Japan haul!

Even before we left to go to Japan we made sure we could take lots and lots of souvenirs back with us. Therefore we only packed the bare necessities. My suitcase was only filled for 1/3 haha. Still, I had brought everything I needed. You can check out my blogpost about packing for Japan here: Minimal packing for 11 days in Japan: what do you really need?

While in Japan, we did go shopping quite a lot. And even though we didn’t always buy stuff, our suitcases filled up quite quickly. Especially my sisters suitcase because I had won her a large stuffed animal at the arcade that was the size of her suitcase. She had to put it in a vacuüm bag in order to be able to take it home and it was hilarious! Anyways, we’re going to talk about what I took home with me 🙂 I’ll link all of the items I can find online for you as well! Hope you enjoy!

What I bought

I tried to buy things that were kind of typically Japanese and that I would not be able to find where I live, at least not that easily. Or just things that I thought were funny.

The first souvenir is not really something I bought, well, kind of because it still cost me money… It’s a stuffed animal that I won for myself at the arcade. A small Pichu, you know, the pokemon haha. I won this cutie the first try so I was proud of that. At the machine next to me were standing two little girls and their father that had obviously been trying very long to win something and they hadn’t managed to so they looked at me kind of pissed when I won mine at the first try hahaha. Sorry!

The same day as when I won the stuffed animal we also went to Daiso, the Japanese dollarstore basically. Most things in there are 100 yen only.It’s a wonderful place where you can pretty much get anything you need, for cheap. They actually have an English website too, check it out!: Daiso Japan . This is where I picked up my first actual souvenirs: a bag full of face masks, a feet mask, blotting paper, green tea powder and something for in my hair to make a bun. Turns out that my hair is too thick and curly for that thing unfortunately haha. The feet mask was nice, nothing special but it did leave my feet soft. I haven’t tried the face masks yet. They are all compressed into these little packages and turns out you have to add your own oil, or whatever you want your facemask to be. Otherwise it’s just an empty sheet. I though I just had to add a bit of water, but oh well, it makes sense I should have thought that through. 



We went to Daiso a couple more times. Sometimes just to buy snacks, which I bought a lot of, not just at Daiso, but those were not really souvenirs so I won’t include the food in this blogpost. I also bought some eyelashes, a pretty, small bowl kind of thing with pink flowers on it and some souvenirs to gift my grandpa during one of those trips to Daiso. I’ve tried one pair of eyelashes so far and really like them.


In Dotonbori, Osaka, we went shopping too and visited the Forever 21 where there was a huge sale! This was amazing! We both ended up buying a couple of items. I got myself blue maxi dress with tiny white dots. Its’s one of those dresses that you wrap around and I’m completely in love with it! I also got two pink tops: one flowy, off the shoulder one and one tight cropped one with frilly sleeves. Oh and also three hair bows, one white with gold dots, one pink velvet and one pink with white dots. If you want to know what else we did in Dotonbori, check out this blogpost: Travel diary: day one and two in Osaka, Japan

Near Nakamise Street in Asakusa, Tokyo, I bought myself a new wallet with a cute, tiny dog on the front. I had been needing a new wallet for quite some time so this was the perfect time to buy one. In character street Tokyo Station I got myself a cute thing meant to put a card in. Like your subway card, which is what I did. I now have my OV card in it, which is what we use in The Netherlands to travel by train. The last thing I bought was a gorgeous golden hair pin kind of thing. You’ll see in the picture haha I don’t know what it is called. I haven’t tried it yet because I’m saving it for a special occasion.

If you want to know what else we did in Nakamise street, check out this blogpost: Travel diary: 3 days in Taito, Tokio





This was all that I bought in Japan that wasn’t food or gifts guys! Hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know what item that I got is your favorite 🙂 xox


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