6 days in Ubud, part 2: ridge walk, famous rice fields & my sisters leaving

We spent the last three nights in Ubud, and also the last three nights together, in a different location than Jati Homestay. So the morning of March 26th, we packed our bags together for the last time, checked out of the homestay and walked out of the alley. There, we found a local taxi to take us to the other accommodation. Quite expensive, but we didn’t really feel like walking to the complete other side of Ubud with all the suitcases. Especially my sister.
It turned out to be quite difficult to find the new accommodation. You could not see it from the road, it was located up some stairs and there was only a small piece of paper at the bottem of those stairs to tell you to go up. Terrible hotel management, but oh well. We walked up the stairs, follows a narrow path along an alley and eventually found the place. Now this was more of a homestay than Jati Homestay, which is where we stayed the first 3 nights in Ubud. But this new place was called Suwar Bungalows. I’ve got a review up about both of these accommodations. Jati was real good, Suwar was real bad. If you want to read why, just click the links!

Campuhan ridge walk in Ubud, bali

Picture from my Instagram stories @alovingladytravels

Day 4

After checking in at Suwar Bungalows, we decided to walk the Campuhan ridge walk. We’d seen pretty pictures of it. I mean, nature is always pretty here in Bali. The walk was actually lot as long as you would think. You reach a tiny village quite quickly. You could stop as soon as the ridge walk ends, have a drink and then go back, but that’s not what we did. We went all the way to the end of that road too. To the famous Karsa spa and restaurant. This is where we had a gorgeous view over some small rice fields. Definitely worth the walk. We didn’t visit the spa though, but the food was nice.

View from campuhan ridge walk Ubud, Bali

Picture from my Instagram stories @alovingladytravels

After walking all the way back, which was easier because it’s downwards, we walked to the city center of Ubud. Did some shopping without buying – typical Dutch thing. It’s called ‘kijken kijken niet kopen’ and had frozen yogurt. At this point it started raining too. Just a little at first, so we kept on walking, but eventually it started raining cats and dogs so we had to stop and find shelter. It kept raining for so long though, we got tired of waiting. So we got a taxi to take us to the huge coco supermarket, because we had to get some breakfast and such for the last couple of days.

When we stepped out of the supermarket – after spending extra long inside – the rain wasn’t as bad anymore so we ran across the street to find a restaurant for dinner. We eventually found one, a pretty expensive one actually. But the staff and service was amazing. Way better than anywhee else we’d experienced in Bali before. And what was fun too, was that they got all three of us a free dessert. We had to write a review on tripadvisor about the restaurant in return, but yeah, no problem. We were enthusiastic about the restaurant anyways.
After dinner the rain had stopped and so we went to walk home. First, we all boughts shorts in a shop next door, then we saw a ceremonial progression pass by. They were going to the river to wash themselves, I believe that’s what the shop owner said. All part of a religious ceremony.
Since our accommodation was located a bit more on the outside of Ubud, the road eventually wasn’t lit anymore. Not a safe feeling. And when we got to the stairs again, there were some people on top trying to get rid of a snake. They were throwing it down the stairs actually, poor fella. But it didn’t bite any of us, so yay for that.

Day 5

Today, instead of going right and taking the shady stairs, we went left outside of the accommodation to see where that road would lead us. It was actually quite pretty little path along some villa’s and a restaurant. Don’t walk here when drunk though, the floor next to the path is 10 meters lower, lol. Eventually, the path led to the main road too. There, we wanted to get a gojek to take us to the rice fields. We thought that since we were not in the center of Ubud, the online taxi’s could come. But no, we were wrong. He didn’t want to pick us up. So we ended up getting a local taxi for about 300,000 IDR. He took us to the rice fields of Tegalalang, waited for us to finish there and then drove us back to Ubud center.

Walking along the Tegalalang rice terrace in Bali
The rice fields were humongous and so incredibly pretty! Unfortunately, we were not the only ones to have that opinion, haha. It was quite busy. It was also quite hard to get to the actual rice fields. We had to walk a long, muddy path with a lot of stairs and a wobbely bridge that felt like it would break. The fields were just so green though, wonderfull. So we took some pictures, enjoyed the view and then went back to the car.

Tegalalang rice terrace Ubud, Bali
Like I said, the taxi driver dropped us off in the center of Ubud. We wated to have lunch, which we had at some kind of Jamaican themed restaurant. Pretty good food actually.
The rest of the day we didn’t do much. Just walked around the city center for a bit more, my sister got her boyfriend a present, we had a drink and then a footmassage. Massages are great. We also had dinner eventually at a mexican restaurant and then walked back to the bungalow.
This was actually the last full day together with my sisters. So we made the most of the evening by putting on face masks, playing card games and eating snacks.

Day 6

The day started off pretty well. We slept in, had breakfast and walked to the center of Ubud. We planned on renting a scooter today, just for a couple hours to tour around for a bit. All three of us don’t know how to ride one though lol, so that’s why we never rented one before. The first shop we asked, wouldn’t rent us one because we never drove one before, which is a good thing I think, It’s safer. We didn’t ask any other shop, because my sister was actually sick today (and the coming few days too) and had to go to the toilet like every 30 minutes. Bali bally I guess, poor thing. So we just went to have lunch at a nice place selling everything coconut. I had a fresh coconut and a fruit bowl with coconut icecream and my sisters had spring rolls.

Coconut icecream with fruit in Ubud, Bali

Picture from my Instagram stories @alovingladytravels

Because my sister wasn’t feeling well, we then just walked back to the bungalow and chilled there for the rest of the time. They packed their remaining things into their suitcases and we had our last dinner together at a pretty hippy restaurant along the path that leads to our accommodation. They served us water that was infused with some kind of flowers and apparently it could make you hallucinate or make you feel particularly great or something like that. Weird concept. Weird taste.
After this we played cards in the bungalow and then it was time for my sisters to go to the airport. We walked to a complete different road, in hopes that maybe the online taxi would be able to pick us up there. Now the taxi did come, but the local people were keeping an eye on us and told the local taxi that it wasn’t allowed so he told us no. We waited for nothing. I was so immensely pissed. I am still pissed, at the fact that online taxi’s are not allowed in Ubud and at that annoying local man that was oviously part of the local taxi maffia.
So we then walked back to the normal main road, while other locals were asking us if we needed a taxi. Why on earth would they think we would get in a car with them after they made our online taxi leave? Anyways, we found my sisters a taxi with a hotel little down the road. Wasn’t immensly expensive either, luckily. I hugged my sisters, they got inthe car, and all that was left for me to do was wave. Wave at them untill I could not see them anymore. I have to be honest with you guys, I almost cried. Not because I was very sad to be alone, but because I now could not look out for them anymore. Even though I knew they would be just fine with the two of them. – And also I was going to miss them too –
They helped make Bali one of the most amazing experiences/holidays I’ve ever had, and I am very thankfull for it. If you’re reading this girls: I love you very much!

How to spend 6 days in Ubud, Bali

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