Hotels in Bali: Jati Homestay Ubud

We stayed in 2 different locations in Ubud. This first location was the best. Again, booked through, and it was called Jati Homestay. Located just a tad outside of Ubud center.

Our room in Jati Homestay ubud

Staying in Ubud

The name says Homestay, but that is not really what it is. You don’t stay at someone’s home. It’s kind of like having your own bungalow.
You can’t see the place from the street, There is a sign though in one of the side streets of the main street in Ubud. A sign that lets you know you need to go in the alley, past some houses of locals (at least I think) and then down a little staircase.
The bungalow was adorable, we had our own little patio and small a bedroom with one double bed and one single bed. The was no air conditioning, but we had a ceiling fan. There was also a closet, desk and the bathroom had a shower as well as a bath.

What we liked

This location was absolutely perfect. When you step out of that alley, there are shops and restaurants everywhere and it’s just a 5 minute walk to the main street. There was no noise whatsoever from the street or city center.
We could also pay afterwards, instead of upfront like we had to do at all the places before this one, which was nice.
The beds were nice too, and the bathroom was the best we got in Bali. They actually put two little water bottles in the bathroom next to two glasses. – which is strange because there was three of us, but okay – This kind of service we didn’t have in Bali before. Oh and soap and shampoo was provided by the accommodation too.
Wi-Fi was okay here.

Our room in Jati Homestay ubud

What we didn’t like

What wasn’t awesome, was the fact that we could hear the neighbours basically do anything since the walls were so thin and there was no glass in the window.
Also, it’s quite common that the power goes out in this accommodation. It apparently happens quite often. So the first night, right before we went to bed, power went out. During the night it got back on, and then in the morning it went our again lol. It doesn’t take long for them to get it back on though.

Our room in Jati Homestay bali

Cost and score

At the end, we payed €50, without breakfast. Thats like 56 USD, which comes down to €5,55 per person per night. This one was definitely the best value for money.
I’d score this place 8,5/10

  • Staff 8/10
  • Location 10/10
  • Comfy beds 8/10
  • Wi-Fi 6/10
  • Bathroom 8/10
  • Cleanliness 8/10
  • Good value for money 10/10

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