Sneak peek of my travel plans!

Oh wow guys, it’s been soooooo long since I wrote a new blogpost! I am so sorry! I just haven’t been feeling the best and I also haven’t been traveling. I don’t see a point in writing articles when I’m not inspired or when there is no actual value to them for me or for you (preferably both, lol), so I just didn’t write. Hope you’re not too upset with me! 🙂 I’m not going to promise I’ll write more regularly from now on, but I will definitely start writing more once I am traveling again.

And I can promise you, that’s soon! If you follow me on Instagram you already know about my travel plans. I’ve reveeled my first major destination on there too: it’s Asia! Who would have thought right, it’s only like my favourite continent in the world so far…. Anyways, I plan on visiting multple places in Asia, of which Bali is the only one I revealed so far, and I also have one other continent I’m visiting after that. One that I haven’t revealed yet, how exciting right! Hope I am not the only one that’s excited. Lol.

wereldkaart van

Now recently the people from send me this lovely world map – yes, for free, but this article is 100% by me and my own opinion. I would never be anything but honest with you guys – and I thought this would be a great time to give you guys a sneak peek of all of the other places I plan on visiting! So keep on reading of you want to know where I’m going, so that you know what blogposts to expect 🙂 

First of all, I just want to say that if you also want this world map, you can find it right here: soft toned world map.

However, if this is not your style, they’ve got loads of other, unique designs. And you don’t have to get it on glass, like I did, you can also get a world map canvas, on wood, or framed for example. Prices range from €9,95 to €189,95, so there is something for everyone. You can get a world map, country map or city map. If you’re like me and everything that has to do with traveling excites you, this is heaven for you, haha. They also ship pretty quickly. Within 5 working days for the smaller items and within 5-10 business days for the bigger items. They will also package it nicely so the product doesn’t get damaged. If you’re not from The Netherlands, like I am, I’ve got good news! They do business in other countries as well, check the list down below!

Now back to the sneak peek Kyra

Alright alright, haha. Here you go!

Wereldkaart op glas van

As you can see in the picture above, the place’s that I will be traveling to as well as the places that I’ve already been, have been pointed out. – So glad I still had confetti laying around -. Some dots cover multiple places.

Give away: win foreign money!

Let’s make this even MORE FUN. Be the first to guess all of the places I’ve planned on visiting so far, (there’s 5 including Bali), and I’ll send you a postcard with some local money from all of those destinations. Nothing huge, but I personally love collecting foreign money and always save some from every trip. And also: anyone from all over the world can participate this way! I’ll give you a tip right away: one of the places I’m going to, I’ve already been before. By the way, if you’re a friend of mine in real life and know exactely where I’m going because I told you, you cannot enter this competition 🙂

Enter the competition by leaving a comment down below with the 5 places you think I’m going. Name the cities, not the countries. Except for the 1st, which is Bali. I’m gonna go all over that island lol. You can enter once per day if you want to, and I’ll give out hints in my Instagram stories if you guys need them. We basically go untill someone guesses all 5 right, or untill I leave, which is on the 13th of March. If you’re trying to participate in this by sending me your answers in any other way than by commenting down below on this blogpost, please know that this doesn’t count and I will not reply.

And while you’re at it, please also comment down below what kind of articles you’d like me to write about the places you think I’m going. Not obligated, but I’d love it 🙂


This lovely drawing was made by my sister @ingekleurt_, check out her Insta for more!


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