Food tour through Taito, (Asakusa) Tokyo

We ate so much while we were in Japan. I didn’t even stick to my diet. Which is terrible, I know, but you’re only in Japan once right? At least that will probably be the case for me, so I felt like I wanted to explore and experience every single bit of the country and its culture. The different foods they have included. So I didn’t stick to my diet for two weeks. And I still feel fine. We should not be so harsh on ourselves. I mean, I didn’t even gain any weight because we were walking so much anyways. My diet though, is definitely not the point of this post haha. The food in Tokyo is, especially the food in the Taito or Asakusa region. Want to know what we ate and which of the restaurants in this area I recommend? Keep on reading!

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The first meal we had in this area was at a place called Denny’s. Yes, with an e instead of an a. It’s a family restaurant and thus not too expensive and I felt like it had those American Diner vibes. You can tell it’s not expensive by the way it looks. It’s definitely not like one of those tiny restaurants in an alley that look unhygenic and you’d rather not step in though. It’s still a nice place. However, if you’re looking for completely awesome food that will blow your mind, this is not the place to go. If you’re looking for a nice meal that’s affordable, this definitely is the place for you. We actually had dinner at this same restaurant twice, once plannes, once because we were desperate. Planned on eating somewhere else but the place was either closed or gone. Didn’t find any other restaurants in the area so went to Denny’s again.
The first time we had dinner here I ordered some kind of cold noodlesalad with pesto, avocado and tomatoes. It was really quite good. My sister odered a simple curry and really enjoyed it.
Note: none of the pictures below were in any way photoshopped because I want to give you the most real image of the food I had.

The second time we ate here I had a salad, some fries and some rice and my sister had some kind of beef, rice and sauce dish. Very simple but it was nice. We also ordered a dessert afterwards. Just one, we split it. We ordered it thinking it was going to be ice cream with whipped cream and fresh melon. Now it did have ice cream and melon, but no whipped cream and instead of filling the whole thing with ice cream there was just one small scoop of it and the rest was filled with some weird kind of gelly. Honestly it was just disgusting haha. Not a succes, do not recommend lol. I do recommend the restaurant itself in case you’re looking for something simple and cheap. They even serve breakfast and lunch too. And a bonus: they have got wifi. 🙂

Small bites to start the day

We started the next day with our simple breakfast from 7-eleven again, like we did every day in Japan. I always had one or two of those triangle sushi things and sometimes some bread too. My sister always had one sandwich or something like that.
For lunch we had riceflour and sugar balls with a panda stamp on them at the Ueno Zoo. We also had a crepe filled with some kind of weird super dense whipped cream, which she was actually able to scoop like icecream, banana and strawberries on the way tot the botanical garden. The riceflower balls were fun to try but didn’t taste like anything at all actually so I don’t recommend those. We were just being cheap though, it was the cheapest thing on the menu at the zoo lol. The crepe surprisingly wasn’t that good either unfortunately. The dense whipped cream tasted really weird and there was not enough fruit in it. The jam in it leeked out at the bottom and got on my dress, which made me feel extra sad haha.

Perfect food

After spending some time in the botanical garden, we went into the huge shopping mall located right next to it and across from the Tokyo Dome I think it’s called. I can’t remember the name of the mall or of the restaurant, but it was on the 2nd floor (ground floor is 1st floor) and we picked it because we saw they served egg-on-rice dishes. We hadn’t tried this dish yet and it looked delicious. It definitely was! We shared one of these for dinner and we also shared a dish with broccoli, rice and cheese. They were both extremely good, but very creamy and unhealthy haha. I definitely recommend this restaurant. The only thing I didn’t like is the fact they don’t have wifi. There is wifi in the shopping mall itself though.


Nakamise street

You definitely need to check out this street and the streets surrounding it if you’re ever in the area and if you love streetfood. They have got lots of fun shops here and lots of places selling unusual streetfood. You can get stuff like pink bananas on a stick, octopus on a stick, takoyaki or a fish shaped cake filled with beanpaste. And more of course. We only had the first and last of these. The pink banana I don’t recommend. We thought the pink stuff was chocolate but it really didn’t have taste so it was just a banana. The fish shaped cake though was really nice. I had the regular one, filled with whipped cream and custard or something. My sister had the one filled with chocolate and hers was shaped like the pokemon magikarp! So fun! There was no line here and we didn’t have to wait for them to prepare the food which was awesome. The one my sister had was still warm.

Because we already ate streetfood we had lunch quite late this day. And everyone in this country seems to always have lunch late. Like, 1400-1500 is their regular time to have lunch or something. Which is very strange to me because I usually have lunch at 1300. I mean I have breakfast at 9 or 10 in the morning, I can’t survive untill 2 or 3 in the day lol. So usually we were avoiding the waiting lines, but this time we didn’t. We were hungry, finally found a place to have lunch (at the top floor of a department store) and had to wait in line to be seated. Then we had to wait a long time before our food came. All of this waiting was just terrible. It all seems to take even longer if you’re really hungry. The food was fine though, not particularly good, just fine. We liked it. We had the thick soba noodles, mine were hot, kind of a noodle soup with fried tofu on top, and my sister’s were cold. She had the ones with the dipping sauce. If you’re in Japan, this is a dish you should definitely try once. Which is why we chose this restaurant.

And that’s it. Well, that’s not all we ate, we had some more food, but these were the most exciting foods to me. These I wanted to share with you. I’d love to hear if you ever tried one of these dishes yourself, if you maybe are able to make one of these dished yourself? I need to come visit you if you’re able to do that haha. Hope you enjoyed reading this! Definitely check out my post about food in Shinjuku if you did!

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