Hotels in Bali: Bedplus hostel Kuta

The very last place I stayed at in Bali, was the Bedplus Hostel, located in Kuta. I stayed here for 11 nights, which is really long considering that before this, when my sisters were still with me in Bali, we stayed at every place for just 3 nights.

I actually tried to cancel half if it, so 6 nights, in order to book them in Changgu instead but I was too late. would not let me anymore. It was too close to my arrival, so it was my own fault. And you know what, I am so happy that I could change it anymore because I had the most amazing time and met the most amazing people in this hostel!

If you book at through my link above, you get a discount and it will help me out too! 🙂

Staying in Kuta

Bedplus Hostel is located in one of the side streets of the main shopping street, which is very convenient.

I stayed in a mixed room with 10 beds total. I first got the top bunk, but was able to switch to a bottom one when someone else left. Everyone had their own locker, wall outlet, reading light and curtain for privacy.

Attached to the room, was a bathroom with a shower and toilet. However, there was also a shared area with 2 more showers and a toilet, along with two sinks. Shampoo and soap was provided.

The kitchen was pretty small and basic, but has everything one might need to cook. Including a fresh water dispenser to fill up your plastic bottle.

There was also a couch here and a TV, as well as a balcony with high chairs and tables with small chairs.

There were just 2 dorm rooms total. Each room was electronically locked so you could only get in with the key card.

Bed in bedplus hostel kuta

What I liked

There is a lot to like about this place, but let’s start off with the location. Like I said, it’s located in one of the main road’s side streets. Just a 5 minute walk from all the clubs and from the beach too. Everything you might need is close by, the shops, a money exchange place, restaurants and places like 7/11. The most wonderful of all: the amazing warungs right across the hostel. So easy and they offer a variety of delicious, cheap, local food.

I also loved the people here. The staff and the guests. Everyone was so friendly and interested in your stories. All the guests kept inviting eachother to do stuff and go places and they were always joking around and having fun. I definitely made some friends here. Also, people from all over the world come to stay here, so you’ll meet very different kinds of people, which I think is amazing.

Lastly: free water. Free, drinkable water whenever needed. It wasn’t cold when it got out of the machine but hey there was a fridge!

What I didn’t like

Even though this hostel provided me with some of the best days in Bali, there are also downsides to this hostel. Which I personally feel are just small things that don’t matter that much. I got used to them quickly. But still sharing of course!

First of all, the shared showers did not have shower heads. So all you got was one sad, soft stream of water. Sometimes the showers were a bit sandy too. And the doors were hard to close, never figured out why.

The kitchen wasn’t very big or super clean looking, but I never used it so I didn’t care.

The bathroom attached to the bedroom was not sound proof. Or smell proof. Hence almost nobody ever used it.

The rooms are located on the first floor, so you have to go up one set of stairs. There is no elevator. I didn’t mind because I travel light, but if you have a lot of luggage, you might have a little struggle here.

Some people had bedbugs. I personally didn’t notice, but probably had them too. They are not dangerous or anything, they just leave bumps that itch and look like mosquito bites.

Bedplus hostel bali review

Cost and score

I initially booked 12 nights here for €49, which is 55,11 USD, but realized I made a mistake and only needed 11 nights, so I paid a little less. But still, €49 for 12 nights is €4,08 per night, crazy! Excluding breakfast by the way.
I’d score this place 8,5/10

  • Staff 10/10
  • Location 10/10
  • Comfy beds 8/10
  • Wi-Fi 7/10
  • Bathroom 6/10
  • Cleanliness 7/10
  • Good value for money 10/10

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