Food tour through Osaka, Japan

We ate a lot while in Tokyo and we did exactly the same in Osaka. There’s one thing expecially that Osaka is pretty famous for that we just HAD to try. Well its two things but one of them my sister refused to try because it had octopus in it, lol. Let me take you on a food tour through this city!

Day one

The very first thing we ate in this city was breakfast at the Osaka station. Where we arrived incredibly early, as you’ve probably read in my Osaka travel diary already. If not, this Travel diary: day one and two in Osaka, Japan is the link. We had bought our breakfast the day before at a super cute bakery in the food basement of Tokyo station. They were small pieces of bread, filled with nuts. I think hers had pistache and I honestly don’t know what kind of nuts were in mine. Delicious though! Very different from the rice breakfast I usually had as well. We then went on to have second breakfast a few hours later. This time I did have rice again haha. Not very exciting.



Lunch was more exciting! We went to Dotonbori for this. Dotonbori is basically thé street in Osaka you need to go to if you’re looking for good food. It’s got tons of restaurants. It’s also quite clear what they are serving before you even enter the restaurant or look at their menu. Lots of restaurants have there huge animals hanging right above their entrance. Like a huge octopus, crab or blowfish. It’s incredible to see and also makes it easy to find exactly the kind of food you’re looking for.

Also check out my food tour through Taito and post about food in Shinjuku

We first had a super duper delicious cherry flavoured ice cream cone. Honestly the best thing ever! They need to invent that kind of stuff here in The Netherlands. We got it at an adorable, completely pink store that had just opened. It’s called Dotonbori crêpe. They had a discount of 100 yen going on because of this, which made the ice cream 380 yen I believe. They were also selling some other delicious things, like drinks. I definitely recommend this place! This is their Instagram account

After this we shared a small smoothie/juice that was good too, just not very special. This place was called Taro’s Parlor and it’s a take-away place, not actually a restaurant. We were finally getting in some vitamins again haha! Fruit is just so expensive in Japan, which is why we barely bought any.



For dinner we also stayed in Dotonbori and had some okonomiyaki. THE thing we had to try while in Osaka. This is what the city is famous for, along with the takoyaki, which is octopus balls. Okonomeyaki is a sort of savory pancake, very thick, made of batter filled with vegetables and meat or fish or something else of your choice. There’s a lot of different options. The whole thing is baked in the kitchen and then transferred to the baking tray in the middle of your table to keep it hot while you eat it. At least, that’s how they did it at the restaurant we went to. I’ve heard that there’s also a place where you get the batter and have to actually bake it yourself. That sounds like fun too! There’s sauce on it as well: takoyaki sauce and some kind of mayonaise, but you can add more if you want to. You can also add spices if you want. All of this might make it sounds like it’s not that much but honestly, it completely filled us up. And is was delicous! Especially with some extra sauce 🙂 I definitely recommend you try okonomiyaki if you’re even in Osaka, or elsewhere in Japan! It’s unlike you’ve ever had. For some reason I did forget to take a picture of this, I’m so sad and so sorry!

Day two

Breakfast was just the usual boring rice triangle thingies. I’m bummed I didn’t take a picture of these! We then had lunch at the restaurant ‘Konamon bar Rikyu’, in the building next to the Osaka castle. They’ve got an instagram page that you can check out if you want: Konakon bar Rikyu




My sister ordered some fries at the konamon bar Rikyu and I had some tiny okonomiyaki because I really liked it the day before 🙂 It was delicious again. Pretty easy lunch and it also wasn’t that much food.
We had second lunch at the Gudetama Café, located at the top floor of Hep5. If you don’t know what Gudetama is, I don’t blame you because it’s the weirdest thing ever lol. It’s a cartoon character and it’s an egg. Literally, an egg. Raw, cooked, boiled, made into noodles, any kind of egg you can think of. And he can talk. I think Gudetama has got his own tv show that basically just consists of short scetches that are supposed to be funny. And you know what? He’s got a butt! An actual butt hahaha. So weird. Anyways, my sister really wanted to go here and so of course we did. We shared some waffles with ice cream that were really expensive and for the most part just pretty basic. They did make the food look super cute though! Their website and Instagram are so funny too lol. Conclusion: if you’re a fan of Gudetama, definitely go here. Otherwise, don’t. Too expensive, the food’s not the best for the price you pay. Their drinks do come in funny bottles you get to take home though!


