Hotels in Bali: Suwar Bungalows Ubud

Sadly, we had to leave the first place in Ubud. Not because they didn’t have room for us anymore, but because we’d booked another place in Ubud in advance and couldn’t cancell it anymore. This next place was called Suwar Bungalows, more in the North of Ubud. We booked it through – Get a discount if you book there through my link! –

It was located further from Ubud center, up a hill next to the road. It was kind of a homestay, since the owners were sleeping in the building next to ours. We had a patio, double bed and single bed, desk, closet and a bathroom with a bath and a shower (in the bath).

What we liked

Breakfast here was really nice. They brought it to our room every morning, and they served us something different each morning too. But always with fresh fruit and tea. So the first day we got green banana pancakes, then some kind of baked rice balls with green dough covered in coconut and the last morning I had slices of bread with egg.
Wi-Fi was also great here. Sadly, that’s about all of the good things I can say about this place.

What we didn’t like

The location isn’t ideal at all. We had trouble even finding the place since it’s located higher up and there is only a small piece of paper that points you where to go. We had to go up some stairs, follow a small path without lights and guess where to go at the small crossing because there were no more signs. We did find it of course.
The owners by the way, don’t really speak English. Apart from the father, who speaks a little English.

As for the room, it doesn’t have aircon. Just a ceiling fan that barely works. Also, there are bugs everywhere. Mostly ants in every size you can imagine. They were in our beds, on the floor, even underneath the toilet seat so they crawled on my sisters bum when she went to have a pee right after we arrived. Quite nasty.

Moreover, there were stains on the sheets, one of the bathroom windows was broken so could not be opened and some window frames were rotten.

Cost and score

We paid €60 for all of the nights, including breakfast. So about 67 USD. That means €6,67 per person per night. Pretty expensive, compared to the other acommodation we just stayed in before this one. That one was cheaper (but without breakfast) and way better.
I’d score this place 4/10

  • Staff: 3
  • Location: 0
  • Comfy beds: 5
  • Wi-Fi: 9
  • Bathroom: 6
  • Cleanliness: 3
  • Good value for money: 3

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