Prices in Bali 2019: what does everything cost?

Life in Bali is cheap. I’m sure you’ve heard that before. And I’m definitely not here to tell you otherwise. – the flight here, usually not so cheap though Of course it depends on where exactly you stay and eat and shop, some places are more expensive than others. But overall, everything is less expensive than in the West, so Europe and America.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering what exactly things will cost you. I know I was when I was planning my trip here. Especially now in 2019, Bali is incredibly touristy and the more tourists are somewhere, the higher the price of things. There are a lot of blogposts online that will tell you the average cost of things. I’m not the first to write about this subject.

What does Bali cost

However, I’ve saved all of my receipts from the past weeks in Bali, and I am about to tell you the exact cost of everything that I bought or did or ate. – Well, everything I got a receipt of that is – Prices of accommodation will not be discussed in this blogpost. I’ve got other blogposts dedicated to our accommodation in Bali.

This way you won’t only know the price of things, but you’ll immediately have an overview of which restaurants, for example, are cheaper than others.

I hope this will help you choose where to stay or eat in Bali! Here we go.

Prices are in IDR. About 15000 IDR is 1 euro right now and about 14500 IDR is 1 USD.

Prices of groceries

During our time in Bali, we have of course been to quite a lot of supermarkets. There’s these tiny mini marts, or huge coco markets. Mostly it was water and breakfast that we went to buy. The rest we got at restaurants. All prices below of course depend on the brand you choose.

Buying fruit at the supermarket in Bali

Mini mart

  • 5 litre of water: 26,500
  • 600 ml of water: 7500
  • 500 ml frestea ice tea: 9000
  • 1500 ml of water: 7000
  • Chips/crisps: 23,000 or 11,500
  • Chocolate bar 45 gr: 5000
  • 5 cream balls, (buns filled with chocolate I think): 15,000
  • Magnum white almond: 17,000

Coco supermarket

  • Magnum white almond: 15,000
  • 1500 ml of water: 4000
  • Some of the coco roti nexian all variant sweet bread 5 pcs: 15,900
  • Cappuccino flavoured sweets called kopiko milko, 150 gr: 8200
  • Pringles original 47 gr: 7500
  • Waku waku watermelon popcicle: 3000
  • Coco roti pillow choc bread with 6 pcs: 15,900

Pepito market

  • Multi malt toast: 22,500
  • Brown bread 300 gr: 22,000
  • Papaya bangkok, huge one: 19,405
  • Pineapple: 53,000
  • Chocolate wafers brand Tango 171 gr: 14,000
  • Instant noodles brand indomie: 3500
  • Instant noodles brand sedaap: 3000 or 2500, depending on flavour

Transmart bonjol Denpansar

  • Dragon fruit: 7749
  • Mango: 6863
  • Avocado: 6417

Price of random items and souvenirs

You know. There is always this one thing that you need when you’re on a holiday but you forgot to bring it. Body scrub in my case. And of course you need something to bring back to friends and/or family to show them you actually went to the country you told them you went to, lol.

  • Emeron shp rose body scrub 80 gr: 7900
  • Bamboo straw: 6000
  • Marinox harvest cough mixt from Kimia Farma: 145,000
  • Half a bread from a local bakery in Lovina: 20,000
  • 15GB simcard (forgot where I bought it): 120,000
  • Small fridge magnet souvenir: 33,000
  • Chips/crisps near Pura Lempuyang: 5000, 10,000 or 15,000 depending on size and brand
  • One roll of toilet paper: 6000
  • Getting laundry done: 20,000 per kilo at six-x, but I’ve seen it for 7000 per kilo

Leke Leke waterfall in Bali

Prices of entertainment/activities

A lot of things in Bali, to see or do, you might think of as free before you actually get there. And then there is this random ticket booth somewhere along the road, to the waterfall for example. Which was quite strange to me. They really do try to make money off of everything they can. I mean you could actually go into the rice terraces without buying a ticket because the ticket booth is not even at the entrance. You’d have to hope that nobody will check if you bought a ticket though lol, but nobody checked us.


