Day 3 and 4 in Osaka, Japan: Universal Studio’s & Hep5

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Osaka, the kitchen of Japan, a city we definitely had to visit while we were in Japan. And so we did.

If you have read my other travel diaries of my time in Japan -if not, what are you doing, here are the links: Travel diary: 3 days in Shinjuku, Tokio and Travel diary: 3 days in Taito, Tokioyou know my sister and I spent three nights in both Shinjuku and Taito. In Osaka however, we spent four nights, just a little bit longer. We could have spent so much more time in both of these cities, but we just didn’t have the money.

Four nights just isn’t a lot though. Usually when people go on a holiday they spend one to three weeks in the same place: plenty of time to explore! We had to shove all of the activities that you’d normally want to spread out over a week or one and half into just four days. We did manage to do this for the most part. Keep on reading if you want to know everything we did during our third and fourth day in Osaka! If you want to know what we did during our first and second day in Osaka, click here Travel diary: day one and two in Osaka, Japan

Day three

Today was a very special day to us. We were going to go to Universtal Studios Osaka! Kind of like going to Disneyland, but different. We were so excited for this! We got up at 8 in the morning, extra early, so that we would hopefully be there before most other people. Standing in line is not our favorite thing to do you know.


Of course we went there by metro. We had to change lines one time. The second metro basically just had people in it that were going to Universtal Studios lol. It practically stopped right inside of Universtal Studios too. We just had to walk through one street that was already themed like Universtal Studios itself and voila, we were there.


We first took some pictures and then went to stand in line to buy tickets. Well, I say stand in line, but there was no line haha. After this we went in and walked around the entire park basically taking pictures of everything we saw. I personally especially liked the Harry Potter part. Everyone likes that part of course though. The highlight of the day for me was meeting Hello Kitty! This was so much fun. We got to meet her in her own house, which was just completely extra and over the top on the inside lol. And all of the people working there were just so extremely happy and kind and smiling and all, it was a very intense and strange but cool experience.



We also wanted to take a walk in Hogwarts so we stood in line for that. The sign said the line was 10 minutes long…. Lies! Turns out we were standing in the wrong line apparently because it lead to the Harry Potter ride lol. We did go on it, just because we were standing in line for so long we didn’t want it to be for nothing. Definitely should not have done that. I’ve got motion sickness and there was a lot of motion on this ride. A LOT. I can handle rollercoasters, I cannot handle the Harry Potter ride. So I closed my eyes after about 7 seconds because I didn’t want to throw up. My sister was scared she would get sick too but luckily she didn’t really and was able to enjoy the ride.


The rest of the day we just walked around, saw Spiderman’s New York, the Minion area, ‘Jurassic Park’ and Wonderland. We checked out the shops and shared a lunch dish at the restaurant near the Terminator area. When we walked back to the entrance in order to leave, we heard music and saw that a lot of people had gathered near the entrance. Turned out there was kind of a parade going on with all of the characters danding around. They eventually all split up into different groups, each standing somewhere else surrounded by a group of park visitors. This was the opportinuty for everyone to take pictures with their favorite character. I took a picture with Marilyn Monroe, which was awesome. My English is pretty good, if I may say so myself, but when she started talking to me I was just like ‘uieuskbuogrhsioyghwro’. Felt so silly afterwards, don’t know what happened. After this we left.


We had sushi for dinner near Osaka station. We wanted to have dinner at Hep5 again but the place was closed for some reason. Super fun by the way: when we were at Osaka station we were standing in front of a map trying to figure out which exit we had to take in order to go to Hep5 and an old Japanese man came up to us to help. He was so nice, he not only showed us the right exit, he also walked us all the way out of the station and showed us where to go next. He told us that he was doing this for a hobby: helping tourists find the way. He was 68 and retired so he had all the time in the world. How amazing is that! We were astonished by this, Dutch people would never choose to do anything like that in their free time, no matter how much free time they have. We are way too selfish. This man definitely inspired me to not ever become that selfish.

After dinner we went back to the hotel. We also bought some snacks and breakfast for the next day on the way there of course.

