Foodie Friday: Food in Bali, a picture journey

Asian cuisine is, in my opinion, one of the most delicious ones in the world. I love all of the different herbs and spices they use! Mie goreng is just the best haha. But I love other things as well. – as long as it’s not too spicy because my body can’t deal with that

Now I already made a list for you guys that included almost all of the dishes I had while in Bali, and the cost of them. This list is part of the ‘prices in Bali’ blogpost, which you can read by clicking the name πŸ™‚

Today’s list is going to be a bit different. I won’t bore you too much with words. People like visual stuff, like pictures. It’s easy, it’s quick and it makes it easier to tell whether or not you would like the dish too. So I’m going to give you all of the pictures of all of the food I had in Bali, right here. – or at least most of the food, I didn’t take pictures of the breakfast/groceries that we got at 7-11 for example – I’ll let you know what the dish was as far as I remember and where I ate it. Everything was delicious, except if I wrote down differently.

Hope this helps you decide on where to go get food and what to order!

Avocado toast at the Daily Kitchen in Seminyak

Avocado toast and orange juice (which was lemonade and the not good) at the Daily Kitchen in Seminyak

Gnocchi at La Lucciola

Gnocchi at La Lucciola. Super expensive beach restaurant, but very delicious!

Pasta at La Lucciola

Pasta at La Lucciola

Nasi goreng and fries at Waterbom Bali waterpark

Nasi goreng and fries at Waterbom Bali waterpark

Nasi goreng at Sendok restaurant and bar

Nasi goreng at Sendok restaurant and bar

Curry at Sendok restaurant and bar

Curry at Sendok restaurant and bar

Gnocchi with tomato sauce at Trattoria, Amed

Gnocchi with tomato sauce at Trattoria, Amed. Was not delicious at all.

Pasta at Trattoria restaurant

The other two dishes we had at Trattoria.

Breakfast at Paradise Bungalows Bali

Banana pancake for breakfast at Paradise Bungalows in Amed. But you can get these anywhere. Delicious!

Gado gado at warung Di Lipah.

Gado gado at warung Di Lipah. Not my thing

Lunch at Global Village Cafe in Lovina

Lunch at Global Village Cafe in Lovina. I had the egg sandwich and my sisters both had a burrito. One BLT burrito and one chicken I think.

Lunch at Global Village Cafe

Another picture of lunch at Global Village Cafe

Fake shrimp at Jaring kitchen and drinks

This dish was called something like ‘shrimp, but not really, but almost shrimp’ haha. Vegan shrimp, and it really tasted like it. Amazing dish! At Jaring kitchen and drinks in Lovina. And the mango smoothie I had was actually made with fresh mango!

Happy falafel ubud

Happy falafel in Ubud. I had the pita with falafel, my sister the pita with chicken and my other sister ordered gyros. I could choose my own toppings!

Frozen yogurt in Ubud at Frozen Yogi

Frozen yogurt in Ubud at Frozen Yogi

Ice cream at Aice

Dessert at Aice. Looks good, didn’t taste good. Don’t recommend

Yin and yang soup and pizza at Monkey legend restaurant and bar

Yin and yang soup and pizza at Monkey legend restaurant and bar. The food was a bit different, but we liked it

Coconut icecream bowl with fresh fruit at Tukies

Coconut icecream bowl with fresh fruit and a fresh, cold coconut at Tukies

Lunch at a reggae restaurant/bar in Ubud

Lunch at a LOL bar and restaurant in Ubud

Dinner at El Mexicano in ubud

Dinner at El Mexicano. I ordered the nacho chips/crisps in 2 colours with guacamole and salsa because I wasn’t too hungry. Both the sauces tasted quite weird though. The food that my sisters had was obviously a bit spicy, but good

Porridge for breakfast at cafe Gloria Jeans

Porridge for breakfast at cafe Gloria Jeans. Not the same porridge as I was used to, but still nice

Restaurant favori Bali

I think this was called a prawn bisque. Very good! At restaurant Favori

Mie goreng bali

Mie goreng at a warung close to my hostel in Kuta

Yogurt republic bali

Frozen yogurt in Kuta at yogurt Republic

Mango boss frozen yogurt bali

Frozen yogurt in Kuta at Mango Boss. More expensive than yogurt republic and less tasty too. So don’t go here!

Breakfast in Kuta, Bali

Avocado and mushroom toast for breakfast in Kuta. With a banana juice. I dont remember exactly what the warung was called. But it was something with coconut. Anyway, the place is located right across from bedplus hostel.

Avocado toast at crumb&coaster

Another avocado toast, can you tell I love avocado? πŸ˜‰ This one I had had crumb&coaster and it was good, but extremely expensive since it is a western style restaurant.

Lunch at paperboy restaurant bali

Lunch at Paperboy! The food here is great, but again, western food means western prices.

Avocado smoothie with chocolate

An avocado smoothie/juice with chocolate (they didn’t specify that on the menu so I was surprised). Its nicer than you’d think! And you can get these at many places

Global village restaurant lovina

Again at Global Village Cafe. This time for dinner! This is what my sisters sate looked like.

Lunch at Maha, Ubud

Burgers for lunch at Maha, close to monkey forest ubud

Cafe angsa bali

I’m going to be honest and tell you I don’t even remember this hahaha. It’s most likely curry though πŸ™‚

The seeds of life ubud

This restaurant was a bit different. It’s a raw vegan one. Weird if you’re not used to it. This raw pizza with pesto and avocado was nice though. But again, expensive

Food at a warung in bali

This is quite a random picture. I don’t even know where me and my friend were when we had this lunch. We had it along the road to the south of Bali. I the reason I’m still posting this picture is because we had this at a warung and most warungs serve pretty much the same stuff. So you can choose white rice or yellow rice and then all of the side dishes. I got some delicious green beans, the leafy green stuff wasn’t nice and I loved the small spicy potato bits!

Ice cream bali

Sorry for the blurry picture but I just have to share this gem. This ice cream place is very popular among locals, not so much among tourists yet. Which is perfect! They have FOUR rows of ice cream you can choose from and its heaven. Oh and it’s called Gusto Gelato and Caffe of course, located in kuta.

Lunch at the jatiluwih rice terrace bali

Mie goreng with a view. Don’t remember the name of the restaurant, but it was either buffet or a la carte that you could choose from. And you can get mie goreng at every single restaurant

Warung Indonesia Kuta

Warung Indonesia in Bali. According to my local friend it is one of the best warungs in Kuta. I feel like most warungs are the same but hey, the food was delicious πŸ™‚ I got white rice with spicy potato bits, fried eggplant, veggie omlet, peanut sauce and some veggies in a delicious sauce

Fruit soup in bali

This was my final meal in Bali. I had to try it before leaving the island. It’s called either es campur or es buah and basically it’s very sweet fruit soup with jelly. You need to break the ice down into smaller bits and mix everything up. The ‘soup’ was too sweet for my liking and the jelly was terrible, but the fresh fruit was nice, so that’s something haha. The name of the warung was Lucky’s warung

And that’s it guys. That’s all of the pictures I have of the food I ate in Bali. Quite a lot actually right! Hope you enjoyed reading and I hope it helps.

Let me know what your favourite Balinese food is, or your favourite restaurant in Bali! πŸ™‚

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