Day 1 and 2 in Kos: exploring & cocktails!

Here I am, in Kos, Greece. – At least I am while writing this blogpost, when you’re reading this I’m back home already. – I’m having so much fun and we’re doing so much things that I didn’t even have time to write this blogpost, which is why it’s late. It should have went life on Saturday, I’m sorry. I’ll tell you exactly what we did though, hope that makes you feel better!

Day one

We arrived at the airport of Schiphol at 13.00, right on time for our flight to Kos, which was scheduled to leave at 16.00. The line for checking in was terribly long! We made it through that and security without any problems though and also without taking too long.

After the flight, a bus took us to our appartment building, which was al super easy and well taken care off by Sunweb. Immidiately after checking in to our room we went searching for food. So we went to the nearest supermarket and got a whole lot. For breakfast and lunch mostly. Quite expensive stuff, we did not expect that. To be fair, we were buying typical Dutch foods like Calvé peanutbutter. So yeah it makes sense that it was more expensive since they of course have to import it haha.

Day two

Okay so this is the first day we actually went to do stuff. We arrived in Kos in the evening, so this morning was the first time we were actually able to SEE Kos, haha. It was really nice. It’s a beautiful place and we’ve got a gorgeous view over the sea from our balcony.

We woke up bright and early (7 in the morning) because of the church bells or something. So happy about those not-. We got ready and went to a place called Moto Holidays to pick up our bikes, which we were renting for three days. This was part of the Sunweb package that we booked, so we didn’t have to pay extra for it. It’s a nice shop with a nice girl working there. The bikes were fine, and they have a couple other things for rent too, like quads. Our rental bikes though, are the perfect mode of transportation, let me tell you! It’s so easy to get everywhere! – Unless it’s around 17.00/18.00 and youre cycling through the port while all of the ships just returned and are ‘unloading’ all of their passengers, that for some reason always walk on the bike lane instead of on the sidewalk. –  You just have to be careful and get used to the Greek way of driving lol. There were a lot of times already where we were very unsure of the rules. You kind of have to wing it.

On the way back we stopped for some more groceries, some souvenirs and a beach towel for me because I forgot to bring one lol. – I could have gone without buying one actually, I haven’t even used it that much. But it’s really pretty! – I got a white, round one with frills on the end and flamingos on it. 🙂

We dropped of the things we had bought and then cycled through Kos city for a bit. We saw some ruins of places that used to be important for playing sports. One of which was the Odeum, wich was constructed in the 2nd century. There wasn’t much left to see thouch haha so we got done there quickly. We also saw the Hippocrates tree and went into the old town of Kos, which was very pretty. This area is mostly just lovely souvenir shops, some more fancy than others, and pretty places to eat. Typical Greek in the way it looks. Not with white walls and blue roofs on every building though, which is what I expected before we arrived in Kos to be honest. Boy was I wrong haha, Kos is way more diverse than that. There are pretty white buildings though, and a few of them even have blue roofs. But most buildings are not like that.


The old Town of Kos is also where we ended up having lunch at this place called Ciao Cafe bistro. Great service, delicious food. We both had a sandwich. Nice location too. They don’t have a website, but this is them on TripAdvisor. This lunch is when I first realized that Greek people put oil in basically every dish. And lots of it too lol.

We walked around for a bit more after lunch, had ice cream rolls at this place called Beetle icecream rolls. These rolls were so delicious and it’s so much fun to watch the guy make your ice cream basically from scratch! You can choose between vanilla or chocolate icecream and you can pick your own ‘toppings’. As many as you’d like! You can just create your own flavour of ice cream, amazing! I had vanilla with strawberry and oreo and it was delish.

Right next to this icecream shop there’s a fish spa. You know, a place where you put your bare feet in these aquariums with fish and they basically start eating you alive. Lol, not really. They just eat off the dead skin. It was super cheap, only 5 euros for 15 minutes! If you’re really tickelish though, you might want to skip this one haha.

After that we cycled back to our appartment and got ready for the boatride in the evening. We booked this sunset boatride on a boat with a glass bottom in advance. – The Nemo Glass Bottom Boat is what it’s called. – On the internet, right from home. Super convenient. Too bad though that when we got to the boat at the time they told us to be there, they told us the boat wasn’t going because the 4 people that wanted to be on it, were not enough to make it worthwhile for them. This does make sense, but they told us this only when we got to the boat, after we had been having contact with the owner the entire day about the details and stuff and he didn’t mention it. If they would have told us earlier we would have completely changed our schedule for the entire day, so that sucked, but we had a great evening nonetheless. We are getting our money back by the way, so they solved it nicely. I hope they transfer it quickly!

So I personally would not recommend booking this boatride at all, however, there is no other company offering the same kind of service so if you really want to book it I recommend booking when you’re in Kos instead of in advance. That way you can ask the staff what evening they are guaranteed to sail and book tickets for that evening too.

Because we were supposed to go on this sunset ride with the boat and that was not going to happen, one of the employees recommended this sky lounge to us, which he said was great for enjoying the sunset. We ended up going there. It is a great place, definitely! Just not for enjoying the sunset hahaha. The sun sets behind the buildings, so you can’t really see from here. It’s called the Omega Skybar and they serve great, but expensive, cocktails, the place is pretty and the staff ia super nice. Don’t go here for dancing though, it’s a lounge place.

One of the guys working there actually started a whole conversation with us and ended up recommending us lots of things to do. He even offered to take us to the therma, the natural hot spring on the island basically. Which was super nice! We had a fun time here and after two drinks each we went to a restaurant for dinner. It was half past 9 in the evening at this point lol super late for dinner haha. But in hot countries like Greece that’s not too strange actually, to have dinner late. We went to a perfect, typical Greek looking place in the old town of Kos. They served Greek food and it was good food too. The name of the place is Zorba’s family taverna.

As you can tell by the name, it’s a family restaurant. Grandma bakes cakes for dessert every day they told us, so it’s a different one each day too. We wanted to try the cake but unfortunately grandma wasn’t able to make a cake that day because some nephew had an important show or something haha so funny. That’s the downside of family restaurants I guess lol. We’ll have to come back for her cake some other time.

I tried the vegetarian moussaka, because how can you not while you’re in Greece right? Not really my thing though. After eating about half of it I kinda lost my appetite. Not because the food wasn’t good, but just because it was so much of the same flavour. We also had tzatziki with pitabread as a starter – also because how can you not have that when you’re in Greece – and it was yummy!

After dinner we just went back to the appartment and went to sleep. That’s all we did for the first two days of this journey. There is lots more fun to come though! Renting a quad for example, so stay tuned! 🙂

Best part of these days: having a nice conversation with the local waiter while sipping on some cocktails

If you liked this blogpost, check out the Youtube video that goes along with it!


– Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, dink the wild air –

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