10 TRAVEL ESSENTIALS: What to ALWAYS pack when you travel

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As you guys know I’ve been luckly enough to have been traveling a lot this year. Well, at least I consider it a lot. I’ve been to Malaysia, Japan, Malta, Kos and Barcelona! I can’t even believe it myself but I have to say, traveling this much makes me so happy! Obviously that’s why I keep doing it. I’ve definitely got the travel bug now. I’m at the point where I get kind of anxious when I don’t have any coming travels planned, like now. So please let me know if you know a great place to go that doesn’t break the bank πŸ™‚
Now all of the places I’ve been to this year are all quite different, but have one thing in common: the weather was nice and warm. That’s the kind of places I like visiting πŸ™‚ Because the destinations were so different I of course packed different stuff and clothes each journey, but a few things I ALWAYS bring when I travel, no matter where I go.
Today I’m going to be sharing with you my travel essentials: what I ALWAYS bring with me when I travel & why. – Apart from the obvious stuff like deodorant, my passport & a toothbrush, duh – No matter where I go, no matter how far away the place is, no matter how long I’ll be staying and no matter the climate.

A loving lady travels with her puppy

Wish I could bring this cute puppy but 1: he is not mine and 2: puppy’s are not easy to bring lol

#1 Music please!

Of course of course I always bring my earplugs for music. Who travels without these nowadays? I usually listen to music on the plane, especially on the flight back home because that’s when I’m always extra tired of course. I don’t ever listen to music when I’m at the destination. I always use Spotify to listen to music. I used to have my own premium account a few years ago but don’t have one anymore. Luckily I’ve got a really nice friend – If he’s reading this: thank you love you lol – that gave me his login info, so now I can use Spotify on his account, download songs and listen to them on the plane without needing to be connected to the internet πŸ™‚ You should definitely just go and get your own premium account though lol because sometimes I’m logged onto his account and he tries to listen to music to and that doesn’t work obviously. But that’s only when the both of you are using the same account while both connected to the internet.

# 2 Two portable charging devices

I literally use my phone ALL THE TIME. All the freaking time. It’s always in my hand. I take loads of pictures, need to check the route on Google Maps,.. – Yes I use Google Maps anywhere I go. It’s so handy because you can download the map of the area you’re traveling to and then you’re able to use Google Maps in that area without being connected to the wifi. Super handy if you’re almost out of data! – I’m always checking social media, playing Pokemon Go, editing pictures, making video’s, texting my friends, finding nice restaurants in the area and all of this usually with my phone in the sun because I prefer to travel to places that are warm. And my phone doesn’t like all of that, especially not having to work hard in the heat. So the battery dies quite quickly unfortunately. I therefor always carry arround two portable charging devices, that are fully charged, obviously. One of them is good for charging my battery completely again – And I got this one at Primark for 10 euro, can you believe that? –, even if I keep using my phone and the other is only good for about half a battery. So the first one is my backup, and the second one is my backup’s backup lol.

10 travel essentials

#4 Chewing gum

I bring chewing gum with me for two reasons. One: chewing gum while the plane you’re on is taking off or landing helps stop your ears from hurting, and two: it’s nice to have some chewing gum right after eating a delicious meal that had a lot of garlic in it and you still need to go somewhere nice and talk to people.

#5 Bandaids

I don’t know what you’re like, but I’m definitely one of the more clumsy people so I often cut myself for example. I also sometimes bring shoes with me on a holiday that I’ve never walked in before so I end up with blisters. I know, that’s like the stupidest thing to do but hey, I’m just super stubborn okay, lol. So I need to bring bandaids whenever I travel.

