6 days in Ubud, part 1: market and monkeys

So we’ve been to Seminyak, Amed and Lovina, and next up is probably the most touristy place of all of Bali. Or one of the most touristy places. People come here for shopping, vegan food and yoga. That’s basically it. And from here you can explore a lot of beautiful places of nature too, if you’ve got a motorbike or are prepared to spend a lot of money on local transport. – online taxis don’t come here –
I’m talking about Ubud of course! But the title already said so, so there goes the surprise factor.

Art market ubud, bali, stall with bags

Day 1

Today started at 9 in the morning. In our bungalow in Lovina of course. We booked a taxi with this ‘hotel’ to bring us to Ubud. So we packed up our last belongings, ate breakfast quickly and got in the car.
The ride took longer than I thought it would actually. You can’t go fast on those mountain roads of course. We had to go aaaaaaaaal the way to the top, and then back down again. Quite steep roads too! But we made it safely. – Even though on the really steep roads the car sounded like it was about to give up –

After checking in at Jati Homestay, which I’m going to review on the blog, stay tuned for that – we immediately went to get lunch. There was a nice place right outside the alley that we went too.
And then we went to the famous Ubud market. You can get lost here quite easily haha. So many different items for sale, loved it! And also so many stalls that sell the same kind of stuff though, I thought that was quite weird but it’s like that all over Bali. You know, because Ubud is so touristy, they set the prices for the products higher than in Lovina for example. In Lovina, when you passed by the stall, they would yell ‘nice sarong, only 10,000’. Here it was 20,000 or more. Whatever they say is the price, you need to bargain anyway. – that’s one of the things you need to know about Bali. I’ll let you know what else you have to know soon! – Also, if you don’t like the market, you can go to one of the actual shops. There are many nice ones, but you can’t bargain the price of course.
I bought a red dress on the market. For 150,000 idr instead of 250,000. Still too expensive, but I was quite proud of myself. And I got some slippers because, well, the ones I brought had split in half haha.
After this, we chilled in the room for a bit and then got dinner at the complete opposite side of the city. Not very far down the road, we found a place called Happy Falafel. Such good food!

Sariswati lotus temple bali

Day 2

Today we didn’t do much to be honest. We did visit the monkey forest though, which was great. Not busy at all today. From where we stayed, it was just about a 7 minute walk to the forest.
There were so many baby monkeys, adorable! They were playing with each other and sometimes fighting too, throwing eachother out of the tree, haha. One of the monkeys tried to steal my extra bag, that was hanging from my backpack. It’s one of those that you fold up you know, and it’s colourful too so I think that’s why the monkey wanted it. When he jumped my backpack it scared me and of course I looked at the monkey in a reflex but looking them I the eyes is something they consider as aggressive so the monkey kind of jumped up to me with his teeth showing and all, haha. He didn’t get the bag though, because it was attached well and I obviously wasn’t going to it go of my backpack. One of the monkeys also jumped on my sister, haha.
What you should know, is that they changed the rules of the Monkey Forest. I think before, you were allowed to feed them and have them sit on your shoulder for example. Especially if you had a guide with you. Now you can not feed them, or touch them. You also should not get too close, especially if you didnt get any rabies shots before going to Bali.
On the way out we did see one monkey that was a bit more lucky than the one that tried to steal my bag. He got into the bag of a girl and took some kind of lotion out of it. He tried to open it with his mouth and squirted most of it out. Some people might find this funny, but it definitely is not. It is dangerous for the monkey, that stuff might poison him. Watch your stuff when you’re in the monkey forest guys. You even need to watch your slippers/flip flops because they will steal them.
We then walked to one of the busy streets to get lunch. It was at a place close to the monkey forest and people were not the only ones coming out of there, wanting to explore the city. A couple curious monkeys had come out too and were just walking on the street, trying to steal food. Quite a funny sight.

Baby monkey with parents in monkey forest ubud, bali

Day 3

Today we started off at Ubud palace. – well actually we started off with frozen yogurt but that’s not too interesting right – To be honest, I thought this was going to be nicer than it actually was. ‘Palace’ sounds nice, right? But it’s actually really small and there is not really anything to see, so we left pretty quickly. Luckily it was free to enter.
We then spent some more time at the market, trying to find the perfect long, white dress with pink flowers. Nowhere to be found. People don’t wear a lot of white here I guess.
After the market we had lunch at this place called seeds of life. Or something like that. It’s located in a really nice side street but the food is pretty weird for people that are not used to raw vegan food haha. So my sisters didn’t like it.
We then had a nap actually, before we went to a temple kind of next to the palace. The Saraswati Temple. This one was actually worth the walk. It’s one with a path on the water that leads to the temple, and the water has lotus flowers in it. Realy pretty, and no entrance fee. We then went on to find a restaurant for dinner and found a nice warung with lots of people already there. That’s always a good sign. Good, cheap food right in between all of the expensive western restaurants. Love that. In the same street as where we had lunch actually. My sister also got some ice cream at a shop called Aice, in the same street. Looks lovely, doesn’t taste good, lol.

Saraswati temple ubud bali

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