3 days in Amed, Bali: temples and snorkelling!

I just have to start this story with how we actually managed to get to Amed in the first place. We didn’t take the easy route, no, we had to make it difficult for ourselves. Well, that was mostly me though, oops.

Instead of taking a grab car all the way from Seminyak to Amed, we decided to take a gojek car untill the halfway point, and from there order a grab car. The gojek car couldn’t go any further than that, so that’s why we had to change cars. And gojek is cheaper than grab, which is why I wanted to go as far as possible with gojek.

Now little did I know, that I picked a spot almost completely in the middle of nowhere, for the gojek driver to drop us off. This was not a road where cars (or you know, taxi’s) would naturally drive by. So we got out of the gojek car, and couldn’t immediately find a grab car.

If you want to read about our time in Seminyak click here.

Walking with our suitcases to the place where the grab car will pick us up

While we were standing there, this guy came over and started talking to us, offered to help by letting someone else bring us to the main road in a car. He said it was a 20 minute walk to the main road. – which it wasn’t, we did it in 10 – We sort of accepted, mostly because I was okay with it. But the dude that was bringing the car to us took too long. And more and more dudes started to assemble around us and took pictures, which made us uncomfortable. Luckily, we found a grab car within that time and thus started walking to the main road where we were going to be picked up by our driver. Definitely safer. It was a really nice guy that drove us to Amed.

In Amed, day 1

Okay, now it’s time for the actual Amed travel diary, haha. The first day there, was the day we arrived of course. And we didn’t arrive early, it was a very long drive there. We just enjoyed the gorgeous view of the ocean, right from our bungalow veranda, while we ate some instant noodles that we bought earlier. The bungalow complex, called paradise bungalows bali, is located on the mountain, so you can see really far. we booked it on booking.com, so the price was great. You get a discount if you book through my link!

It started raining while we ate our late lunch, so we chilled for a bit and when it stopped we quickly walked to the nearest restaurant. Which was an Italian restaurant. Concept was great, the pasta not so much unfortunately.

After dinner, we booked two tours with the hotel. One to see two temples and one to snorkel on three locations.

Day 2

First up, were the temples. We left the hotel at 10 in the morning to go visit the first temple: the pura penataran agung lempuyang. Or pura lempuyang short, I guess. It had a gate of heaven, you know, you have probably seen thousands of Instagram pictures with these gates already. That’s because thousands of people actually stand in like to take a couple pictures in this spot. We stood in line for about 1 hour and 15 minutes! Way too long if you ask me. This guy from the staff was sitting in front of the gate to take pictures of you, but of course we also took pictures ourselves. We then took some more pictures in the temple, and left to go to the next one.

Picture at the gates of heaven at the pura lempuyang temple

Pura lempuyang stairs

Pura lempuyang stairs and statues

As soon as we got in the car, it started pooring. And I mean really, the sky was falling down on us all at once. This sucked so much, because it hadn’t stopped raining when we got to the 2nd temple: pura tirta gangga. You’ve seen pictures of this too. You know, the temple with the stepping stones in the water where you can feed the fishies? Yup. Gorgeous. The rain did fit the location, but obviously we were not going t walk around in it. As soon as we got in, we searched for cover. Which we found. And we waited…And waited. Eventually the rain got a little less hurricane-like, so we walked to the opposite side of the temple, taking pictures along the way. There was shelter there too, which was awesome, because it started pooring again.

The temple of tirta gangga

We decided to just go back to the bungalow at this point, the sun was definitely not going to come out. And apart from having dinner at a warung down the street, we didn’t do anything else today.

Day 3

Woohoo, we’re going snorkelling today! We were quite excited about this, since we’d never done this before. – apart from in our parent’s pool in their backyard, not too different, right? –

We left at 9.30 in the morning. First stop: underwater temple! Apart from the fact that we didn’t see the temple – which is probably because we just swam wherever we wanted, instead of following guide – it was a nice underwater environment. Minus all of the dead coral. That was really disappointing. And it made me realise why we need to take good care of mother nature again.

The fish here though, were amazing. Some were just plain black, some had rainbow colours. Some were round and puffy and others slim and loooong. We didn’t see nemo, but we did see his yellow, black and white striped friend Gill. that’s his name, right? –

We also got to feed them, which was awesome! All of a sudden, they were not so scared of us anymore hahaha. They swermed around us like crazy. Some even touched is with their backs, which actually hurts a little.

You know what hurt too? The fact that I got burnt so bad on this snorkelling tour. All of my back, my shoulders, butt and legs. All red like a lobster. Don’t be like us. Wear a shirt and swimming pants when you snorkel. Also if you’ve put on sunscreen, because we did, and it didn’t help.

Anyways, the 2nd location was coral reef. But with lots of dead coral of course, so not really worth it. And then we went to the Japanese shipwreck, which was really close to shore! It was so cool to see as well.

The last beach though, scores a -1 because there aint no sand, it’s just huge pebbles and stones. Not comfortable to walk on, AT ALL.

What I loved most about snorkelling? Hearing all of the fish communicate. It’s just numerous of little clicks at the same time, a constant sound. Kind of like how a small fire crackles. Just lovely. When you know what it is though, if you don’t, it’s just a strange noise lol.

What to do in 3 days in Amed, Bali

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