Top 5 instagrammable places Barcelona

‘DOING IT FOR THE GRAM’, that’what I always yell when I’m taking pictures and I look weird doing it, or when a friend of mine is with me and thinks I’m taking too long. Lol.
Seriously though, pretty pictures are becoming more and more important nowadays. You can make a living by posting pretty pictures basically. There’s lots of people making a living off of Instagram for example. Of course you’d also have to promote products and stuff, but the pretty pictures are the key to everything. Without, all else will fail because nobody will want to look at or click on your picture.

Now unfortunately, I’m not one of those people that make a living online even though I’d love to be. I’m still learning about taking pictures and editing them for example. I’m trying to keep my Instagram feed consistent but I don’t have a one color based theme because I love so many different things and all of those things come in different colors. Check out my Instagram if you’re wondering what I’m talking about. And give me feedback if you do, I always appreciate that.

I do LOVE taking pictures and editing them though, so I just keep on going. I also LOVE finding the perfect spots for an Instagram shot and if you’re active online I’m sure you do too. So I thought I’d share with you my favourite picture spots of Barcelona, or what I’d call the TOP 5 INSTAGRAMMABLE SPOTS IN BARCELONA. – Yes, you should raise the voice in your head a little when reading that -.

#1 Brunch & Cake ‘In grandmothers we trust’

Oh my god this place is just perfect in my opinion. It’s a little restaurant that serves…… well, brunch and cake of course! So many delicious things to choose from and everything is presented like a piece of art. If you’re into food photography, this is definitely the place for you. I had breakfast here and everyone else was also taking pictures of their food so I did not feel weird at all haha. The place itself though is really instagrammable too. Especially during spring time, I think that’s when they get the flowers out. It is a bit hard though to get a nice shot of the inside of the restaurant because it’s just so incredibly busy, it’s a very popular place. By the way, there’s two locations of this restaurant: one by the sea and one in the middle of the city. I’m talking about the last one since I haven’t seen the other but I’m sure it’s pretty too!

2018-09-17 045928250067754674792..jpg

The Brunch Pancake and Banana&Cacao Smoothie from Brunch&Cake Barcelona

#2 LABARRA midtown

Another restaurant, it’s a food lover’s lucky day!  They serve tapas, healthy and fresh food. The place is stunning, in a very modern way. The tables are pretty and when you walk in the first thing you see is the bar, on which they display all of their pintxos. Pintxos are basically like tapas, but different. Smaller. And different. Lol. I didn’t try any. I also didn’t have any tapas. I just ordered the boring vegetable assortment because I had already had tapas and a lot of carbs so I needed some vitamins girl! Even on a holiday you should think about your health a little 🙂

Anyways, the bar is super pretty and I love being able to see the food you can order. I loved this about Japan too. In Japan each restaurant has a shop window filled with all of their dishes (fake ones obviously) so you know exactly what you order and what it’ll look like. If you want to know more about food in Japan check out one of these three links: Shinjuku food, Asakusa food & Osaka food. The food that I ordered wasn’t very instagrammable, but the restaurant itself is! Check it out!

LABARRA Barcelona

#3 The beach

This one is so basic but also so true. Why would the beach not be very instagrammable? Well maybe if there is a lot of rubbish laying around everywhere… but that was not the case for this beach! It’s  a man-made one with lovly soft sand and clear water. Lots of people were taking pictures. – There was even one guy that took of his shirt during the instagram shoot haha that was fun to watch – 

So I was at this beach a little early, when the sun hadn’t come out completely yet, it wasn’t too busy yet and the people living in Barcelona were just starting off their day by running along the beach or swimming laps in the swimming pool located right next to the beach. – I honestly don’t see the point in swimming in a pool you need to pay to enter when you can just swim in the sea instead – The nice thing about being at the beach early, besides the fact that it’s not too crowded yet, is that it was quite misty in the distance on the water. This, along with the sun peaking through and a couple of boats sailing in the distance, provided a gorgeous view. But even if you’re at the beach at like 15.00, you can still get some nice shots. Think: posing in your bikini or doing the hairflip thing in the water, lol, are people still doing that?.. – I feel old now –

The beach in Barcelona

#4 Mercat de la Boqueria

More food, oh dear… not a restaurant this time though! This is a huge food market along the main street of Barcelona. It’s kind of indoor, and kind of not. There is a roof, but there are no walls so you can walk out anywhere. I stumbled upon this market by accident, as you can read here, and I loved it! I was very happy I saw it. This place has many different stalls that sell many different foods and everything is presented beautifully! There are also street food stalls where you can actually sit down and have a small meal insead of buying stuff to take home. The thing is, if you’re taking a lot of pictures of one food stall, it’s kind of inappropriate not to buy somthing. –Even if it’s just one peach, like I did haha – 


#5 Pretty much the entire city

Okay, I realize this one is a bit vague. I can hear you thinking: ‘The entire city? What an easy answer!‘. And you’re right. However, I just honestly didn’t know what else to put as a title for this final instagrammable spot in Barcelona.

The thing is, the entire city is just so beautiful. There are a lot of old buildings and the architecture is amazing. What’s sad though is that most of these gorgeous buildings are surrounded by modern stuff, like cars and street lights. And of course all pretty places are of course crowded. You can definitely get some nice shots when you’re just walking around in the city, especially the more gothic part. You just have to be creative (or super early) in order to not have all of the modern stuff or people in the picture. Or you need to have the right equipment, like a drone. Having a drone makes photographing buildings so much easier.

Pretty architecture Barcelona


Alright loves, that was my top 5 instagrammable places Barcelona. All of these I personally experienced. Hope you enjoyed reading! Which spot is your favorite? 

Definitely let me know if you’ve been to one of these places or if you’ve been to different instagrammable spots in Barcelona!

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