Food tour through Shinjuku, Tokyo

As mentioned in my blogpost called ‘how to make the most of three nights in Shinjuku’, most of the time we didn’t spend on exploring or activities, we spent on eating. It’s an important part of traveling, exploring the local cuisine. Am I right? It’s also just a great excuse to eat whatever you want, whenever you want haha. By the time we get back home I’m probably at least 3 kilo heavier, but that’s okay!
Food is always important, but it’s now extra important. And we have had some great food here in Tokyo so far! I’ll share with you everything we had in the Shinjuku area in this blogpost. We stayed in this area for three nights and so I’ll be sharing the food of about three days. Keep on reading if you want to know what to order!

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First evening

We arrived in Shinjuku in the afternoon, so the first meal we had was dinner. We wanted to try and find a sushi place which the airbnb owner recommended, but could not find it so we went to a different one. I can’t remember the name of it because it was in Japanese, but it was one with a conveyor belt. All of the plates had a different color, which meant they were a different price. There wasn’t much choice though, unless you felt like constantly shouting a special order at the chef. My sister didn’t even want to try the sushi at first because there wasn’t any shehad tried before and was scared she wouldn’t like the other ones. Eventually she did have a few plates and liked it! Don’t recommend that place though so it’s okay that I don’t know the name right 🙂

Day one

The next morning we of course had breakfast. We decided that every evening we would get breakfast for the next morning at a supermarket. We usually ended up going to 7 eleven. I had one of those triangle sushi thingies every morning along with either a weird, too sweet bread thingy or an apple. We just had small breakfasts, nothing crazy. Except for the fact that my bread was green and had some kind of weird green pudding inside.
For lunch the next day we went to a place at the top of Shibuya109 in Shibuya – duh-. It was called something with ‘maison’ and I think it was more of a cafe rather than a restaurant. We both ordered pankakes. Real Japanese pancakes so they were perfectly round, fluffy and filling too! My sister had the ones with chocolate sause and banana I had the ones with different fruits and nuts. Both delicious!

I also ordered ice tea with my meal. What’s funny, is here in Japan they serve ice tea without any sugar in it and a syrup on the side which you can add to the drink yourself so you can make it as sweet as you’d like.
For dinner this day we had ramen noodles in a funny restaurant located underground in Shinjuku. It’s a place where you need to order yourself via a machine before you take a seat. Ramen or rice, different kinds of toppings. After doing that you can take place in the restaurant, which is not your traditional restaurant. It’s single booths (you can remove the deviders yourself if you wish) and you can’t even see the waiters because they are behind a small curtain. You just hand them the food tickets from the machine and fill in another form about your food, like how spicy you want it.

Of course I made a completely different order than I was supposed to, I used the refill button instead of the ramen button lol. They were nice about it though and helped us out. I definitely recommend eating at a place like this while in Japan because you can’t find them anywhere else and it really is a great experience. The food was great too!

Day two

The next day we bought our first part of lunch at isetan, a department store at the other side of Shinjuku station for us. It’s quite an expensive department store, but we just went there to go to the basement, which is where the food market is. Still a bit expensive, but that’s okay. It was such a great experience! They were selling all kinds of food from bread to fruit and sushi to cheese or meat. Things to take home and things to eat right away. Because it was fairly expensive we just got two small things: a sushi roll and a cup full of watermelon pieces. We ate these things at the park nearby. I had a sushi roll filled with soy beans I think and it tasted pretty bad lol. Don’t recommend. Do recommend the basement market.

After that we had a proper lunch -which doubled as our dinner- at the sushi place the airbnb owner recommended -yes, it took us a while, but we actually managed to find it-. It’s called Oedo sushi I believe and it’s located close to the west entrance of Shinjuku Station. All of the different kinds of sushi are 150 yen per plate and we had a great variaty to choose from, without having to shout special orders, so that was great! The taste was good too! The concept was the same as the previous sushi place, with the conveyor belt.

Because this was kind of our early dinner as well, we had some snacks back at the appartment in the evening. I bought some weird flavors of kitkat and some other snacks that had weird packaging or looked typically Japanese. Like Wasabi cheese rolls, disgusting!

And that was basically all we ate during our stay in Shinjuku area. Apart from maybe one ice cream, which wasn’t really special. I definitely recommend trying as much weird foods as possible, because most people won’t get another chance of going to Japan again to try some more food. So step outside of your comfort zone, and try some new things! Also, pretty much all places in Japan serve good food and are clean, even if they don’t look too fancy. The standards here are just super high! And the fish is of course extremely fresh 🙂

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