Hotels in Bali: Paradise Bungalows Amed

After staying in Seminyak, in an Airbnb, for the first three nights in Bali, we only booked places through because it was simply cheaper.
Yes, you get a discount when you book at through my link! And I get a small bonus too, which will really help me out 🙂
We went from Seminyak to Amed, where we booked a bungalow at a place called Paradise Bungalows Bali.

Bedroom paradise bungalows bali in amed

Staying in Amed

This city is located on the East coast of Bali. We booked a bungalow here through and were pleasantly surprised. We stayed here for 3 nights as well.

What we liked

The place is located right along a road though the hills and looks very pretty. Our bungalow had one double bed and one single bed that was kind of hidden away in a nook in the wall, behind a curtain. The double bed had a mosquito net, the single bed didn’t. There was a closet, fridge, water dispenser and a very incomplete kitchen. The bathroom had two showerheads facing each other – because who doesn’t want to watch their family members shower, right? – but one of them wasn’t working. Also there was no ceiling above the showers. There was also a toilet and a nice sink. The way the bathroom looked was nice by the way.
What was also nice, was the balcony that we had with a table, chairs and small nook with mattress.

The view from our balcony at paradise bungalows bali in amed

What we liked

The bungalows are located all the way up a hill, instead of down by the beach. We even had to climb some more stairs to get to our bungalow. – luckily the staff helped us with our suitcases – The view was stunning. No need to pay for the sunset point a little down the road. I still don’t understand why this point was called sunset point, you can’t even see the sunset at this east side of the island, it’s the sunrise that you can see haha.
The owner was lovely too, his English was alright and he really tried to make his customers happy.
Having a fridge and water dispenser again was awesome too.
Breakfast was included and was really nice. It’s served in the restaurant of the place, and they even give you a special breakfast menu that basically exists of a few different kinds of pancakes, or fried banana. We had banana pancakes each time and they were super yummy.

Banana pancakes for breakfast at paradise bungalows bali in Amed

What we didn’t like

Wi-Fi wasn’t great here though and the kitchen was dirty.
The driver that we had during the two tours we booked with Paradise Bungalows Bali (temple tour and snorkel tour), barely spoke any English at all so he didn’t explain anything about the places we were visiting. We also couldn’t ask him anything because he simply didn’t understand. Words like ‘toilet’, ‘eat, ‘good’, ‘thank you’ and ‘drink’, were basically the only things that worked.
Also, you do pretty much need a scooter to get around here to get anywhere. But you better make sure you’re an experienced driver because those roads up and down the mountains in and near Amed are quite scary. Especially with the sharp turns.

Cost and score

The total price was €80. So almost 90 USD. That’s €8,89 per person per night. Definitely a great price, especially considering breakfast was included.
I’d score this place a 7,5/10

  • Staff 6/10
  • Location 8/10
  • Comfy beds 8/10
  • Wi-Fi 5/10
  • Bathroom 7/10
  • Cleanliness 6/10
  • Good value for money 10/10

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