Airbnb in Bali: Sunset Bungalows Seminyak

Where to stay in Bali?

I think this was our biggest search of the whole ‘planning our trip to Bali’ thing. Searching for the best flights didn’t even take this long, lol. We wanted to stay with the three of us in one room, not too far from the centre, but without paying too much. Oh and also the place had to have good reviews. – not too much to ask for right? Lol, luckily we travelled in low season –

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Staying in Seminyak

The first place we stayed at, we booked through Airbnb. My Airbnb experience in Japan was lovely, so that’s why. We also booked this place super early in advance, just to be sure we had a nice place to go after arriving in Bali.
The place was called Sunset Bungalows Bali. It’s not really actually someone’s home though. It’s just a bungalow built for the specific purpose of housing tourists, which made the Airbnb experience not as authentic. The owner is some Japanese guy that knows how to make good investments I guess. They could have just put the place on instead of Airbnb.
Yes, you get a discount when you book at through my link! And I get a small bonus too, which will really help me out 🙂 I get a small Airbnb bonus too when you book through my link!
Anyways, the bungalow has sort of a tiny garden that is surrounded by walls all the way around, so that provides privacy, which is nice. The first floor of the bungalow is just an open floor, no walls, with a small table and some pillows to sit on. You can close the anti mosquito nets all the way around this floor, but they don’t really help because they don’t properly close. There is a nice bathroom with shower, toilet and sink and a small kitchen with the basics. A water dispenser too, which we didn’t use, but it’s nice that there is one. Water cooker, fridge, all there. Upstairs is the bedroom. We had a double bed and a single bed, which were nice. Apart from a small rack to hang clothes and an air conditioner, there was nothing else in the bedroom.
We stayed here for 3 nights.

Our Airbnb called sunset bungalows in Seminyak, Bali

What we liked

The staff was really nice, we asked for a knife since there were none in the kitchen and we wanted to cut up some fruit. The staff went out to buy us two brand new knifes, and let us choose which one we wanted. All of this while it was pouring! Also, the driver helped us activate the SIMcards we bought along the way to the bungalow. The bungalow itself really cute and the bathroom was fine too.
Wi-Fi worked just fine. There was even a small tv on which you could play Youtube through the Google Chrome cast.
We also were thankful to have a fridge, which we didn’t have in most of the other places we stayed at, which we booked on

What we didn’t like

However, the location wasn’t ideal since you couldn’t really go anywhere by foot. The place is located close to a main road that you can’t just cross and there is not really a path to walk alongside it.
Also, there were cockroaches in the bathroom. And the first two nights, the street dogs kept us up because they kept barking. This was also the place with the most mosquitos I think.
We also didn’t like the fact that the stairs to the bedroom were quite steep and there was a hatch, that you could close, at the top of the stairs. We did that whenever we went out and when we were sleeping. It’s quite heavy though so opening and closing it from the living room was quite a struggle for us.
Oh and the kitchen wasn’t very clean.

The bedroom of our Airbnb called sunset bungalows Bali in seminyak

Cost and score

Total cost of staying here: €109,11. So about 122 USD. Because we were with three people, this came down to only about €12 per person per night. Not very expensive, but still a little more on the expensive side, compared to the other places we stayed at in Bali.
I’d score this place a 7/10

  • Staff 10/10
  • Location 5/10
  • Comfy beds 8/10
  • Wi-Fi 9/10
  • Bathroom 7/10
  • Cleanliness 6/10
  • Good value for money 7/10

Our experience with Airbnb in Bali

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