  • Entrance ticket to Pura Ulun Danu Buyan: 50,000 per adult
  • Toilet at this temple: 2000
  • Entrance to Taman Tirtagangga: 40,000 per adult
  • Entrance to Pura Lempuyang: 40,000 donation for the three of us
  • Entrance to Buddhist temple: 20,000
  • Entrance to the traditional Balinese dance in the Uluwatu temple: 100,000
  • Entrance to the holy water natural speing: 20,000 per adult
  • Locker at the spring: 5000
  • Toilet at the spring: 3000


  • Entrance to Gitgit waterfall: 15,000 per person. I think it was usually more expensive though.
  • Entrance to Daya Tarik Wisata Air Terjun Nungnung. Or the Nungnung waterfall in short: 10,000 per person
  • Parking at the Nungnung waterfall:2000 for the motorbike
  • Entrance to leke leke waterfall: 30,000


  • Entrance to the beach in Amed where the Japanese shipwreck is: 15,000 per person. Includes a free drink.
  • Entrance to Melasti beach: 5000
  • Parking a motorbike at Melasti beach: 2000

Rice terraces

  • Entrance to the Tegalalang rice fields: 10,000 per adult
  • Entrance to the Jatiluwih rice fields: 40,000


  • Entrance ticket to twin lakes selfie park (depending on which one you choose, the one with the winged swing is double): 50,000 per adult
  • Cost of the Lovina tour we booked via our ‘hotel’: 250,000 per person
  • Entrance to Waterbom Bali waterpark: 535,000 per adult
  • Coke and small locker at the waterpark: 68,000
  • Temple tour we booked via our ‘hotel’ in Amed: 500,000 total (originally 600,000, and we were with three, but I don’t think the amount of people influenced the price
  • Snorkelling tour we booked via our ‘hotel’ in Amed: also 500,000 total (originally also 600,000)
  • Entrance to monkey forest: 80,000 per adult
  • Entrance to GWK cultural park: 125,000
  • Movie ticket at the cinema in Transmart Bonjol Denpansar: 50,000
  • Foot massage at The Natural massage & day spa: 60,000 for one hour

Prices of transport

The best way to get around in Seminyak, Changgu and Kuta, that part of Bali, I found to be Gojek. You can book a scooter/motorbike or a car. Both are super cheap. There are also Grab cars that will cost more, but don’t have a limit to how far they can bring you. As far as I know at least. Gojek is bound to those areas I named above. By the way, no online taxis are allowed in Ubud. Which is SO INCREDIBLY ANNOYING. The local taxis are a lot more expensive. You might get a Gojak or Grab if you’re lucky, but usually it doesn’t work.

  • Taxi from the airport to our Airbnb in Seminyak, booked with the Airbnb itself: 200,000
  • Gojek car from Airbnb to Seminyak center: 19,000 and 20,000 to go back
  • Gojek car from Pura Masceti to our Airbnb: 40,000
  • Gojek from Airbnb to Waterbom Bali: 39,000
  • Gojek from Waterbom Bali back to the Airbnb: 43000
  • Drive from Airbnb to our ‘hotel’ in Amed, half with Gojek and half with Grab: 515,000 total
  • Taxi from our ‘hotel’ in Amed to a restaurant down the road and back, because of rain: 150,000 total
  • Taxi booked with our ‘hotel’ in Amed, to drive from there to our ‘hotel’ in Lovina: 500,000 total
  • Taxi from our ‘hotel’ in the North of Ubud to the rice fields of Tegalalang, he waited for us and brought us back : 300,000
  • Taxi from our ‘hotel’ in Lovina to our home stay in Ubud center: 400,000
  • Local taxi from our home stay in Ubud center to the bungalow we booked in the North of Ubud: 70,000
  • Renting a scooter or motorbike: this really depends on where you get it and also what kind of bike it is. A guy that I hung out with a couple of days rented a bigger one, and it was 150,000 per day.

Prices of restaurants

The only time we prepared food in our room, was when we just arrived in Amed and prepared our instant noodles because we didn’t have lunch yet and it was raining outside so we didn’t feel like going anywhere. For all of the other meals, except breakfast, we are out in restaurants and warungs. I mean it’s so cheap here in Bali anyways.

What’s good to know, is that most restaurants have prices on the menu EXCLUDING tax and service. Most places will charge you 10% tax and 5% service. With the warungs enough, the local restaurants, they usually have the price on the menu including tax and service. So the price you see is the price you pay. We personally found the prices excluding tax very confusing, just because were not used to it.

You should also know that local food is a lot cheaper than western food. So if you go to a warung, you’ll get great food for a great price. Just make sure they work hygienic. Its usually a good sign if locals go to the restaurant too. These local places didn’t ever give out a receipt and I forgot to ask, but in Kuta I’ve been to this warung where a Sprite and Mie Goreng is 22,000 total. And also to Warung Indonesia I think it is called. There, you can choose from a menue, or from all of the food rhat is displayed. The menu is a set price. If you choose and combine whatever you want from the display, its basically the more you get the more expensive it is. Full plate without meat is like 27,000. What a difference from the prices down below.

