Malta day 1: almost missed my flight!

There I was, at Schiphol airport, waaaaaay too early of course. I always am. They tell you to be there at least three hours in advance in case it’s super busy and there’s long lines in front of security and check-in, but it’s usually not that busy. Still, I never would want to risk it! By the time I was checked in and made it through security it was 9.30 am and the flight left at 11.50. I’m the kind of person that would rather be one hour early instad of one minute late. And I mean with EVERYTHING.

The funny thing is, I would totally have missed my flight if I hadn’t checked one more time the evening before. I got the departure times mixed up in my head, thought my flight to Malta was leaving at 17.15 in the evening when really my flight back home left at that time and my flight to Malta left 11.50 in the morning. I can’t imagine having missed my flight! I would probably have cried for the rest of the day lol. Anyways, I checked luckily, got up 5.30 in the morning to catch the train to Schiphol at 6.45 I think and was in time for my flight. Right before check-in I got kind of scared that for some reason something might have gone wrong with the booking and I would not have a seat on the flight. You see, I booked the tickets at the cheapest site I could find and obviously there’s a lot of bad reviews about them. But that’s a completely different story and everything went fine!

The flight took about 2.5 hours, I had to wait for my friend at arrivals and then we took a taxi (or cab) to the hotel. Grand Hotel Excelsior in Valetta is the hotel we stayed in and oh-my-god it’s the most beautiful and luxurious hotel I’ve ever stayed! It’s got five stars, FIVE! I felt like I was staying at a castle, just with a lot of other people haha. I’ll tell you more about the hotel in another blogpost, but here’s a bunch of pictures 🙂 If you want to see more, all you need to do is go follow me on Instagram @ijustwanttotravelto


After arriving at the hotel and dropping off our stuff at the room I just walked around a bit in the hotel, explored every single floor of it. Then I went back to the room and ordered roomservice for dinner. It was my first time ever in my life ordering room service, can you believe that? I was amazing haha having this guy knock on the door, carrying a silver platter on his shoulder filled with food and all, I loved it and the food was great too!

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I ate all of it and then had a nice bath. I then got ready to go out because my friend and I were going into town to get dinner. For him of course, since I had already had dinner. – I still ate something of course, I mean, a few hours had past since my last meal and also, everyone that knows me knows I can eat all day long haha –. He was actually there for business and invited me along, which is why we were not always doing everything together. We went to this restaurant called San Giuliano. A great restaurant with great local food and a great view. In case you don’t know: by local food I mean pizza, pasta, lasagne, fish and basically every dish had loads of cheese in it. I just ordered a small starter with eggplant and it had more cheese on it than there was eggplant. I’m honestly not even exaggerating.

Best part of today: Arriving at the hotel and being stunned by its beauty.


Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousend times-

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