#5 Toilet paper

Alright, I can already hear you thinking: ‘Why the hell does she bring toilet paper with her, does she bring like a whole roll?’. First of all, no, I don’t bring a whole roll of toilet paper. I just bring like 2 meters of it. I fold it up neatly and put it away in the bag that I always carry with me, weather it be on the plane or while exploring. I know this sounds suuuuuuuper weird, but it’s actually been pretty helpful. Especially that one time I went to the bathroom and ended up picking a toilet that had no toilet paper left. And yeah, I found out after I had peed. LUCKILY I had that piece of toilet paper in my bag! So no uncomfortable moments, no wet pants, no asking for someone to throw toilet paper over the door. – Did any of you guys ever need to do that? I’m really curious, comment down below if you did! – I have also had to use the toilet paper to dry off the insides of my bag, and everything in it, after walking in the rain, to wipe away sweat from my forehead and to clean my dress after spilling ice cream on it. I mean, you could of course also use tissues for this, but I don’t ever have those at home so toilet paper is the next best thing πŸ™‚

#6 Poo Pourri

This is another weird one and actually it has to do with toilets too lol. I always bring a small bottle of Poo Pourri with me when I travel. It’s a spray for inside the toilet that ensures you don’t smell basically. Quite a weird subject to talk about but hey, it’s still a thing everyone does and I don’t like bothering other people with the fact that I do it. Whether it be on the airport or in the hotel room. Nobody knows. πŸ™‚
I have got this exact one from Poo Pourri, but you can get similar things online, like this one that smells like roses.

travel essentials

#7 Travel diary

You all know I’ve been posting my travel diary blogposts for a while now. In fact, it was the first blogpost I ever posted. I went to Malaysia and had this pretty notebook with me that I wrote in at the end of every day there. The reason for this is I’m quite forgetful. I won’t forget the way a place made me feel and I won’t forget the basic things like whether or not I had fun, was the weather nice, did I do fun things? I will however quickly forget what I actually did each day. So if I get back from my holiday and a week later someone asks me what I did, I’ll be able to name 3 out of 10 things I did. The rest I will have forgotten by the, which is exremely sad in my opinion.
This notebook that I brought to Malaysia and there used for the very first time became my travel diary. My travel companion that I bring on every holiday in order to never completely forget what I did on a holiday and what the experience there was like. I’ll always be able to read it back and remind myself of the lovely time or the weird things I encountered but I’ll also be able to maybe tell my kids the stories too, which is extra lovely.

#8 Nail file

This is such a basic one yet I feel it’s one most people (or maybe I should say girls) don’t think about. I used to be the girl that went on a holiday without, because I didn’t think about bringing one, and I always ended up breaking a nail and having this weird, pointy edge of a nail left. It hurts when you accidentally scratch yourself with that nail but it’s also super annoying because I personally can’t stop looking at it or picking at it once I notice. So I made sure to bring one whenever I travel ever since the second time I broke my nail on a holiday. And my nail file has saved me many times already.

#9 An adapter

You know, the thing that you can put into a wallplug in any country on the world and it’ll work and you’ll be able to charge all of your devices πŸ™‚ Definitely a neccessity. Especially when traveling to another continent of course, but to be honest I bring it to me every single time I travel. Also when traveling within Europe, which is where I’m from if you didn’t know yet. The reason for this is I went to Malta this year and even though this is a EU country they used to belong to England and therefor the wallplugs are English. Which I didnt know and I didn’t bring my adapter that holiday…..Luckily I was able to just force my chargers into the wallplug lol and it worked. Crisis adverted. But lesson learnt: always bring the adapter.
I have been using this one I got at bol.com and it’s perfect. It works all over the world, it’s small, doesn’t break easily and also important: it’s cheap. If you’re still looking for one, definitely check out out! It even comes with a small bag to put it in πŸ™‚

#10 A small plastic bag

If there is one thing I hate when it comes to vacations, it’s unpacking after coming back. I especially don’t like having to go through my suitcase trying to locate all of the worn socks and underwear that have to be washed. Which is why I make sure I don’t have to do that. I bring a small plastic bag with me and at the end of each day I put all of the socks and underwear that I’ve worn in this bag. This will make sure your suitcase doesn’t get smelly and it’s alsu super easy when unpacking. You just grab the bag and turn it upside down above the laundry basket: done!

