3 days in Barcelona: tapas, beach bums and lovely architecture

Two days ago (when writing this on the 20th of September) I got back from a few days in Barcelona. I’d never been there before so it was a great experience. A friend of mine invited me to come and obviously I wasn’t going to say no to that! I had about three days in the city and definitely loved it, although I must also be honest and say that I expected just a little more of it. But that may also be because of the fact that I wasn’t able to explore all that the city has to offer. Keep on reading if you want to know what I did explore though!  🙂

Day 1: perfect tapas

Day one is obviously the day I arrived. I had to get up at 6.30 in the morning in order to get ready and get on the train to the airport. -If you know me, you know getting up this early is a big deal for me haha I’m definitely not a morning person anymore!- You have to be there three hours in advance you know. The thing is, I got there just before the people started lining up for check in. This meant I didn’t have to stand in line for check in, but also not for security. I was done in no time, so I had lots of time left to spend waiting for my flight to start boarding. That’s okay though, I’d rather be super early instead of just in time.

After arriving and finally collecting my bag, which they had to check in for free because it was such a busy flight, I just went straight for the taxi’s. It didn’t take long to get to the hotel and it also only cost 26 euro, which really isn’t very expensive! Hotel Catalonia Diagonal Centro is where we were staying. Nothing really fancy but it was nice.

For the rest of this day we just walked through the city for a bit and sat down to have tapas at a restaurant called Telefèric. There is actually two of these restaurants, but we sat down at the one at the square. The food was perfect! I especially liked the vegetable dumplings. I also had sangria for the first time in my life and it was super delicious! They serve it in huge glasses though haha. A few street performers came along as we had dinner, which was quite fun. After this we went to a bar called The Brazilian Bar to have a drink and then we just went back to the hotel. Both pretty tired of course. -And a bit tipsy too lol-

2018-09-16 057240298538511304035..jpg

Day 2: beach bums

Today started off pretty early. I think it was around 10 in the morning when we got in the taxi to the beach. And even though it’s a fake beach, they put it there themselves, it’s a really nice one! The sand is nice and soft, not like the pebbles they had in Kos, and the water is warm and very clear. So lovely! We just walked along the beach for a bit, watching the morning routines of the people that live there and actually go jogging in the heat. Yes, it’s hot at 10 in the morning in Barcelona. It was also incredible to see the sea wake up. It was kind of foggy on the water at first and there were just a few boats sailing around. You could only see their silhouets, which provided a gorgeous sight togeher with the sun peaking through the fog. So dreamy. Eventually people started swimming in the sea, peddle boarding and more boats started to appear. Everything got super lively. At around 11 we sat down at a beach restaurant to have breakfast. Just some yogurt, a smoothie and a croissant is what we had but it was nice. -Oh my god I’m starting to get hungry writing about all this food haha!-

We wanted to rent a sunbed for like an hour or so to just lay on the beach for a bit because we didn’t bring any beach towels. Turns out that basically the only place where you can rent them, only offers the option to rent them for an entire day, which costs 40 euro. We were definitely not going to do that obviously. Right at this point it also started raining actually so laying on the beach wasn’t as attractive anymore haha. Luckily I had brought a small umbrella, so we just walked back along the beach and eventually sat down at a restaurand called Pez Vela. This is a super popular place, so initially we could only sit at the couch and have some drinks but after asking we were allowed to sit at the bar and have lunch there. If you want to have lunch or dinner here, I do recommend you make a reservation! This place is fully booked pretty much always. We ordered lobster paella and it was super delicious! It comes in a big pan for two, so you have to share it. And you definitely will not be hungry after leaving this place because the amount of food you get is a lot! But it’s like that at all restaurants.

We then went on to the beach again since the sun had completely come out and it was really hot at that point. We did bring like a tiny towel from the hotel that we initially thought would serve as a towel to dry ourselves off. I ended up using it to sit on because I hate the sand on my bum lol. -Who is with me though?- We just dipped our feet in for a bit and it was lovely.

After spending some time at the hotel freshing up and doing some work I went to have dinner at a restaurant right around the corner. We had walked past it on our way to the tapas restaurant ont he day before and it looked so nice! Very instagrammable- Figured I might as well try out their food. The menu looked great too. It opened at 20.00 in the evening, which to me as a Dutch person is super late to have dinner but that’s okay. When I got there I was the first customer of the evening lol. This was actually pretty nice because I could take some pictures of the place. I ordered some pretty basic food though haha. There were a lot of lovely things on the menu but I didn’t want to have tapas or paella again, or anything with a lot of carbs to be honest. So I ended up ordering this roasted vegetable dish and even though it’s a super basic thing it was very delicious. Mostly because of the sauce that came with it, which was AMAZING. LaBarra is the name of the restaurant so if you’re ever in the area definitely go check it out. Wasn’t expensive at all as well!

