Foodie Friday: ‘Bij ons’ in the Wellerwaard

Alright babes, here it is! The first Foodie Friday on my blog! If you haven’t read the introduction to/explanation of Foodie Friday yet, go do that first: Foodie Friday intro

Today’s Foodie Friday is going to be about the restaurant ‘Bij ons’, which translates to ‘with us’, or maybe ‘at our place’ makes more sense. This restaurant is located in the Wellerwaard, which is quite a remote area surrounded by lots of gorgeous nature and there is also a place to golf nearby. This is the perfect place to have lunch/dinner after you went for a nice walk.

Bij ons in de Wellerwaard

Bij Ons in de Wellerwaard

Casteleynsplas Flevoland

Now you might think ‘Kyra, I’ve never heard of Wellerwaard and you promised to write about restaurants located in places popular amongst travelers, what are you doing?!’. Well…. don’t be mad please because I definitely did not just randomly pick this restaurant. Well…. actually I did not pick this restaurant at all, it was my friends choice to go have dinner here haha.- But that’s not the point! This restaurant is actually located near Emmeloord/Luttelgeest/Marknesse/Kuinre, which are all located in the ‘Noordoostpolder’. Kind of centrally located in The Netherlands, just a tad more on the northern side. Maybe only the Dutchies reading this actually have heard of these places.

The thing is, this ‘Noordoostpolder’ is one of the places in The Netherlands that has many tulipfields! A lot of tourists, whether it be from other places in The Netherlands or from other contries, come here during the warmer months to cycle this route called the ‘tulpenroute’, which means ‘tulip route’. As you could probably all guess, this route takes you to all of the gorgeous tulip fields in all different colours. Some places actually allow you to pick some tulips, but unless there is a sign that says you can, please don’t pick the flowers! Apart from doing this route by bike you can of course also visit the tulip fields by car. Taking pictures of these gorgeous flowers is one of my favourite things to do.

Anyways, I think you now get why I chose to write about the restaurant. It’s not that far from the Tulip Route 🙂

Good to know

‘Bij ons’ is a restaurant that has kind of a tapas style of serving things. Except the food isn’t tapas. It’s just all very small portions so that you are able to order more different dishes and thus try more. Or you can just order the same thing three times if you are a picky eater, I’m not judging -. Because the portions are small, the prices are of course lower too. Check out their menu here. It’s in Dutch though, just so you know.

And the great thing is: you don’t get these 3 different bowls of sides, with like fries and salad and vegetables and what not that you usually do get with the main dish you order in most other restaurants. I never eat those things because the main dish is already too big for me haha. You can choose your own sides, if you want any 🙂

They recommend ordering three things (or two and one to share) if you’re not really that hungry and four if you are very hungry. And after that you of course need to have a dessert. Or maybe three of those too….

What we ate

The first course my friend ordered the ‘ossenhaas’, which is tenderloin, I had the wrap with hummus and vegetables and we shared a big portion of fries. The fries lasted us the main course as well and we also ordered a wrap for my friend and a quiche for me. My friend didn’t like the wrap so I ended up eating it and she ended up ordering something else: the salad with steak strips. For dessert we had a cerry panna cotta and a parfait.

*I forgot to check whether or not they have an English menu available in the restaurant, sorry guys!

‘Bij ons’ score form

Foodie Friday score form 'Bij ons'

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