5 things about Kuala Lumpur you NEED to know before you go

This article should actually be titled ‘5 extra things about Kuala Lumpur’, since I wrote an article like this before. That one is called 10 things you NEED to know before going to Malaysia, and you can read it by clicking the link. Definitely do so for more useful information!

Today, I’m going to expand this list of things that you need to know. I’m adding 5 extra things! So much to know about Malaysia right, haha. These will definitely be super helpful!

So here you go guys, 5 extra things you should know before going to Kuala Lumpur.

What to know about Kuala Lumpur

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1. Don’t wait for the traffic light to turn green

If you are walking around and want to cross the street, that is. Unless it’s like a really big and busy street. It just takes incredibly long to wait for the light to turn green and usually, depending on where you are, the traffic is jammed anyways so you can just walk through the line of cars. Locals don’t wait for the green light, why should you. If you’re a bit scared, just cross the street as the same time as the locals.

What I also did quite often is just pass half of the road, with the traffic coming from one side, first, and then wait to be able to cross the other half.

2. No more Uber

If you’ve read the previous article, the one that I told you about at the start of this article, you know that I said Uber was the best way to get around. This is not the case anymore. Uber doesn’t even exist in Malaysia anymore, it’s now Grab that you have to use. It works pretty much the same as Uber, if you’re not familiar with it yet.

Coin instead of ticket for Kuala Lumpur train

What a single ticket for the train in Kuala Lumpur looks like

3. Take the train instead of the car

Within the city it’s actually best to just take the train. Super easy to use, it’s cheap and it will take you pretty much anywhere. You see, traffic in Kuala Lumpur is pretty bad. Within the city centre it might take three times longer than Google maps said it would. So taking the train is a lot quicker.

4. How to deal with the annoying market vendors

If you plan on visiting markets while in KL –which I hope you do because they are awesome – you should know that everyone selling something will try to start a conversation with you. They see that you are a tourist and so a dollar sign appears in their mind.

At first you’ll maybe be nice to them and just reply to everything with ‘no thanks’ and maybe even a smile. That was me the first day in KL. However, I got annoyed by the merchants quite quickly so I just stopped replying. I just ignored them, and it really helped. – My resting bitchface that I put extra effort in while walking through the market probably did too. – If you don’t plan on buying anything at the market, or maybe you do but you know exactly where to get it, just ignore all of the other sellers and don’t even look at the stalls. Ignore everything. Look straight forward. Most of them didn’t even bother talking to me after I figured this out.

Food stall in Chinatown Kuala lumpur

5. You look different, they will stare

They will stare at you. If you are white, that is. And especially a white girl. With blond hair and blue eyes. Like me. But you’ll get used to it. It’s just something you should know. A lot of random people, like the girl working in the supermarket for example, also told me I was very pretty and looked like a model, lol. In my home country I am pretty much average haha.

In Kuala Lumpur they just don’t have locals that look like what I just described, obviously, and so they think it’s very special to see people looking like that I guess. They also adore a white skin. They all want to be as white as possible too, with their whitening lotions and all that. So the fact that I am super pale also attracted some attention lol. Some people even wanted to get a picture with me. You can obviously say no to that though.

Just make sure that you don’t smile or act too friendly towards the people that are staring at you. I’ve had some creepy old dude stalk me after I politely turned down his offer for a drink.

And that’s it for today babes! Thank you for reading, go follow me on Instagram if you want more! @alovingladytravels xox

Things to know about Kuala Lumpur

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