Liebster award: get to know me!

Today is a very different blogpost from what I usually write about, but definitely just as fun! You’ll be getting to know some more about me because Marcelina from dm on the road (which is a Dutch blog that focuses on travel and livestyle) nominated me for the liebster award!

I had never heard of this before so you might also not have, but it sounds like a lot of fun! Marcelina gave me some questions that I’ll be answering in this blogpost. After that I’m going to think of eleven new questions and nominate a couple other people to do this tag. Fun right! Let’s get right into the questions!

#1 If you could travel to one destination for free, where would you go?

This is such a difficult question! I’d love to travel to every country in the world, but I think I’m gonna say America. Because it’s an expensive flight and expensive destination with the cost of living and entertainment and all being quite high. Compared to places like Bali at least. Going there for free means I get to spend my own money on traveling to cheaper destinations where I can get more bang for my buck 🙂

#2 What is your favorite food?

I don’t really have one specific dish that is my favorite, but I love basically everything that has vegetables in it and is healthy. I love Thai food, Lebanese food, Greek food, Japanese food…. I’m not a huge fan of Spanish and Italian food beause I’m not really into pasta and cheese and that stuff. I’m also not a huge fan of unhealthy stuff. If I had to pick one particular item as my favorite it would probably be strawberries. Or ice cream. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast!


#3 Would you rather never wear heels again or never wear sneakers again?

Never wear sneakers again. Because heels can be high, but very low as well. The low ones would be just as comfy as sneakers and I’d still be able to dress up fancy for parties. 🙂

#4 What is your favorite flavor of scented candles?

Well let me start off by saying that I don’t plan on eating my candles so the flavor doesn’t really matter hahahahaha. Marcelina used the wrong word to formulate this question lol. My favorite scent however, I’m not entirely sure about because I don’t usually have lots of scented candles in my home and if I do it’s usually the cheap ones that don’t really smell at all or they smell kind of bad anyways haha. I think if I had to pick a scent it would be something fresh and sort of sweet. Not as sweet as vanilla for example. Fruity ones I really like. I loooooove this diffuser from rituals, but can’t remember which scent it is 😦


#5 What would you change about your life?

Wow. Deep question. Hmmmm… I’d like to have my own company instead of working for someone else all the time. Trying to work on that! I’d also like to actually be in the position to start a family, but that’ll happen eventually. I hope.

#6 How many pairs of shoes do you have?

26 including the flip flops/slippers, 22 without. Not too bad eh?

#7 Are you happy with the house you’re living in?

Yes I am, for now at least. I’d like something a little more fancy with a little more room, more security, central heating and ventilation eventually. But for now this is just perfect. I’ve got all the space I need and I’m in love with how the sun shines through my windows. Oh by the way, if you’re wondering why I don’t have central heating, it’s because I’m living in an anti squatting building. I think that’s what you call it.

#8 Which quote suits you best?

I an one of those people that always screenshots quotes because I love them and can relate to them but the I never read them again haha. I feel like this one suits me though: ‘freedom is the oxygen of the soul’. I feel like it fits who I am and what I always try to do. I always try to achieve freedom, weather that is financial freedom, freedom to go where ever I want when I want or just the freedom to choose who I want to be in a relationship with. I strive for freedom without even thinking about it sometimes.

#9 How many languages do you speak?

Well obviously Dutch is my native language and I speak English pretty well. I’m also able to communicate in German quite okay. I speak a bit of French, know some sentences in Japanese so I can introduce myself and order food and stuff like that and I know a few words in Spanish lol.

#10 What is your favorite color?

It’s white, but since that is officially not a color I’d say pastel pink. I also love gold.

#11 What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Usually I just play whatever is on the radio. I mostly like uptempo beats, music that you can easily dance to and that gives you energy, makes you happy. I also love Kygo, Ludovici Einoudi and when I was younger I used to listen to hardstyle quite a lot haha.


I now nominate..

Okay so those were all the questions! I had lots of fun answering them for you and I hope you had fun reading them! Now the final part: I need to come up with new questions and nominate some other people. Here are the questions you need to answer if I nominate you:

  1. what achievement or yours (small or big) are you most proud of so far?
  2. what is your favorite childhood memory?
  3. what holiday you went on so far is your favorite and why?
  4. if you HAD to move to another country, where would you go and why?
  5. which of your senses would you lose if you had to choose one? Smell, touch, sight, taste or sound.
  6. would you rather never eat chocolate again or have to eat chocolate with every meal or snack?
  7. are you in any way shape or for spiritual?
  8. what do you do to relax?
  9. what would you still like to achieve in life? Big or small.
  10. what has been the best advice you’ve ever gotten?
  11. would you rather spend your money on experiences or materialistic things?

That’s all of the questions! I now nominate:

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