Foodie Friday: typical and/or weird Taiwanese food!

I asked you guys in my Instagram stories if you would want to read a blogpost about typical and/or weird Taiwanese food, and all of you said yes. So here it is, the blogpost you’ve been waiting for!

This post contains the taste testing of two types of food: supermarket food and streetfood. I got the supermarket foods at places like Familymart, 7-11 and a local supermarket that is called ‘welcome’. No, I’m not kidding. The streetfood I got basically at night markets all throughout the city of Taipei, which is where I stayed in Taiwan.

I’ll score the food based on taste!

What to start with first…. let’s start with ..

Supermarket food Taiwan

Supermarket food

Taiwan is famous for a lot of different foods. Most other people will probably only tell you all about the famous streetfood you can get in this country. -which obviously I’m going to do as well – However, the supermarkets also offer at least three things that Taiwan is famous for: the obvious tea, fruits and also, pineapple cake! We are not here for the obvious, sooo…

Pineapple cake

I am not going to be talking to you about tea and fruit today, but let’s start with the pineapple cake! There are lots of different brands, but the cake I tried comes from a company called ‘sunny hills’. It’s a pretty new company on the market, but quite famous already.

The cake comes packaged in small sizes. Like three bites and the cake is gone. It’s harder from the outside than I thought it would be, but that’s actually quite nice. The filling is very much pineapple. Its not even a jelly or something, it’s just actual pieces if pineapple with most of the structure still there. The whole thing isn’t too sweet either, which was quite surprising because Taiwanese people love their super sweet snacks. I like it!

Score: 8/10

Pineapple cake in taiwan

Peanut nougat cookies

I was really eager to try the because here in Taiwan, they use peanuts in a lot of sweet recipes. Peanut ice cream too, for example, is quite a big thing here. So I was like, let’s try these cookies as well!

First thing I want to say, is that when you open this bag there is a very strange, chemical smell. The cookies don’t smell weird, just the bag. And they come individually packed, which is terrible for the environment.

The basically themselves basically look like oreo cookies. But are obviously very different.

The peanut flavour is definitely there. Like the actual peanut flavour, not the chemical kind. And the filling is kind of hard, like you would expect from nougat. It does make them a bit more difficult to eat than oreo. Also, the cookies themselves are salty instead of sweet, which offers quite a delicious contrast. Very interesting.

Score: 6/10

Peanut nougat cookies taiwan

Lays crisps milky sakura flavour

I could just not leave this in the supermarket. I had go try it! I dont think I ever had anything sakura flavoured, so that was intriguing me, but then also the sakura in combination with the crisps!

The crisps are actually sweet. Which is strange, but not unexpected considering the cute packaging and flavour. I do think the milky part comes through a bit, but the sakura part I didn’t really taste. But maybe that’s because I have no idea what sakura tastes like. Weird crisps, but I liked them.

Score: 7/10

Coffee egg roll

I just bought these because of the name, the fact that I had never seen them before and because they were a local brand. The reason I got the coffee flavours is because I wanted to make it extra strange lol.

So yes, it is a roll. And yes it tastes like coffee. Egg though? Not really. I thought this was going to be much softer than it actually is. The flavour isn’t awesome either. Pretty basic.

Score: 4:10 – partly because I don’t like coffee lol –

Egg rolls taiwan

Lays crisps lime flavour

As soon as you put these in your mouth you can taste the lime. But it’s not a strong taste, it’s more like one of those ‘you taste it as you smell it’ kind of tastes. Lol. Does that make sense? Very light but definitely there. The rest of it kind of reminds me of the salty pringles, haha.

The way this is packaged it pretty convenient by the way. Instead of putting it in a bag they stacked the crisps all on top of each other, like pringles does, and then put them in a box. Pro: makes it easy to eat. Con: you can’t really close the packaging up again so you need to eat the whole thing at once. – which we all do this anyways –

Score: 6/10

Weird flavour chips

Cute doggy candies


Well, that’s what happens when you don’t speak Chinese I guess. I thought this would be like a pouch full of powder and I would have to dip some kind of lollipop into the powder. But no, it’s just soft squishy candies. In the shape of a doggy paw though, so there is that.

As far as taste goes, they are just your basic sweets. Kind of a chemical taste, not any particular kind of flavour.

The packaging can be closed again though, so that’s good. I don’t have to eat those all at once too.

Score: 4/10

Taiwan candy

Lays spicy crisps

The packaging says the spiciness level is at 4 out of 5 chillies. I saw that. I wanted it. I bought it. And now I am trying it. Is it really that hot?!

Well, I can say that my nose area felt like the pores were opening up even after just one of those crisps. And then after a few more my mouth and throat were burning. But they were so tasty too that I just kept on eating lol. Because when you’re still chewing, you don’t feel the heat. Its after you swallow that is kicks in.

So yeah. They are hot. Hot but delicious. And the bag is not too big either.