Day 3: exploring on my own

This was the last day for me in Barcelona already unfortunately. I would have loved to have more time to explore the city, but I of course had to get back to work  eventually. I wish I had an online job/income, that would be so perfect. I’m working towards this you guys and I just quickly wanted to mention that I love all of my readers and all of your support! Drop a comment if you’re still reading this blogpost!

2018-09-17 047346802617580243024..jpg

I had to spend pretty much this entire day on my own because my friend had to do stuff for work. I really don’t mind exploring on my own though, I quite like it to be honest. So I started off with just a relaxing bath. I brought this bathbomb that I got at the beginning of this year when I was in Malaysia. If you want to read about my lovely experience with this country definitely go check out Travel diary: Malaysia day 1 or one of my other travel diaries from my time here, like Travel diary: Malaysia day 5.

I then went on a hunt for breakfast. When I typed in ‘breakfast’ – or something similar at least- in Google Maps it showed this place called Brunch & Cake just down the street basically. ‘What a lovely name’ I thought, and without any further research I just went there for breakfast. When I arrived I was positively surprised by the way it looked. It’s a super cute, super pretty, super instagrammable place. –Even their website is gorgeous and you also NEED to check out their Instagram feed because it’s PERFECT!- Because of this, and their incredible food or course, they are a very popular restaurant. Lot’s of young people come here and you should to! I ordered the ‘The brunch pancake’, which on the menu is described as ‘to-die-for oatmeal cookie pancake loaded with fruits, nuts and granola’. It actually was to die for! Soooooo good! And the way they present all of their dishes is gorgeous too. I also got a Banana&Cacao smoothie with skinny coconut milk, raw cocoa, almond butter, dates and vegan protein. This was good too. The portions were huge though and everything was very filling so I struggled to finish all of my food and the drink hahaha but I did.

2018-09-17 043059680946721830526..jpg

I walked into the city feeling like a stuffed Christmas Turkey – Also, Christmas is less than 100 days away! Yay!- so I was walking pretty slowly haha. I went to La Ramblas first and just checked out all of the stores along the way. I saw the square with the fountain and lots of gorgeous architecture. Barcelona is a really pretty, old city when it comes to architecture but it’s so hard to let that come through in pictures because of all of the modern stuff around the buildings. And because it’s just so incredibly busy.

2018-09-17 061417424060024910587..jpg

I didn’t really know where I was going to be honest but eventually I came across some kind of a art exhibition. Really small though and I think it was about the history of the city/country, focussing on the Santa Maria Del Mar Giants.

2018-09-17 096575758925890089756..jpg

I also stumbled upon a really nice kind of half-indoor market thingy. Don’t really know how to describe it but it was really nice and had many stalls where you could buy so many different kinds of food. And everything was presented very pretty. There were also places where you could quickly sit down and have some street food. I didn’t try any street food because I was still stuffed, but I did get a peach that I ate later that day. Everything here was pretty expensive unfortunately. I saw this chocolate stall where the chocolate was 77 euro per kilo! Can you imagine that! I wanted to get a few small chocolates so I did, and I ended up paying 12 euro for like a handfull of chocolates! And I ended up not even liking them 😦

Dinner was spent on my own too this day. I wanted to have tapas again so I walked down one of the main roads which I don’t know the name of but it has all of these cute terraces of different restaurants on it. It all looked really cute so I figured that’s where I should have my last dinner in Barcelona. The first few tapas restaurants didn’t have any table available but eventually I found one. When I looked at the menu though it was kind of disappointing, so I just ordered a salad and one tapas thingy. Both were terrible. Honestly. The salad dressing – read: extreme amount of oil- made me sick and the tapas was tastless. Only ate half of everything and then went to the supermarket to buy cookies and popcorn, which I ate that same night instead of dinner. Not very healthy, lol, sorry! The place is called Rovica, just make sure you don’t go there.

To make sure my time in Barcelona ended on a positive note we went out for a cocktail later that night. I dressed up for it and all haha it was really nice. We went to the bar of Boca Grande, which I believe is called Boca Chica and it’s quite a fancy place. We sat at the bar and watched the lady make all of the cocktails, which was fun.

So we definitely had a great night and the next morning I had to get up early again to get to the airport. I had ordered a taxi when getting back at the hotel after having the cocktails the night before but the taxi didn’t show up at the time it was supposed to. The lady at the reception told me he would be there 10 minutes late and eventually she told me he wasnt coming at all. It was pouring outside and she explained that when it rains everyone in Barcelona takes the taxi and so taxi drivers stop working with hotels. How rude is that? Can you imagine? I was quite pissed about that but I ended up being at the airport on time. The flight was even delayed 3 hours, which sucked a lot. But oh well, I got home safe in the end and that’s what counts right?

I really wish I didn’t have to leave Barcelona so soon. Especially since I don’t have any other vacations booked right now, so I don’t have anything to look forward to. Any suggestions? 🙂

Best part about this holiday: the great tapas and pretty architecture

Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets –

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