We chose a Korean restaurant (also in Hep5) to have dinner at. I just figured out it’s called Gourmet Kineya. Definitely a good choise! The choise I made concerning my meal might not have been the most clever though lol. I chose a mildly spicy dish, thinking I’d easily be able to handle the spice. However, mildly spicy is a different thing to Koreans than it is to Europeans I guess because that was more than just mild haha. Very delicious though. It was kind of a soup with extremely soft tofu and vegetables in it. I thought there would also be noodles in it but unfortunately not. My sister ordered a very basic egg dish. The restaurant has got an Instagram account too, but there is nothing on it haha.

After this meal we went for dessert at the ice cream shop at the same floor of Hep5. I don’t really know what it’s called because their logo is kind of strange, as you’ll see in the picture below. It does say ‘yogurt & smoothies’ though. They serve more than just yogurt and smoothies. You can order ice cream cones to take away, there’s some kind of pizzas you can have and different desserts. We shared a sundae with chocolate ice cream, strawberry ice cream, soft serve ice cream, some strawberry, chocolata sauce, sprinkles, cornflakes and cookies. Definitely delicious! Apart from the choclate ice cream and chocolate sauce, but that’s just because I personally don’t like that kind of chocolate stuff.



Day three

The next day we spent at Universal Studios Japan! So exciting! Read my Osaka travel diaries if you want to know what it was like: Travel diary: day three and four in Osaka, Japan! We had lunch in the Terminator area of the park. Shared sort of a curry dish that had a boiled egg in the middle. Very random haha. There was rice with it too. Not very delicious. We shared it because it was so expensive, but it wasn’t really enough for the both of us. We also had sushi at a conveyor belt sushi place near Osaka station but that wasn’t too great.


Day four


This day is a bit more intresting when it comes to food. Hep5 was our food-destination again, we just could not stay away from this place! Lol. We went to this restaurant that served egg-on-rice dishes. We wanted to just share one dish because this was our last day in Japan and we had to spend the last bit of money that we had but also we didn’t want to spend more than that of course. So we were on a very strict budget. Unfortunately, when ordering, the waitress told us that since we were with two people we had to order two dishes. Well, she tried to tell us but her English was terrible so she ended up using this piece of paper that had the translation of it on it lol. We ended up ordering egg-on-rice with apparently some kind of fishy stuff in it and some soup as well. We think if might have been corn soup, but we’re definitely not sure. It was good though! The fishy egg and rice dish however was a bit weird because of the fishyness. All in all, I don’t really recommend this place. We’ve had a better egg-on-rice dish before.



While wandering around Osaka, trying to find something to do, or something that was worth spending our last money on, we stumbled across an arcade that had a food truck inside of it. Momi&Toy’s it’s called. Check out their Instagram account if you want to know what they are selling. I just ordered the cookie and vanilla ice cream and my sister had a crêpe and some juice with weird tapioca balls that seemed to be very popular in Japan but really those balls weren’t tasty at all and they didn’t add anything to the drink apart from the fact that they looked funny. With this food truck you also had to order at the machine in advance. Because of this my sister accidentally ordered the wrong drink lol, but it was still one with the tapioca balls so it was okay.



For dinner we had ramen at the same ramen restaurant as the one we went to in Shinjuku. Ichiran, I think that’s what it’s called. Anyways, they have the best ramen! You have to order yourself at this machine that looks like a vending machine. You first put in the money, then select ramen or rice and out comes a ticket for your chosen food and your change as well. If you want extra toppings you need to throw in your money again and select the topping. After selecting everything you want you find a place to sit. You hand in all of your food tickets to the person on the other side of the hatch, along with a filled out form of how firm and spicy etc you want your food and after two minutes you receive your food. One of the best places we went to.


The end of our trip

Day four of this blogpost was our last full day in Osaka and in Japan. The next day we got up very early in order to catch our flight back home. This was everything we ate while in Osaka. If you want to know what delicious food we had in Tokyo, definitely check out this blogpost Food tour through Shinjuku, Tokyo and this one as well…………………..

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