Hotels in Bali: Puri Manik Sari in Lovina

After staying in Amed, on the east side of Bali, for 3 nights, we travelled to Lovina. A place on the North side of the island. Took quite some hours to get here, but it was worth it.

Here, we also stayed for 3 nights. Which I feel was more than enough.

Our bungalow at Puri Manik Sari in Lovina

Staying in Lovina

Lovina is located at the North coast of Bali. A really cute city actually. We booked our 3 nights here through, at Puri Manik Sari. Another bungalow haha. I think this was the worst bungalow we stayed at in Bali.

The small bungalow park has a really pretty garden with lots of plants and statues and cute paths. Quite photogenic. The bungalows look cute from the outside too.

Statue in the garden of Puri Manik Sari in Lovina

Inside we, again, had a double bed and a single bed. A closet as well and a small couch. No kitchen, but we did have a bathroom with toilet, sink, bath and shower. One of the walls of the bathroom was missing, so we could look outside while showering. Not that there is much to see – Lastly, we had a small porch with chairs and a table.

What we liked

What was great, was the location. Not even a 5 minute walk and you were at the beach.

Also, there was a lovely restaurant next door. Global village kafe I think it’s called.

One of the staff members spoke really good English. He was the sales guy. We booked a tour with him, which was called the ‘Lovina tour’ and it was a really nice one with a driver that spoke good English and loved to explain things to us. We saw the Gitgit waterfall, some temples, holy water spa, rice fields and we stopped at a photo spot. For the amount of things we did and how long it all took, it wasn’t expensive either.

What we didn’t like

The room was incredibly sober, not enough light, the beds and pillows were hard. I’d never had such a hard pillow with perfect 90 degrees corners. I did sleep alright though.

Our bedroom in Puri Manik Sari in Lovina

The shower didn’t have warm water, the sink was leaking as well as the bottom of the toilet after flushing and the bath just looked gross. Apart from that, the bathroom was basically outside since there was no wall there. All kinds of creatures could, and did, creep in. There was a huge spider and we found some mice poop (we think) on the bathroom floor.

Behind the one closet we had, a gecko hid the first two nights. They are not dangerous, but make one hell of a noise. And it wasn’t even an adult one.

Oh and Wi-Fi isn’t great here either.

Breakfast with banana pancakes at Puri Manik Sari in Lovina

Cost and score

We ended up getting a small discount because of early check in and thus paid only €46,75. So 52,48 USD. Yes, this was the price for all three of us, for all three of the nights. That’s only €5,20 per person per night. Including breakfast even. I mean, this place wasn’t worth any more than that so yeah. You het what you pay for I guess haha.

I’d score this place 5/10

  • Staff 7/10
  • Location 9/10
  • Comfy beds 4/10
  • Wi-Fi 4/10
  • Bathroom 3/10
  • Cleanliness 4/10
  • Good value for money 7/10

We also went to Seminyak for three days. Read about our stay in the Airbnb here! And read about what we did while in Seminyak here.

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