Score: 9/10

Super spicy lays chips

Sea salt lemon candy

This is hands down one of the WEIRDEST things I have ever had in my entire life. This is SO strange.

They look like the normal hard candy stuff, and yes they do have somewhat of a lemon flavour. But then they put salt in it too! And that flavour is way more present. It’s just the weirdest thing ever. I would say everyone needs to try this in their life. You probably won’t like it, but still, haha.

Score: 3/10

Sea salt lemon candy

Street food

Taiwan has some amazing street food. You’ll find yourself wanting to try all of it if you’re ever at one of the night markets here. So delish! But today I’m just going to tell you about the ones that are typically Taiwanese and my faves.

First up is a Taiwanese invention, one they are famous for and one that everybody loves. You can get some on every corner of the street! I’m talking of course about…

Bubble tea!

Probably the favourite drink of everyone living in Taiwan. You could also say fave food though, because this stuff fills you up so much you won’t need any lunch.

You can get so many different flavours. It’s not just bubble tea, it’s also bubble milk, bubble coffee, bubble juice. They put the bubbles in desserts too! I get why though, those things are delicious. I don’t like jelly, but this I love. The best bubble milk is the one I got at a shop called Oneca. Pretty expensive, but worth it.

Score: depending on where you get it, it’s somewhere between a 6 and 10 out of 10.

Taiwanese bubble tea

Stinky tofu

This stuff is no joke, and it’s something Taiwan is famous for as well. It’s fermented tofu. It smells as disgusting as it sounds, probably even worse.

So back in the day, fermenting the food was a way for locals to make food last longer. They didn’t have any other way of making food last longer so it made sense. Nowadays though, we have fridges and stuff but they still eat the fermented tofu! Just why?!

It honestly smells like a toilet that’s been clogged for 3 months but people keep using it. It is really that bad. I wanted to throw up. Obviously, I didn’t try it but I wanted to tell you guys about it anyway.

Score: 0/10

No picture because iew!

Shaved ice

This is one of my favourites. Shaved ice. We don’t have that were I live. Especially the shaved yogurt ice (I think this is what it was) is delicious!

You can usually get a big bowl of it at the market, with toppings of your choice, like fruits, pudding, bubbles. I recommend mango, but at the market I had the one with strawberry and that was amazing too.

Now in Yongkang street there is also a shop that sells shaved ice. The mango one with mango syrup, mango icecream and pieces of mango (maybe some other extra stuff too) is their most popular one. The humongous bowls they serve it in, are what makes the shop famous. Three people can eat from one of their servings and no, they do not do smaller sizes. The place is called smoothie house. It’s very expensive but if you share with 2 friends it’s not that pricey.

Score: 10/10, wherever you get it

Shaved ice with mango at smoothie house

Scallion pancakes

It’s a pancake. But it’s not a pancake. At least, it’s nothing like the pancakes you’re used to. It’s a savoury one with scallions inside the dough. This has also become my favourite snack in Taiwan! I eat one almost every day haha.

There are two different ones out there: the fried one and the baked one. I personally prefer the latter, because it’s less oily and has more options.

The baked one is more fluffy too because they kind of smash it around after baking it. You can choose the toppings yourself. The original with just egg is delicious, but you can also put on veggies or meat. They will also ask if you want basil with it, which I never did. And don’t forget a little bit of the spicy sauce!

The fried one is obviously heavier and more dense. You can get it with or without a fried egg inside. Again, don’t forget a little bit of the spicy sauce!

Score: 10/10

Scallion pancake taiwan

Peanut icecream

Have you ever hear of this? Because I hadn’t. it’s a very Taiwanese thing. It’s actually a very Taiwanese thing to put peanuts in everything sweet though and it actually tastes good.

You can try this peanut icecream two different ways. Some ice cream shops sell it just as it is, but at the market there is usually a stall that sells it too. Wrapped in a crepe and sprinkled with sweet peanut shavings that is. Coriander too if you want but I highly recommend getting it without coriander because it’s disgusting lol.

The taste of this is a little strange because you’ve got the crepe that’s not sweet at all, then the peanut icecream that you’re probably not used to and the peanut shavings give the whole snack an extra texture and all combined it’s just bit weird haha. Still pretty good though.

Score: 7/10

Sorry I forgot to take a picture.

Sweet potato balls

Last but definitely not least, are the sweet potato balls! Who doesn’t love sweet potato right?

So these are fried, like most streetfood here. What took me by surprise, is the fact that the balls are completely hollow! It’s perfect actually because they already fill you up a lot as is.

If you want you can ask for some flavoured powder on top, like cheese or spicy. I had the cheese powder one and it wasn’t enough and it wasn’t tasty either. So I personally wouldn’t recommend.

Score: 8/10

Taiwan streetfood potato balls

Picture also featuring some cakes with cream and bubbles inside that were not great

And that’s it for today’s Foodie Friday babes! Hope you enjoyed. Please let me know if you did. And let me know if you’ve ever tried these foods! Xox

Food in Taiwan

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