Hotel review Valletta: Grand Hotel Excelsior Malta

As I got older and started traveling more, I’ve developped a particular taste for hotels that I want to stay in during my travels. I clearly remember the first holiday I ever booked on my own and that first hotel I stayed in. Let’s just say it wasn’t much haha, but then again, I didn’t have much money. Over the years I got more critical about what place to stay at as of course I also had more money to spend on accommodation. Now THIS hotel, the Grand Hotel Excelsior Malta, is a whole different story! Such luxury! Completely different level.

First of all I’d like to say that although my income did increase over the past couple of years simply because I got older, I would never have been able to afford to stay in this five star hotel. I didn’t pay for it, a friend invited me over. And I am extremely thankful for that.


General information

As I said, it’s  a five star luxury hotel and it completely looks that way. It’s so overwhelming when you walk into the building, at least it is when you’ve never (or not a lot) stayed at a five star hotel before. The place is LVX preferred and it has some rewards/certifications as well. Basically this means the service is excellent and the hotel has everything you could ever want. In my opinion.

Apart from the fact that the hotel has 7 different kinds of rooms from classic to grand suite, so you can make it as luxurious as you’d like, the hotel also has a spa, indoor and outdoor pool, tiny private beach, fitness center, four different restaurants including one tiki bar&restaurant, two bars and they offer lots of different services like private drivers or a private breakfast on your balcony.

The hotel is located in Valetta, pretty close to what I’ve heard is the best hotel in Malta haha, the queen apparantly stays there when she visits -I think my friend meant the English queen-. Anyways, Excelsior is definitely a perfect second. It’s just a five minute walk to the old city of Valetta and all it’s touristy attractions. A drive into Saint Julians I think is about 20 minutes.

Luxury vibes

Even before you actually enter the hotel you can just smell the five stars already. I was completely baffeld when seeing their gorgeous entryway when driving up to the entrance. They have got a beautiful set of stairs -That provide you with a proper workout each time you climb them- leading from the entrance up the hill which they are located on. There’s lots of flowers everywhere as well. But then you enter the hotel and the first thing you see is this gorgeous set of stairs covered in a red carpet, with a shining floor at its base and a sparkeling cristal chandelier in the middle. I just completely fell in love at that instant.


Everything inside and outside of the hotel is just so thought of, there is so much effort that has gone into details.The place is beautiful inside and outside. From the outside it looks like a typical fancy maltese hotel because of the color and kind of roman style and from the inside it just feels like a luxurious mansion because of the shiny floors, use of colors, lots of mirrors and lots of different spaces to explore. Oh by the way: the hotel has a perfect view from basically every single floor.

My experience

General experience

We stayed in a deluxe room, which is one of the more basic ones, but it has a balcony. The room itself was lovely, neat and clean. We had everything we needed but not too much stuff everywhere. The double bed was comfy, we had a bathtub, a full length mirror -Which as a girl I was really excited about- and a view of the pool area. There was also a mini fridge but it was empty. Turned out you had to order a mini fridge package if you wanted it to be full.


All of the staff was perfectly capable of communicating in English, they were all so polite and looked nice. You could tell they were all doing the best they could to provide excellent service. Which they managed to do, apart from one thing: I asked for an adapter -You know, to be able to charge my phone because of course I didn’t think of bringing my own- and I never got one. So I just desperately stuffed my charger into the wall outlet and it worked fine. Oh another thing: my friend phoned room service to ask for a corckscrew to open the wine and they didn’t know what he was talking about. Even after he tried to explain a couple of times. Eventually they did bring one though, so someone else probably knew or guessed what he was talking about luckily. And I also forgot, but one of the girls working at the reception desk gave me wrong directions haha. Not on purpose of course. I asked her how to walk into the old town of Valetta and she told me to walk up the stairs and down the road. When in reality I had to walk up the road. That’s okay though, I have forgiven her haha.

Experience with services

We had the hotel drivers drive us to our location into the city a couple of times. They were all really nice, not all of them talked much. One of them though was originally from the UK. Such a nice, bit older man. Lovely to talk to and he kept asking questions and was willing to share stuff about his own life as well. Honestly just so lovely, I really enjoyed that.

I also went to the spa to get my eyebrows done and my eyelashes tinted. Just basic stuff, but the lady doing it was so sweet! She was talking to me about her boyfriend and how he lived in another country but was planning on seeing him agian soon. She was just a little order than me and her English was great, I loved how genuine she was and sweet. She did a great job with the lashes and brows as well and afterwards I could sit in a relaxation room with some tea. There were candles there and calming music. They really make it into a whole experience, even if you’re coming to the spa for just something basic.

The two times I ordered room service for dinner the food was good and the guy bringing it very professional. I’m a vegetarian though and that’s not really the kind of food they specialize in in Malta, but still the food was better than most places I’ve been to! They also put a little flower next to my plate, which is just such a nice touch.

Breakfast was served in the large restaurant at the same floor as our room, which was really convenient. I have to say, the buffet was not so great in my opinion. I’m used to having almondmilk with oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, or soy yogurt instead of almond milk. They didn’t have any plant based milk or yogurt available. They did have fresh fruit though, which was nice. They also had nice bread. That’s all I had though for breakfast. You could also make your own salad with cucumber and such, or you could get a full English breakfast with toast and egg and mushrooms and sausages. Definitely not my thing. I also don’t think their orange juice was actually fresh, which definitely is not my thing as well. What I did really like about breakfast though is the fact that they come to your table and ask you if you’d like coffee or tea, and then they bring you a nice pot of it instead of just one cup.

I think that’s all of the services I used, apart from laying by the pool but that’s just so basic.

Final thoughts

Okay so even though not everything went completely perfect, I’d still love to stay in this hotel again, it was just wonderfull. I think I’d score the place a 8,9 out of 10, based on my experience and mostly because of their breakfast buffet.

During my stay I felt like a queen and myself at the same time because how can you not feel like a queen when staying in a hotel like this right? But then I also felt like myself because there were just so many ‘normal’ people staying at this hotel. I expected the guests to be all dressed up and looking fancy but that was for most of them definitely not the case. I could definitely get used to a lifestyle like that though haha.

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