10 things you NEED to know before going to Kos, Greece

This has become a standard thing for me, to write a blogpost like this each time I get back from a holiday. I feel like it’s not just fun but also definitely usefull of course. – At least I hope so, lol – Every time I go somewhere, I always try and find information like this. Let’s hope you’re at least a little bit like me 🙂 So. I just got back from Kos a little while ago and therefore, here you guys go: 10 things you definitely need to know about Kos before going there!

Also, if you want to know what I did in Kos, check out these blogposts: Travel diary, day 1 and 2 in Kos: exploring & cocktails! and Travel diary, day 3 in Kos: three islands & a gorgeous sunrise!

My cousin booked her and I a holiday to Kos city not too long ago. We stayed in Kos for less than a week, but definitely made the most of it. We had a lot of fun exploring the island and the culture as well. A couple of things I definitely noticed while there. Some stranger than others, but al definitely different than what I’m used to at home.

  1. They don’t use any/much salt when cooking
  2. Traffic rules are pretty unclear
  3. The airport there is horrible
  4. It’s probably not as cheap as you think
  5. It’s not all white and blue
  6. They sell some Dutch food in some of the supermarkets
  7. Fashion trends in Kos are a couple years behind
  8. Definitely try the fresh orange juice!
  9. You are not allowed to flush ANYTHING that your body did not produce down the toilet
  10. Don’t drink the water from the tap

Well, that was the short version. If you’re in a hurry or don’t want to read the full article, you can just stop here. However, if you’re interested in more in-deapth information, keep on reading!

They don’t use much or any salt when cooking

Which is why most of the food tastes kind of bland. We have been to just two restaurants that served us excellent food to be honest. The rest was just meh. The restaurants themselves did look really nice, but don’t let that fool you. We discovered that the way the place looks has nothing to do with the quality of the food they serve in Kos. In some countries the food is better when the place looks more fancy, but not here.


The two restaurants that served us good food were Ciao, where we both had a sandwich for lunch, and G-plaza where we had dinner. Gnocci, a Greek salad and tortellini to be exact. Especially the pasta was nice. We also had a dessert here, but that wasn’t too tasty.

Places that don’t sell lunch or dinner, but just one kind of food like ice cream, are usually good quality. Like Beetle Ice Cream Rolls.

Traffic rules are pretty unclear

At least that’s what we thought. We rented bikes the first three days we were in Kos and used them to cycle around Kos City all the time. Nobody explained us the rules of traffic in the city though before we got on our bikes so we just hopped on. Along the way though, things became less clear by the meter haha. The only road signs that are there, are those that tell you you can’t go left or right because that’s a one way street. And then sometimes on the road itself they’ve painted the word ‘STOP’. But that’s about it when it comes to signs so you kind of have to wing it.

2018-09-03 055177507906826215772..jpg

There are rules of course, and the people of Kos know about them. However, nobody actually sticks by them lol. Which is another reason why you just need to wing it and be really careful when driving or cycling through Kos. That’s what everybody does. A lot of accidents happen each year. For example: the main road on Kos has a speed limit of 60 km per hour. There’s a lot of people though that drive either a lot slower or a lot faster.

The airport at Kos is horrible

And I’m not exaggerating at all. We got there perfectly in time for our flight home and had to wait OUTSIDE of the airport in a line because the airport itself was so tiny that the whole line for check in could not fit inside. Oh my god. There were actually three other lines waiting outside as well. It took so long before we could finally get inside and stand in line there. We checked in, they weighed our bags and then we had to go stand in ANOTHER line because that is where we had to hand over our luggage that we were not taking with us in the plane. Then we had to go stand in a FOURTH line for the security check. Which wasn’t a very good check at all, no big deal.

After that we entered the waiting area/shopping area/standing in line for boarding area. Honestly, that one small area was all in one and was a complete chaos. There were waaaaaay more people inside than the small airport could handle. Finding a place to even sit was a challenge because there were so few chairs. Eventually we had to stand in line again for boarding, which took FOREVER and this was the reason our flight left 45 minutes late. The delay during boarding, just because the employees were so incredibly slow, was the only reason we could not leave on time. Can you believe that?

They are reconstructing the airport though so let’s hope they don’t just make it bigger, but also more efficient and comfortable. And let’s hope they train their employees better.