Having porridge for lunch in a restaurant in Bali

In seminyak

The daily

  • Orange juice 32,000 (2)
  • Mineral water 14,000
  • Avocado spread on toast 35,000
  • Mixed fries 46,000
  • Nasi goreng 39,000

Total including tax and service: 239,580

La Lucciola:

  • Diet coke 28,000
  • Water 20,000 (2)
  • Gnocci 158,000
  • Fettuccine tomato garlic 145,000
  • Diavola chicken 182,000

Total including tax and service: 644,798

In Ubud


  • Milk shake 45,000 (2)
  • Tom and Jerry (kids drink) 35,000

Total including tax and service: 144,375

Warung Di Lipah:

  • Mie goreng 40,000
  • Gado Gado 40,000
  • Chicken curry 55,000
  • Orange juice 15,000 (2)
  • Coke 14,000

Total including tax and service: 179,000

The seeds of life:

  • Pesto pizza slice 25,000
  • Green smoothie 35,000
  • Breakfast choco berry bowl 50,000
  • Italian lasagna 65,000

Total including tax and service: 201,250

El mexicano:

  • Mineral water 15,000 (2)
  • Coke 20,000
  • El chip de tortilla 35,000
  • Pollo tacos 62,000
  • Pollo burritos 70,000

Total including tax and service: 251,892

Foos at Tukies in Ubud Bali

Turies coconut shop:

  • Water melon smoothie 50,000 (2)
  • Whole coconut 25,000
  • Fruit salad with ice cream 40,000
  • Summer roll 40,000
  • Spring roll 38,000

Total including tax and service: 193,000


  • Coke 18,000
  • Milkshake 30,000
  • Iced chocolate 25,000
  • Veggie burger 55,000
  • Chicken burger 60,000
  • BLT sandwich 45,000

Total including tax and service: 256,300

Frozen yogi:

  • Frozen yogurt self service 20,000 per 100 gr

Monkey legend:

  • Chicken wrap 75,000
  • La pollo pizza 70,000
  • Yin yang soup 55,000
  • Diet coke 20,000
  • Coke 20,000

Total including tax and service: 276,000

Karsa kafe:

  • Jaffle 30,000 (3)
  • Large water 15,000
  • Guacamole with vegetable sticks 35,000

Total including tax and service: 140,000

Cafe Bali:

  • Coke 12,000
  • Ice tea 10,000 (2)
  • Yam kum 28,000
  • French fries 20,000
  • Vegetarian curry 29,000

Total including tax and service: 119,900

Happy falafel:

  • Small water 15,000
  • Coke 18,000 (2)
  • Pita with falafel 50,000
  • Pita Moroccan chicken 55,000
  • Gyros 58,000

Total including tax and service: 235,400

In lovina

Ulundanu restaurant at the temple:

  • Spring roll 40,000
  • Fuyung hay 40,000
  • Fries 25,000

Total including tax and service: 126,000

Spice beach club:

  • Water 380 ml 25,000
  • Coke 25,000
  • Chocolate milkshake 55,000

Total including tax and service: 124,200

Jaring kitchen & drinks:

  • Mango juice 18,000
  • Coke 9000
  • Water melon juice 18,000
  • Spaghetti Bolognese 50,000
  • Fake shrimp 42,000
  • Cap suey 25,000
  • Rice 7000

Total including tax and service: 169,000

In Amed

Amed dream, Ibus beach club:

  • Fish curry 65,000
  • Nasi campur 60,000 (2)
  • Double scoop ice cream 50,000 (2)

Total including tax and service: 285,000

In Kuta

Sendok resto:

  • Indonesian curry 49,000
  • Nasi goreng 38,000
  • Vegetarian cap cay 45,000
  • Large water 17,000

Total including tax and service: 172,840

Gloria Jean’s:

  • Oatmeal porridge 56,000
  • Strawberry smash small freezer 40,000

Total including tax and service: 96,000

Yogurt republic:

  • 100 gram of frozen yogurt, with or without toppings, 29,900

Mango boss:

  • 100 grams of frozen yogurt, with or without toppings, 35,000

Smile’s warung:

  • Banana pancake 20,000
  • Fruit salad 10,000
  • Avocado juice 15,000
  • Gado Gado 20,000
  • Mix juice 10,000
  • Fried eggplant 18,000

Total including tax and service: 45,000

Crumb & coaster:

  • Toast with avocado mash 65,000
  • Green tea jasmine 25,000

Total including tax and service: 103,950

Warung etnik legian:

  • Gurame satay, without anything else 47,000
  • Sprite 17,000

Total including tax and service: 73,920

Warung Coconut (not what it is called I think, but something like this. It’s not on Google, but right across from bedplus hostel):

  • Mushroom avocado toast, 2 small slices 30,000
  • Banana juice 15,000

Total including tax and service: 45,000

Lunch at crumbs and coasters in Kuta Bali

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