Day four

Our last day in Osaka and in Japan as well unfortunately! I would have loved to stay a bit longer but that wasn’t an option. Today we had originally planned to go to the bamboo park near Kyoto and go into Kyoto itself, but those plans got cancelled. One because we didn’t have enough money left to pay for the train ticket to go there and two because it turned out the trains to Kyoto all got cancelled because of the heavy rain. All of our days in Osaka we actually got a weather alarm on our phones. First it was just rain, then it said rain and floodings and eventually it became rain, floodings and possible mudslides and all too. Luckily all we experienced was rain, but when we got home after out trip I learnt that people had actually died in the west of Japan because of floodings. I was so lucky to not be in that area and to not experience floodings in Osaka. I am also extremely sad that this happened of course, expecially since it happened so close to us, while we were there.

Instead, we just stayed in Osaka for the day. We spent this last day mostly in Hep5 again, where we went shopping with the last money we had left and had lunch. After this we went to the building across the street. I don’t know what it’s called but its got a Don Quihote at the bottom a few huge floors of entertainment on top of that. First we went pooling, or played biljart – my sister won- and then we just walked through the arcade floor and the gaming floor for a bit. We also played Ice Hockey but that didn’t go so well. The rest of the day we just kind of walked through the city aimlessly because we’d seen and done it all, we’d spent most of our money already and we didn’t know what else to do. Eventually it was time to have dinner, which we had at the same ramen restaurant as the one we went to in Shinjuku, where you have to buy your food tickets at the vending machine before sitting down. It was delicous again. We then went back to our hotel room, chilled for a bit and went to sleep early because the next morning we would have to get up very early in order to go to the airport and get there on time.

We were actually quite scared that the metro to the airport would get cancelled the next morning, or delayed. We did conclude that if the metro had a one hour delay, we’d still make it to the airport in time to catch our flight. So that’s what we prepared ourselves for.

Going home

We got up at 5.30 am this morning, had to leave at 6.15. It was raining heavily while we were walking to the station near our hotel, which sucked because of course we now didn’t have an unbrella anymore. We got pretty wet during this three minute walk. The good thing was though: the metro that would take us directly to the airport didn’t get cancelled and wasn’t even delayed! Happy us! Because we got there quite early we managed to take a spot right at the front of the line. In Japan people actually neatly line up to get on the metro. Since we were first in line, we were able to get a seat. We kind of had to run for it, but that’s okay haha. It was going to be a 50 minute ride, we definitely didn’t want to stand the whole way there. Lots of other people had to, unfortunately for them. The metro was completely stuffed with people and suitcases!

When we got to the airport it was pretty easy to find where to go and we already checked in online so we didn’t have to stand in line for that. In fact, we didn’t have to stand in line for anything at the airport, perfect! Because there were no lines anywhere we did get to our gate pretty early though. We killed time by eating and playing pokemon go lol.


The flight itself wasn’t even that bad. That’s how I feel though, I’m pretty sure my sister doesn’t feel the same way. Anyways, I felt the flight home was nicer than the flight to Japan. Because there was way less turbulence and also because this time we were flying during the day, which meant we didn’t have to try to fall asleep, which never really works out for me on a plane anyways. So I wasn’t tired at all actually, spent all of the hours watching movies. Six in total. I can’t even remember which lol. After this long flight we arrivced in Paris, where we had our transfer again. This time it was scheduled that we would have two hours to get to our connecting flight. We arrived in Paris an hour early though, so we had three hours to kill. Wasn’t fun because we didn’t really have anything to do and my sister was starting to get pretty tired at this point. Poor thing.

After the three hour wait we finally got on board of the plane, someone farted and BOOM, we were in Amsterdam. Just kidding haha but honestly the flight from Paris to Amsterdam is just so incredibly quick! We then quickly got on the train to Lelystad, where our mom picked us up. After spending some time at my parents house my dad brought me home. Home didn’t feel like home anymore though. It was so incredibly weird! My home still doesn’t really feel like home. I’m not sure if it ever will again actually. I guess that’s the impact traveling can have on you.

I’m addicted to traveling I think.

Best part of these days: Probably the extravagant meeting with Hello Kitty.


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