Malta day 2 and 3: old city of Valletta & Saint George’s bay

Day 2

My first full day in Malta! – If you want to know what I did on the first day here, check out this blogpost Travel diary: Malta day 1 – I’ve got all day to myself today so after breakfast I walked around the hotel for a bit to take pictures and then I went off into the old city of Valletta.

I went to the hotel reception desk to ask the nice lady what direction to head in if I wanted to walk into the city. She gave me a map and told me to go up the stairs and then to the right, down the hill. Which, when looking at the road, seemd incredibly unlikely to me. So naturally I just followed my own instinct – and all of the other people walking by – and went up the hill. After five minutes I arrived exactely where I needed to be. I still don’t understand what the lady at the reception was thinking of haha.


The inner city of Valletta is very old and extremely beautiful. However, they’ve changed it up quite a bit lately. There used to be a huge gate in the wall surrounding Valletta, which was the entrance to the city. I absolutely don’t understand why, but the’ve knocked that down. They also built an enormous fountain at the square in front of the new gate and a nice walking lane with palm trees. I think most of these changes have to do with the fact that Valetta is capital of culture 2018. The city itself is just wonderful: every building is beige, small pops of colour everywhere, lots of churces, gorgeous views overlooking the water, narrow streets and many many stairs that provide you with a great workout. You don’t want to walk here when it’s raining though, it gets incredibly slippery! Imagine slipping at the top of the stairs and rolling all the way down haha. It’s lovely just walking around this city, and since it’s not a huge place, you can easily see everything in one day.

After walking around for a bit I decided to sit down for some lunch at a nice restaurant called San Giovanni, right in front of the Cathedral. I also had ice cream at the Häagen-Dazs shop. Then I went back to the hotel and layed by the pool for a bit. I obviously got sunburnt because I’m so pale and forgot so put sunscreen on during my walk in town.


Best part of today: exploring the tiny streets in Valletta.

Day 3

After having breakfast I had a driver take me to the city of Saint Julian, to Saint Georges bay. It’s such a different place compared to Valletta. It’s kind of the Blanes of Malta, it has lots of nightclubs, lounges, restaurants and shops. The buildings are all very modern as well, apart from the amazing hotels surrounding the place. I personally did’n’t find the place as interesting. because of this, but it was still nice. I expecially liked the view of the ocean. The driver dropped me off right at the bay, where the beach is. I walked all the way up the hill and down on the other side to see the ocean. Turned out you could actually walk into the ocean! Which I didn’t do because of the extreme winds that day, but it was still gorgeous.


I spent two hours in Saint Julian and then went back to the hotel, had an appointment at the spa to get my lashes and eyebrows done and went to the pool with my friend. We then went to dinner at Peppino’s, which is a tiny restaurant but has a lot of floors. Our table was on the top floor and had an amazing view over the bay. The food was great too, deffinitely recommend. If you want to go out for drinks after dinner, I recommend going to Hugo’s lounge or Hugo’s terrace, which is what we did.

If you want to know what I did the final days of my holiday, check out this blogpost Travel diary: Malta day 4&5. My terrible journey home!


Best part of today: dinner.


-Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind-

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