Day 3 in Kos: three islands & a gorgeous sunrise!

Today was a very very long day, but it was so completely worth it! Everything was perfect!

The day started with a boatride. The boat left the harbour at 10 in the morning. It was already sunny and extremely hot at this point so I was sweating like crazy haha. We had these perfect spots on the deck though. They placed matrasses all over so that people could lay down in the sun. I totally got sunburnt from this haha.

The boat went to three different islands near Kos. I’ve forgotten the name of all of them, but I googled them for you: Kalymnos, Plati and Pserimos. In that order. Kalymnos is known for their sponges. You know, the actual natural sponges that you find in the sea. They are also known for their freshly squeezed orange juice, which you can buy at two different stalls right after arriving at the island. Obviously we bought this and a watermelon juice as well. At another stall a little further on we also bought some Greek doughnuts. Half with chocolate and half with sugar and cinnamon. They were so good! And so cheap too: just 3 euro for one plate of doughnuts and 2 euro for one juice.

After exploring this island we had lunch on the boat and went to the second island. Along the way we saw dolphins! It was amazing! We’d never seen wild dolphins! It was a mommy and her baby and it was incredible to see them, even though we only saw their backs once in a while. No show or anything of course because of the baby. The second island, Plati, is an island where only two people live, or maybe even none anymore. I’m not quite sure. The guy from the boat told us a romantic story about the island and the one single house that was built on it but I can’t remember unfortunately. This is where we stopped to have a swim in the perfect clear turkoise water.


After the swim we went to sail to the third island: Pserimos island. This is where we stopped for the longest. There was a nice beach and lots of restaurants/shops. We just walked to the other side of the beach and back and had an icecream along the way haha. We also bought a couple souvenirs and back on the boat I bought a can of ice tea. Not a good idea. – Not a good idea at all. – As soon as I had my first sip there were wasps all over me. Not the wasps we’ve got in The Netherlands though, nooooo, these are 3 times bigger and have bright orange bodies with long ass legs. They are super scary and there were so many of them! I quickly drank all of it and ran inside to throw the can away lol. We returned to Kos arond 17.30.

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We quickly cycled back to the appartment to have a shower and get dressed again to go out for dinner. Before the shower though, we chilled in the pool for a while, took a lot of pictures. Eventually it was 21.00 when we stepped out to go find a restaurant. We ended up at this place called G-plaza. My cousin was secretly kind of flirting with the guy that worked there and got us to go there haha. The food was great though! We shared gnocci as a starter, she had a perfectly made pasta as a main and I had a Greek salad and I mean you can’t fuck that up right haha so that was good too. We shared a dessert as well, oreo cake with cookies and cream icecream. The cake though had such a weird taste… we didn’t finish it.

We left the restaurant at 23.30 to go back to the appartment, have a quick nap and get ready again. The nap didn’t work for me at all so I just stayed up and wrote for a bit. The reason we didn’t just go to sleep, like a proper night’s sleep, is because we decided to accept the offer of the waiter working at Omega Skybar. Remember in the previous travel diary of Kos where I told you he offered to take us to therma? Well, we texted him that we wanted to accept his offer. So that’s what we did in the evening. We went to Omega Skybar ar around 1.30 in the middle of the night to have a drink first and then once Angelo, that’s his name, got off of work we all left to therma. He took a friend with him as well.

2018-08-31 106788748848702372446..jpg

The drive there was a bit scary haha, you have to go through the mountains and the road isn’t paved and it’s quite steep. I’m glad I wasn’t the one driving! We got there savely of course though. I’s a magical place, the therma. It’s a natural hot spring where the water is heated by the vulcano close to it. The silver does produce a really weird smell, like eggs that are a little bit rotten or something. This made me pretty nauseous unfortunately. We mostly just chilled on the rocks in the water where it was hot but there was also cold water coming in from the sea so it wasn’t too hot. And when I say hot I mean boiling hot, honestly! If you’ve never been to anything like this, like us, you don’t really know what to expect. You’re like yeah were gonne go somewhere where the water is hot but then you get there and you are completely overwhelmed. The fact that we got there in the middle of the night, it was pichblack out and you could see the moon and all the stars so clearly definitely helped produce this overwelming, surreal feeling. I felt like I was on a different planet. Looking up at the sky was such a beautiful sight and the experience itself was amazing. I’m so glad we did this. We would not have done this on our own. Also, if you ever want to go there: go by night like we did. It’s a public place so you can go whenever you want, but during the day it’s not only crowded, it’s also super hot already. So you’re sweating from the heat from the sun and then you get into the heat of the water…. not a good idea.


When the sun started to come around again we got out of the water, drove up a mountain and stopped at this beautiful look out point to watch the sun come up. I have not seen many sunrises in my life and the ones I did see I didn’t pay as much attention to. This sunrise though, was not just any sunrise. It was an island sunrise and we were looking at it from high up a mountain, looking out over the sea and the other islands. There was a boat that sailed right in front of the sunrise. The colors slowly started to appear and there is no way to describe what it looked like. Just absolutely magical. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it. I was so fortunate to have this experience with the therma and the sunrise. I took some pictures of this sunrise, but honestly they don’t do it justice. You’ll have to go and see it for yourself.


When the sun was completely up in the sky and Kos itself started to wake up too, we went into town to grab some breakfast. Well, the boys got us breakfast. They drove us to a nice bakery where they had sweet and savoury things. We all ordered some kind of Greek breakfast ‘pie’ but they didn’t have mine yet so I got the same thing just smaller so I had a few. Definitely delicious! An then we went on with the rest of our day without any sleep at all.

And that’s it for today guys, what we did the rest of this day after breakfast I’ll tell you in my next travel diary. As well as all of the other things we did during the rest of the vacation of course, so stay tuned!

Best part of today: Therma and the sunrise. If I had to choose it would be the sunrise.

If you liked this blogpost, check out the Youtube video that goes along with it!


– The light of morning decomposes everything –



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