It’s probably not as cheap as you think

Greece has been in a crisis since not too long ago, everybody knows that. They still have not fully recovered from that, so the place is definitely not expensive. However, it’s also not as cheap as you might think. I’m talking about the touristy areas of course. Most things are about the same price as they would be here in The Netherlands. Things like renting a quad or going on a boatride for example. Food however, is a lot cheaper most of the time. Cocktails? Not so much. Souvenirs? Depends on what you buy. I buy these fridge magnets in every country I go to, and here in Kos they were definitely cheap. So that’s what I base my opinion on. There are however also a lot of specialty stores that sell more expensive stuff. And finally, acommodation: cheap.

If you can zoom in a lot on the picture below and have great eyes you might be able to read the prices haha.


It’s not all white and blue

Before I arrived in Kos I thought the city was going to be all white with blue roofs, like you always see in all of the pretty pictures on the internet. However, those pictures are not pictures of Kos, but of other parts of Greece haha. Kos is not like that. There are some white and blue buildings of course, but most of it is different. It’s actually quite diverse there.

They sell some Dutch food in soms of the supermarkets

The first supermarket we went to was just the closest one to our appartment and it happened to be one where they sold some Dutch items. Like Dutch peanutbutter and granola. We really did not expect this! This stuff is quite expensive though because they obviously have to import it and all. But, if you really want to have a touch of home with you during your holiday here, Calvé peanutbutter is the way to go!

Fashion trends in Kos are a couple years behind

I guess this actually makes a lot of sense, but I really didn’t think about this beforehand. Fashion in Kos is really old. There are trends going on that we had a couple of years ago and are completely over already. This isn’t really a bad thing of course, exept for when you want to go shopping. You’ll probably have a hard time finding something you really love.

Definitely try the fresh orange juice

Because it’s actually always freshly squized! I was so happy when I found out about this because I LOVE orange juice but here in The Netherlands restaurants often sell ‘fresh orange juice’ that isn’t actually fresh. It still comes from a package. Which sucks a lot. Here in Kos however, they always freshly squize it! And it’s always delicious. Maybe just ask for no icecubes in your juice. I personally didn’t like that because it waters down the juice and the water doesn’t taste good.

Also, while we are talking about drinks: don’t order milkshake. Unless you like your milkshake to just be regular milk with a special taste, like banana. Their milkshakes are nothing like the ones we are used to from MacDonalds for example. They are not even cold!

2018-09-01 10333251135185596888..jpg

You are not allowed to flush ANYTHING that your body did not produce down the toilet

Of course we all know that you cant just flush stuf down the toilet. Like tampons and such. That’s a no no pretty much anywhere in the world for obvious reasons. The same goes for Kos: you cant flush anything down the toilet. And by anything I litereally mean anything! At least anything your body did not produce. This means you can’t even flush the toiletpaper! You have to put it in the trashcan. This was just so incredibly weird to us when we found out about it, and also it’s just disgusting. Public toilets often smell because of this. We asked a local why we couldn’t flush toilet paper and he told us it’s because the pipes on the entire island are just too small. Flushing anything, even just toilet paper, will clogg them up. So if you go to Kos, I guess you have to choose what you’d rather have: a clogged toilet or a trashcan that might smell. Lucklily ours got changed every day and yours probably will too.

Don’t drink the water from the tap

This last one is just so obvious, but I’m still mentioning it anyway because it is quite important. In Kos you cannot drink the water from the tap. It contains a lot of chlorine I believe and not only does it taste horrible, it will also make you sick if you drink enough of it. So please just don’t. Bottled water isn’t expensive at all.

Now that’s it guys, that’s the 10 things you need to know about Greece before going there. There could be more, but those are just too obvious. Like that they use the Euro in Greece and have European wall plugs. You guys all know that right. I hope you enjoyed reading this! Let me know if it helped you in any way and also let me know if you’ve been to Kos! Tag me on instagram in your pictures of Kos: @alovingladytravels 🙂 I’d love to see your pictures.

2 thoughts on “10 things you NEED to know before going to Kos, Greece

    • Kos is zeker heel erg mooi! Voor veel jonge mensen is het tegenwoordig een beetje een plek voor een zuipvakantie, maar het is zo veel meer dan dat! En ja, ik houd het graag echt, fijn dat je dat waardeert! 🙂


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