Looking back on one year of blogging

One year. One whole year. That’s how long my blog exists now. I started it exactely one year ago on the day I’m writing this. I cannot believe how fast time has gone by! I still feel like I just started blogging, lol. Which isn’t strange considering blogging for a year isn’t really all that long of course. I really hope to keep on doing this for so much longer!

I figured this would be the perfect time to just look back on the past year, and all that it has brought me. As well as how my website has grown!

The past year in travels

The past year has brought me so much amazing journeys. I’ve traveled 5 times last year, which is something I would have never imagined. I always went on one vacation per year, and maybe another weekend city trip if I was lucky. However, with the changing of my view on life and my life goals, my travel habits changed as well. Life is so incredibly short, you’d best spend it on the things you love. Traveling is what I love so it makes sense for me to spend most of my money on traveling. Instead of just saving it all the time without having a plan considering what to do with it.

Malaysia, Malta, Japan, Greece and Spain, those are the 5 countries I’ve visited. My favorite? Tough question. Each country has it’s own charm.

Malaysia was incredibly exciting because it was my first time traveling outside of Europe. The people over there are super nice, the culture very different. I loved Malacca the most, because there were lots of things left to remember the fact that the place was one a Dutch colony. It’s quite a historic place and they try their best to keep it that way. The city is also incredibly vibrent with all of the different colours and paintings on all of the buildings.

Red square Malacca

Malta was just lovely and so relaxing. I didn’t explore the whole island, Valetta is where I stayed in this gorgeous hotel that made me feel like a queen. The inner city that is very rich in historic culture was just a 5 minute walk away. I completely fell in love with all of the little streets, decorated with coloured flags. Every corner you turned, there was another beautiful church, view over the sea or cozy restaurant. 

An alley in Valetta, Malta

Japan was amazing because this destination has been on my travel bucket list for forever! I was so happy to finally go and being able to spend it with one of my sisters made it even better. We saw so much in just about two weeks time – because I’m a planner and planned basically every minute of every day, sorry Inge -. I loved experiencing the difference in culture, the funny (unwritten) rules they’ve got for everything, the delicious food and the differences between Tokyo and Osaka. Also, the Japanese people are basically the kindest people I’ve ever met in my life.

Streets of the Shinjuku area Tokyo

Greece was a destination that my cousin had planned for us. I just happily tagged along. Kos island is where we stayed, and it definitely had these island vibes. European island vibes though, not like the tropical palmtree ones. I mean, it’s Europe, what can you do. We explored the beach as well as the mountains, saw a gorgeous, typical white and blue village and rode a quad, which was awesome. What was really weird: I love Greek food in The Netherlands, but most of the food we ordered while in Greece, wasn’t very tasty at all.

White and blue restaurant on Kos Island

Spain was just a short city trip. All I saw was some parts of Barcelona. Which was lovely, don’t get me wrong. I’d like to go back one day to explore some more actually. I loved the littly alleys and cute squares in the (I think) more historic part of the city. The beach was wonderfull as well, nice soft sand, gorgeous view, adorable little restaurants on the beach. What amazed me the most was the fact that the whole city seemed to do sports early in the morning. Running along the beach mostly, but also fitness in the pool. With such high temperatures!

A picture I got in Barcelona

Blog achievements

So I did quite well when it comes to traveling. However, the blogposts I wrote about all of these travels, also did pretty well! This is the journey and blogpost it all started with. Quite diffrent from the articles I write now. Leave a comment if you’ve read it! 🙂

Of course in the beginning, when you’ve just started blogging, you don’t get much views. And then at some point the views start increasing, which of course also happened for me! – They also decreased again because I haven’t been posting lately, woops – The month that got the most views the past year, was October 2018.

The total amount of blogposts? 59 right now, but that’ll be 61 when I post this. Not even that much right.

Something I am quite proud of: even though I have not been posting lately, I still get views every day! The first months of my blog I had to work so hard to get just a hand full of views, and now the come out of nowhere 🙂 Of course this is also because I still have links and posts up about the blogposts on Pinterest and forums for example.

Now, let me show you my 4 most viewed blogposts of the past year!

First up, is my post about minimal packing for Japan. Which I think makes sense, because I promoted it quite a lot but it also seems to be information lot’s of people search for. Second is How to make the most of three nights in Shinjuku, Tokio. This area of Japan is of course super popular. I also did a LOT of research about Japan before we went there. Next is my Travel diary: 3 days in Shinjuku, Tokio, which we could all have guessed considering the blogpost that got second place, lol. And last but not least, is Travel diary, day 4 in Kos: renting a quad!. Which has me wonder why the rest of my Kos blogposts don’t get as much views.

Let’s just do Instagram as well, shall we?

I would not  be able to tell you how many pictures I posted on my Instagram the past year. I can tell you though, that my most liked picture is the one of me on the quad in Kos. It got 150 likes. Yes, that’s quite a lot for me. What I personally find quite funny, is that the Japan pictures did not get nearly as much likes, while the blogposts about Japan were really popular. People on Instagram like summery pictures better. Which makes sense, I do too.

Up to another year!

I am of course very excited as to what the coming year will bring me! I know it’ll bring me lots of traveling again, which is amazing! I can’t wait to start writing blogposts more regularly again. I really want to capture the amazing memories in pictures as well as articles, so that I don’t forget anything, and I also want to keep writing fun/inspiring/usefull articles for you guys.

If there is anything you want me to write about, please let me know in the comments down below! Did you read my most popular blogpost yet? xox


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