My surprise vacation to Greece

Yep, I’m traveling again you guys! I’m so excited! This time I’m going to Greece, Kos to be exact. My cousin is coming with me and you know what, this time she is the one that did all of the research and booked everything! I basically had nothing to do with it except for being like ‘I like this place better than that place’ every now and then. I am usually the one to do all of this, but this was fun too! It’s pretty much a surprise vacation to Greece for me. I do know the activities we booked, but I can’t even really remember the place we’re staying in haha.


My cousin invited me to go on a vacation with her and obviously I can’t say no to somone asking me to come traveling with them. Honestly, how could I say no to that? So then we of course had to plan the dates. At this point I didn’t have a job yet so I could go whenever I wanted, but she not only had a job, she also had to still go to school. Eventually we figured out that the end of August would work best for her. 29th of August till the 6th of September actually.
She wanted to go to Greece, which was great because I’ve never been there before! You know I’m all about exploring places I’ve never been before. Then she send me a list of places we could go and everything that we could do while there. All of those Greek islands have such difficult names though lol. And there is sooo much to see and do to! Amazing. We narrowed it down to the two we liked most and then she started searching for a good deal. She wanted to book the whole package at once, you know, the flights, transfers and hotel all in one. She used for that. I don’t know why she used that site in particular but I don’t mind.


It wasn’t expensive at all, the thing she eventually booked. She found a trip to Kos City, capital of Kos or course, from the 30th of August till the 4th of September for only 412 euro a person. This includes the use of bikes for three days and a studio apppartment looking out over the sea. I had to look most of that up because apart from the bikes and dates I had forgotten everything lol.


Of course we also had to book some fun activities. We booked two in advance: a boatride that pretty much takes all day and will take you to three islands next to Kos, and a boatride during sunset in a boat with a glass bottom. Such romance! Haha. We also plan on visiting Turky and renting quads for a day. I’d also love to rent some jetski’s for a couple hours, but I don’t know if we’ve got enough time to do all of that. I’m so excited though! It’s going to be so much fun!
Have you ever been to Greece or Kos? Please let me know what food we should definitely try and what places I should definitely see! xox

4 thoughts on “My surprise vacation to Greece

  1. Vorige zomer ben ik twee weken naar Kos geweest, we hadden een hotel in kos stad.
    Een dagje turkije is heel erg leuk en goedkoop. Ook de stad van kos is heel leuk en gezellig + lekker eten hihi. Wat helemala top is, is dat als je richting het strand loopt je allemaal eet tentjes hebt zo kun je eten aan het strand. Dat is echt super!
    Veel plezier!
    Yousra Yasmine

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    • Bedankt voor je berichtje! Super leuk om te horen. Wij zitten inderdaad ook in kos stad. Turkije staat op de planning en die eet tentjes aan het strand gaan we zeker uitproberen heel erg bedankt voor de tip! 😊


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