Prices in Kuala Lumpur 2019: what does everything cost?

Just like Bali, Malaysia is a pretty cheap country. Although not always as cheap as Bali, but hey, Kuala Lumpur is a lot more advanced than Bali is, so that makes sense. It’s also the only city I’m staying in this time in Malaysia (yes I’ve been here before, I also visited Malacca back then), so I wouldn’t be able to tell you if prices are different in other places of the country.

Check out my detailed list of prices in Bali here if you want to compare!

Anyways, if you’re from the Western countries, you’ll be perfectly fine here. Doing Malaysia budget style is very easy, but if you want to spend a little bit more on some nicer accommodation or a bit more entertainment then that’s very doable too. It’s still cheaper than in Europe, for example!

So I’m mostly a budget travel kind of girl. In case you didn’t notice yet, haha. However, I do enjoy food in restaurants over street food every now and then and I also usually spend more on entertainment than I planned. I just love exploring everything a country or city has to offer. But then I do stay in hostels all the time, I mean all you do is sleep and shower there anyway and hostels are a great place for meeting people!

So if you’re wondering how expensive Kuala Lumpur actually is in 2019, definitely keep on reading! I’ve saved up all of the receipts that I got (and tried to write down all the costs of things I didn’t get a receipt of) in order to give you the most detailed list of cost of living in Kuala Lumpur!

Prices in Kuala lumpur

This list will include groceries, restaurants, transportation and entertainment. So no accommodation, but just to quickly tap that subject: I booked 7 nights at a hostel and it cost me €39. I also booked 2 extra nights after arriving, (making it 9 total) and those cost me 50 MYR. This post also won’t include market prices, simply because they vary from place to place, even within the city, and I also never got a receipt. But markets are cheap, 4MYR for two small bags of fruit, 10MYR for a box of 5 mocchi, 11MYR for a bag of Chinese, sweet, crispy bun thingies and a square, sweet, crispy thing which I have no idea what it is, and that’s all I remember haha.

The prices in this list are going to be in Malaysian Ringgit. 10 MYR is about €2,15 or 2,42 USD at the moment of writing.

Here we go!

Let’s start off with transport

I didn’t get a receipt most of the times I bought a train ticket, but I wrote the prices down!

The very first train ticket I bought, was the one from the airport to the central station. From then on I had to buy tickets at every station I was travelling from and even when transferring to another line I had to buy a new ticket at that exact station. Every now and then I used grab as well, because the train just doesn’t go absolutely everywhere.

  • This first train ticket cost 55,00 MYR
  • Train ticket from KL central to Pasar Seni: 1,30
  • Train ticket from Pasar Seni to KLCC: 2,10.
  • Grab car from botanical gardens to Pasar Seni: 6,00
  • Train ticket from Bukit Bintang to Pasar Seni: 2,00
  • Train ticket from Mid Valley to Kl Central: 1,60
  • Grab from Jalan Alor to Pasar Seni: 12,00 for a 6 seater
  • Grab from royal museum to Pasar Seni: 9,00
  • Grab from Pasar Seni to Batu Caves: 18,00
  • Grab from Pasar Seni to Heli Lounge: 7,00
  • Grab from Pasar Seni to Thean Hou Temple: 14,00

Grocery shop in Kuala Lumpur

Groceries and miscellaneous

I basically got all of my breakfasts and some snacks at places like 7/11. Yes they’ve got those here too. Sometimes you also need to buy some other random stuff though. You know, like suncream because the dude at the airport, working security, threw away yours because the bottle was 200ml instead of 100ml. – Even though it was okay when I took it from Amsterdam to Bali and from Bali to Singapore –

In Suria Mall there is a huge grocerie shop called Cold Storage, where I got the following.

  • 3 ‘Pasenbor kuah’, which is some kind of fried mushroom patty, and then sauce on top. So 3x 1,30 and 1x 3,90
  • Cut fruit Mediterranean: 12,90

At a souvenir shop, where you can buy all of the local food you can imagine, I got this:

  • Kopiko coffee shot cappuccino – same ones as in Bali, I’m addicted now -, 150g: 6,00
  • Mango candy 120g: 6,00

At Cake Sense I got some breakfast

  • Cream roll: 3,00
  • Cheesy roll: 3,30
  • Cranberry delight: 2,80

Store nextdoor called Maxvalue Store

  • Cold water 500ml: 1,00

Family mart

  • Strawberry sandwich: 6,20
  • Salted salmon onigiri: 5,50
  • Kani mayo onigiri: 4,90
  • Lychee drink 350ml: 2,40
  • Raisin buns, 4 small ones: 4,90
  • Banana: 2,50

Guardian health and beauty

  • Biore uv protection 90ml: 11,88


  • Kuala Lumpur birdpark: 24,00 per adult
  • Botanical gardens, FREE, but I’m not sure if that was because of the time of year or not.
  • Aquaria KLCC: 69,00 per adult
  • Return ticket for the gondola at Genting Highlands: 16,00
  • Ticket for the bumping cars at Funland Genting Highlands (or any other single ride): 11,00
  • Ticket for the zipline at Genting Highlands: 20,00
  • Entrance to Chin Swee temple (and surrounding area): FREE
  • Entrance to royal museum: 10,00 per adult
  • Entrance to Thean Hou temple: FREE
  • Foot massage 30 minutes: 30,00

Streetfood in Kuala Lumpur


Street food in Malaysia is very cheap, but the local restaurants are not bad either! What’s good to know, is that the restaurants do charge a 6% service tax.

Yu Cuisine, noodle restaurant

  • Mee Hoon: 4,80
  • With Tom Yum Soup: 2,70
  • And 500 ml water: 2,50

Total including service tax: 10,60

Nasi Lemak Adik, food court stall in mall

  • White rice: 1,60
  • Veggies: 2,15
  • Potato: 2,65
  • Omelet: 2,10
  • Cucumber: 1,10

Total including service tax: 10,20

Fong Wong Global, shop in street food street Chinatown

  • Lotus paste sr (small ball thingy): 2,10
  • Red bean puf sr (same thingy different colour): 2,10

Jojo shop at chin swee caves temple

  • 2 spring rolls and 1 potato triangle: 7,50

Molten chocolate cafe at first world plaza, Genting Highlands

  • Sizzling brownies: 26,50
  • Framde chocolate: 35,00
  • Mineral water 600ml: 3,00
  • Molten master brownies: 19,00

Osaka kitchen inside lot 10 mall

  • Vegetable set: 25,00
  • Mineral water 600ml: 3,00

Triple gold kitchen at Jalan Alor night market

  • Mie goreng: 12,00
  • Iced lemon tea: 3,90
  • Chendol dessert: 6,90
  • Sweet and sour pork rice: 27,80
  • Pork noodles soup: 10,00
  • Penang fried kway noodle: 10,00
  • Thai style chicken rice: 13,90
  • Wanton noodle dry: 10,00
  • Fried rice: 12,00

Heli lounge bar

  • Lemon juice: 25,00

Restaurant Kim Lian Kee in Chinatown

  • Vegetarian spring rolls, small: 13,00
  • Mineral water 500ml: 1,70

Chocolate restaurant genting highlands

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