found out that a lot of the coral is actually dead or dying. There are still a lot of fish though, but that might just be because of all the tourists that feed the fish. It’s not nessicarily a good sign, like it usually would be. Even though I’m very sad about the state that the coral is in, I still feel like more people should go snorkeling here. Because the fish make it fun and it’s also a great way to create awareness. We need to take better care of the planet guys!
  4. Pura Tirta Gangga temple. In my opinion, this is one of the prettiest temples in all of Bali. – But I have to admit, I haven’t seen them all. – I’m not the only one to find this temple beautifull though. Lots of tourists come here every day so make sure you come early! It’s definitely worth it 🙂
  5. Ubud art market. A very popular place in Bali, but it’s actually worth it. It’s not even that busy here when you go during the low season, and that’s when the prices are better too 😉 All of the different stalls selling so many different products – and also so much of the same, lol – are a really nice sight. In the early hours the market sells food, later it transforms to a market selling ‘stuff’. I’ve only seen the latter, because I’m not the kind of girl to get up early for a market haha.
  6. GWK Cultural Park. From anywhere in the South of Bali, you’ll see this huge, mysterious shadow in the distance. Towering over everything around it. For weeks I wondered what it was. Turns out, it’s the statue of the GWK Cultural Park. It is 120 metres high and stands on a hill too so it looks even bigger from the distance. I really liked this park because it offers more than just one thing. Part of it is a temple, you can attend a traditional dance, there are restaurants and multiple statues. There is also a square which they use to host events, so you might be lucky and be able to attend one of those!
  7. Visit sky garden. This is a very famous club in Kuta. You pay 120,000 IDR entrance (or it’s free if you’re a girl and come in after 9 p.m.) and in return you get unlimited food and drinks! UNLIMITED! Of course there are some rules. Like 1. the drinks are only free until 9 p.m. 2. The max amount of drinks per person you’re able to get for free, is 2 per time you stand in line. 3. You can’t stand in line again if you didn’t finish your drinks yet. Yes they pay attention to it. 4. There are also some clothing rules. Oh and by the way, food is free all night! The buffet is basic, but great if you love meat or dessert. Or both. Apart from the unlimited free food and free drinks, this place is also just awesome for dancing. There are multiple different rooms with different kinds of vibes&music. Something for everyone. There are girls dancing on the bar, lots of drunk tourists haha. All in all, it’s great time.
  8. See the sunset or sunrise as many times as possible. Sunrises as seen from an island, are nothing like the ones you’ve seen before. They are WAY better. Especially if you’re able to see them from up a mountain somewhere. But down from the beach is gorgeous too. Make sure you don’t skip this! It will make you feel very grateful.
  9. Eat local food at a warung. For me, this was the way to go every single day. Some people might be a bit hesitant when it comes to eating things they haven’t tried before or visiting restaurants that don’t fit their usual ‘standards’. Which usually means the place doesn’t look nice enough. Now let me tell you. Travelling without trying the local food is a sin. Why would you travel if you only eat things you can eat at home? It makes no sense. Bali offers some incredibly delicious local food, especially if you’re into chicken. A warung might not look fancy, but that doesn’t say anything about the food. So gather your courage and order one of those delicious plates of mie goreng at the warung around the corner, for less than what a juice would cost you at a western restaurant in the area.
  10. Go to Tegal wangi beach. If you’re into photography, this is your spot. Lots of instagrammers have come here to take their shots. The blue water, soft white sand and rocky caves make for the perfect paradise picture. But it’s also just a nice beach for you to hang out and enjoy this paradise. Best thing of all: it’s actually not busy here at all! Be aware though! Only go here during low tide (you and your stuff WILL get wet if you don’t) and know that you can only get to this beach by climbing down a rocky path. Which is actually not even a path.
Leke leke waterfall bali

A picture of Leke Leke waterfall for you guys!

Also, go visit lots of rice terraces. Not necessarily the Tagalalang one though, there are way bigger/better ones. But I mean visiting a rice terrace when in Bali is pretty obvious, so yeah.

Alright guys, that’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed reading my top 10 things to do in Bali! Let me know what your fave activities on this island were! Xox

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