3 days in Seminyak, Bali: temples and a waterpark!

Day 1

13.12 local time. We have just arrived at our Airbnb after a 12 hour and a 2,5 hour flight from Amsterdam to Bali. The Airbnb is located in seminyak, and it’s a cute, tiny, wooden bungalow with a tiny garden surrounding it.

First impression: my god it’s so humid here!

The driver that’s part off the staff of this Airbnb and the girl that seemed to manage the place were both really nice. The girl came to let us in, the driver even helped us activate our SIMcards the we bought on the way to the Airbnb.

view during the flight to bali

After they left we had some time to settle down, freshen up and put on some other clothes. We then went outside in order to walk to the supermarket across the main road. This turned out to be quite a challenge, since there was no way to actually cross the road apart from just running to the opposite side. We were not going to do that because we value our lives haha. So we went back to the Airbnb, ordered a gocar via the gojek app and off we went. – yes, I know gojek scooters are cheaper, but one of my sisters is scared that she’ll get kidnapped if we all hop on a different one –

The seminyak village shopping centre was where we got off. Not too exciting. The streets surrounding this place are nice for people that want to spend money on basically anything from clothes and purses to food or home decorations. There is not really anything else to do though. We eventually had lunch at a cute restaurant called ‘the daily kitchen’. And then dinner at another restaurant, which was way too expensive and the food wasn’t even great.

A poor girl tried to sell us some bracelets, and when we politely declined she pointed at my belly and said ‘baby’. Since I’m definitely not pregnant, she completely blew her chances her haha.

Day 2

We woke up at around 1230 midday today, can you imagine? That’s what one night without any sleep does to you I guess. It wasn’t even untill around 3 that we actually went out and did something. The gojek car came to get us and take us to a temple. We wanted to go to the beach first, but after checking the weather forecast we decided not to. – at the end of the day though, we found out that weather forecasts for Bali don’t make any sense at all, they can’t be trusted –

So we went to a temple. Well, that’s what we thought. I had just typed the name of the temple into gojek as our destination, and the driver definitely took us there. It wasn’t the right one though lol. We were kind if in the middle of a busy place for foreigners to stay, but without anything to actually see or do. Apart from a couple tiny, closed temples. So we went to the supermarket to get some bread and fruit, and ordered another gojek, to another temple this time: pura masceti. Which was definitely the right one! Only were we not allowed to enter, so that sucked.

Buying fruit in a supermarket in Bali

The temple was right across the beach, so we ended up going there after all. We had dinner at an Italian restaurant along the seminyak beach, which was very good but terribly expensive of course. La Lucciola, is what it’s called. Just don’t eat at one of the beach restaurants, there are plenty of cheaper, and probably more fun restaurants than this one. Unless you really, definitely want to have a beach view during your dinner. I mean, you do you! Even though it’s dark out here, during dinner….

Pura Masceti in Bali

After dinner all we did was order a gojek back to the Airbnb, chill for a bit, shower and go to bed.

Day 3

No sleeping in today! The alarm went off at 9 in the morning. Bright and early. Well, at least to us that’s early haha. Plans for today? Visiting the waterbom bali waterpark! Woohoo! We went there with – you guessed it – a gojek car. This time it took quite a while for one to pick us up though since the first one that accepted my route didn’t speak English so he didn’t understand my question about change. We didn’t have any small money. The second one just took quite long. He didn’t even reply to my question in the chat lol, but it worked out.

When we got to the waterpark, there was barely a line to buy a ticket. Inside it wasn’t busy either. I mean, there were probably quite a lot of people in there, but the park is so big and has so many slides, that the crowd is very nicely spread out. Few people in like here, few in the pool over there..awesome! There were so many slides too, is never seen a waterpark with this many slides! Even though the slides are the reason you go to a waterpark, right?

Waterbom Bali pool

Waterbom Bali slide

So yeah, we did most of the slides together, but a couple had us scared lol. We’re pussies I guess haha. I just don’t like the steep ones where you stand in a tube and the floor just collapses under you and woosh, there you go. Nope nope nope. After this we got something to eat and then I sat down at a beach bed at the pool. Since I just got dry, I didn’t feel like getting wet again. My sisters went on a couple more slides together. – gosh, I’m such a mom. And I don’t even have kids, lol – Eventually they came to chill with me for a bit. We had some ice cream and a fresh coconut and then we left.

The waterpark is right at the end of a nice shopping street, so we just walked along that street for a bit. We got some bamboo straws, a bag and bracelets as souvenirs and a little further down the road we had dinner. The place was called Sendok restaurant and bar, I believe. Nice food. Not expensive.

After dinner we just got a gocar to take us back to the Airbnb and that’s that. These were our first three days in Bali, seminyak area. We had a lovely time so far, but are definitely excited for more, probably better things, to come.

Let me know if there is anything in this blogpost that you would like me to elaborate on in another post. 🙂

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