Day 5 and 6 in Kos: visiting Turkey and going home!

This is our final full day in Kos, and it’s so sad that our holiday is almost over! Time goes by so quickly but I’m super glad that we were able to make the most of every single minute we had/have on this island. We had a lot of fun today as well!

Yesterday we bought tickets for the boat to Bodrum, as you’ve probably read in my previous Kos travel diary. If not, what are you doing you’re definitely missing out!  Today we had to get on the boat. We had to be there at 9 in the morning because of the passport controll and all. We thought we had to have a passport in order to go to Turkey. That’s what friends of mine that went there told me anyways and it also says so on the internet. However, because we are from The Netherlands we were able to get in with just our ID cards. Super weird. And also annoying because my cousin bought a passport just to go to Turkey and ended up not needing it…

2018-09-04 128395674984640538351..jpg

We didn’t let it ruin our day obviously and definitely enjoyed ourselves. It’s so funny that Turkey is actually so different from Kos, even though Kos and Bodrum are only a one hour boatride apart. I mean, yes it’s a different country and all, but the differences in culture and all still always amaze me. The funny thing is, there were almost more white buildings with blue roofs in Bodrum than we had seen in Kos haha.

2018-09-03 101512460234431110330..jpg

We just walked through the city center where all of the shops were. The annoying thing about Turkey is that every shop owner tries to talk you into their store so they start talking to you and won’t stop until after you’re actually out of reach. Even if you’ve made it clear you’re not interested. SUPER annoying. And if you do go into a shop, the people that work there will follow you around and try to sell you even more stuff after you’ve picket out one item. Also annoying. And finally: they will try and rip you off so always offer them a lot less than they are asking for a bag or shoes or whatever it is that you are buying.

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Most of the shops there were fake disigner stores. It’s fun if you can’t afford to buy actual disigner items, like me. So I got a small fake Chloé bag and I love it. I’m sure I payed too much for it though haha but that’s okay. I also got some Turkish sweets. I don’t even know what they are called but they are very sweet and delicous. I got a few different kinds and am still enjoying them now because I took them home. I plan on bringing them to my friends though because I am never going to be able to finish all of it on my own soon haha. And I like sharing things from my travels with other people. At the market I bought two vigs and a nectarine. It was actually my first time ever trying vigs and they were so good! Straight from Turkey of course so they were super fresh and juicy. Had to buy some.

2018-09-03 102474045861239809923..jpg

We of course had lunch in Bodrum. We chose a nice looking restaurant for this. I wish we had picked a different place though because the staff here didn’t speak English at all. AT ALL. This made ordering super difficult. I just pointed at one of the waffles on the text menu, not knowing what I was going to get but I didn’t really care. My cousin however, wanted to have a waffle without ice cream, without chocolate but with banana. So she asked what the words on the menu meant. The waiter could not explain. Omg. So she pointed out a picture. She wanted the exact waffle on the picture. You’d think they’d understand, but no. They gave her just a waffle and half a banana on either side. That’s it. Who does that? Obviously she sent it back and after some more discussing about the picture she eventually got one with sliced banana, sliced strawberry and strawberry souce. Nothing like on the picture. Which got us thinking they probably took some pictures off of the internet. They don’t actually sell the stuff that’s in the pictures. Why would a restaurant do that? So stupid. Anyways, the waffle was okay but we’re not going there again.

2018-09-03 103786464777481905181..jpg

At the end of our day in Bodrum we decided to chill for a bit out on the terrace of a restaurant. We both just ordered a drink: a milkshake for my cousin and a lavender lemonade for me. Both looked super pretty. She didn’t finish hers though because the milkshakes in Greece and Turkey are completely different from the ones we’re used to and are not delicious at all unfortunately. The view was gorgeous though, my drink was good and the staff was really nice. They actually spoke English pretty well too.

After our boatride back to Kos we chilled in the pool of our appartment complex for a bit, put on some clothes and went to have dinner. Our last dinner in Kos! So sad! We had it at this great looking restaurant with a great looking menu. H2o it’s called. We both ordered the mushroom risotto and got super excite for it because that’s something we both love. However, again, the food wasn’t too good. I don’t know what the thing is with Greek food, but most of it just isn’t very tasty. They don’t use salt at all it seems but also risotto is supposed to be creamy, which it wasn’t, and also it wasn’t cooked right. So that sucked. The view was nice though, so at least that’s something.

We went to a tiny bakery just next to the restaurant after dinner. We wanted to grab some nice snacks for the evening as well as breakfast/brunch for the next day. You guys, this is the cutest place ever! It’s super tiny so there is barely any room to walk around but they sell a great varity of stuff. They’ve got ice cream, chocolates, cakes, pastries, bread, doughnuts… all of the deliciousness. We ended up buying some chocolates to share that evening and I also bought a donut filled with Kinder chocolate, a huge cookie and two tiny like churro’s looking things but those were not so good. They were basically just sugar. Nothing else. But the rest was very delicious!

Because we had to get up quite early the next morning we just chilled the rest of the evening. The bus came to pick us up at 8.20 in the morning to bring us to the airport. Time to go home! We were sad to leave of course. It’s always sad to leave a fun time behind. But on the other hand, I can now start looking forward to my next travels! 🙂

Let me know in the comments if there is any place you recommend me to go. Especially if it’s not a very touristy place.

Best part of today: exploring Turkey obviously. The bakery comes in second haha.


– Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world. –

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