Foodie Friday intro

Food is love, food is life. Food is everything. That is basically me every single day. Have you seen that video of Winnie the Pooh sitting at a table happily dancing from left to right with a knife and fork in her hands? No? Go watch it. That’s me every time I get food. Want me to love you? Get me food. Want me to stop being angry? Food. Want to get me a gift? You guessed it, food! Haha!

Im sure you love food too. Maybe not as much as I do, but I mean, you need it to survive so…. you have to at least love it a bit ๐Ÿ™‚

Since food is a huge part of our lives, it is usually an even hugerย – I know, that’s not really a word – part of our holidays. When we go on a holiday we seem to forget about our diets, don’t think as much about what we should or should not eat and definitely don’t really think about the portion sizes anymore. Which is awesome! We’re meant to enjoy all of the things the destination has to offer. – Let me know if this isn’t you. I’ve never met anyone that still continues their strict diet on a holiday –

And holidays, well, I love those too! Almost as much as food. Almost. ๐Ÿ™‚ So I’m now going to be combining the both of them here on my blog!

There is going to be a new category on my blog called ‘Foodie Friday’, where I review restaurants/cafรฉ’s/breakfast places/foodtrucks etc. – So basically anyywhere you can get food – I’ll review restaurants that are located in or near popular holiday destinations, to make it easy for you to find the best place to eat when visiting that city! And obviously, I’ll also let you know when the restaurant is terrible, so you know where to absolutely NOT go for dinner ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll be judging the restaurant in quite a few area’s because I don’t want you guys to be left with questions. Check out the ‘score form’ explanation down below in order to see what I will be judging the restaurants on.

What I might also do though on Foodie Friday, is try a bunch of local foods and tell you what I think of them. Like, when I’m in Korea I’ll get some typical Korean snacks/foods and try them for you and explain what they taste like and whether or not they are delicious. I might combine this with a youtube video, not sure yet.ย 

Also, it is called Foodie Friday for a reason: I’ll post these reviews on Fridays only. – I’m guessing you already figured that out on your own though, you’re smart enough – HOWEVER. I will, especially the first weeks of doing this, probably not be able to post a review every single Friday. I mean, going out to eat does cost a lot of money, I’m sure you know that. I do hope to do a Foodie Friday at least every other week and I might also let other bloggers write a guest blog on my website. Someone from Rome for example, so that you can also read about restaurants in places I did not visit yet. With the same score form of course ๐Ÿ™‚

Are you excited for all of the amazing food to come? I know I am!

Foodie Friday score form explanation

Foodie Friday score form explanation



Foodie Friday score form example

Foodie Friday score form example

8 thoughts on “Foodie Friday intro

  1. Hee Kyra! Leuk dat je allemaal restaurantjes en bars gaat reviewen. Ook handig dat je daar zo een mooi schema voor hebt gemaakt. Maar ik eet geen honing, net als Winnie de Pooh. Wel zit ik zo aan tafel, haha.


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