2018-09-16 05564693143169621018..jpg
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Now of course there are a lot of other things that you should always bring with you when traveling, but those things are just so obvious I didn’t feel the need to name them. I mean, who goes on a vacation without bringing toothpaste or underwear, right?
I hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost and maybe it’s given you some ideas on what to bring on your next holiday! Let me know what you ALWAYS bring with you when you go on vacation, I’d love to know! πŸ™‚

26 thoughts on “10 TRAVEL ESSENTIALS: What to ALWAYS pack when you travel

  1. wanneer je met kleine kinderen reist, dan leer je wat opgevouwen toiletpapier in je tas pas echt waarderen πŸ™‚
    Totally off topic, maar wat een leuk hondje heb je

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nummer 10, altijd! de laatste vakantie heb ik zelfs een rol pedaalemmerzakken meegenomen. Voor de vuile was, voor schoenen, voor het verdelen in compartimenten. Nu velen met de plastic challenge bezig zijn wellicht niet zo leuk, maar mij helpt het. Ik heb het geleerd van mijn moeder. En ik ben erg nieuwsgierig naar de poo pourri. Ik neem dan wel geen toiletpapier mee, maar wel altijd een zakje papieren zakdoekjes. Voor hetzelfde doel. Oh en ik heb – na een tripje naar AndalusiΓ« met een Spaanse luchtvaartmaatschappij wel geleerd om altijd een setje schoon ondergoed in mijn handbagage mee te nemen. Destijds duurde het 4 (!) dagen voordat we onze koffers kregen en dat terwijl we op een rondreis waren. Niet fijn. Natuurlijk koop je dan wat, maar we kwamen toen op een zondag aan en niets was open. De dag erna zouden we alweer vertrekken.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dat je koffers later aankomen dan jijzelf is natuurlijk nogal een drama. Dat doe ik zelf ook altijd, schoon setje ondergoed in de rugtas. En de tandenborstel overigens ook. Ik rol mijn kleding altijd op en leg de rest er in etuitjes of bultjes bovenop dus daar heb ik verder gelukkig niet meer plastic voor nodig om het in compartimenten te verdelen πŸ™‚ maargoed ik neem sowieso nooit veel mee dus heel nodig is het sowieso niet haha.


    • Ik heb geen tijd om te lezen en in het vliegtuig word ik er ziek van haha. Makeup gaat bij mij ook wel mee in kleine hoeveelheden, maar dat valt onder de basisdingen in mijn mening, zoals ondergoed, dus daarom dat ik het hier niet noem. Wat grappig dat jij ook altijd een toilet spray meeneemt!


  3. ik ben heel relaxed als het op reizen aankomt. Een visakaart, beetje cashgeld, paspoort en telefoon, die moeten zeker mee. De rest kan ik ter plaatse wel kopen. Natuurlijk probeer ik ook altijd de basic dingen als dagcreme met spf, papieren zakdoekjes, ontsmettingsgel en tandenborstel mee te nemen. Maar als ik iets vergeet is dat ook geen drama.

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    • Dankjewel! Altijd leuk om te horen πŸ™‚ haha dat deed ik vroeger ook, maar hoe meer je reist hoe minder je beseft nodig te hebben denk ik πŸ™‚


    • Haha ja ik ben hier heel eerlijk hoor! πŸ˜‚ Het werkt πŸ™‚ Jaa die zijn ook allemaal belangrijk, maar vallen natuurlijk wel onder de standaard dingen πŸ™‚


  5. Wat een mooi artikel! En ik ben het voor een groot gedeelte met je eens, op de wc papier en luchtverfrisser na sleur ik dit ook altijd mee. En zorg ik altijd dat ik vochtige doekjes en zakdoekjes bij mij heb, je kan inderdaad altijd op een wc terecht komen waar niets op voorraad is. Zit je daar met je goeie gedrag haha πŸ™‚

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