5 great restaurants in Amsterdam

This past Friday, the 18th of May, I went to Amsterdam with two friends of mine. I also visited the city a couple of weeks earlier for a whole weekend. During my time in the city I’ve been to a couple of really nice, hip restaurants and I really wanted to share them with you! I wanted to go to more restaurants, but you know, you can only eat so much… 🙂

So all of the restaurants can each be put into a different category I guess. There’s a fancy one, a hipster one, one with a weird but extremely popular theme, a fast-food one and one that’s actually just pretty basic, but still great. I’ll explain a bit more about each of them down below, and I’ll like the website of the place in case you’re in Amsterdam now or soon and want to make a reservation. All of these places had great food and great service. Don’t worry if you don’t speak Dutch: all of the staff at these places spoke English.

Fancy one


Let’s start with the fancy one. This restaurant is called ‘Het groene paleis‘, which directly translates to ‘the green palace’. It’s a pretty fancy place inside, but the outside terrace is pretty much like all others.

We sat outside and had dinner. They have got quite a lot of dishes you can choose from. most of which are you guessed it- pretty fancy. Think oysters, steak tartare, duck breast filet and tarte tartin. A three course menu will cost you 35 euro, but if you want to eat less you can of course do so. What’s great, is that they’ve also got vegetarian/vegan options. Seven vegetarian and (depending on what kind of broth they use in their soup) 3 or 1 of these can be made vegan, to be exact. I had the dutch weed burger, which is all vegan and it honestly was the best burger I ever had!

Also very convenient: the restaurant is located at one of the main streets of Amsterdam city, only a 13 minute walk from the train station. Their menu is in Dutch ánd English.

Weird one

The weird one is ‘The avocado show‘. Yes, this restaurants only serves dishes that have avocado as an ingrediënt. They even have avocado drinks and ice cream! So if you don’t like avocado, this place is not for you. If you LOVE avocado however, this place is heaven!


It’s really photogenetic and instagrammable, but very small. They don’t take reservations, so if you don’t want to wait to be seated don’t come here during rush hour. We went there at 1600 (they close at 1700) and the place was still completely packed. Since they close at 1700 they don’t serve dinner, but they do breakfast, brunch and lunch.

Their food is delicous and looks incredible. I tried their ‘Saint Stack’ dish, which is macha pancakes with avocado (obviously)blueberries and maple syrup. Loved it. My friend had the homemade raspberry lemonade and could not stop talking about it for the rest of the day haha. That’s how much she loved it. This restaurant is a great place if you’re vegetarian vegan as well, lots of things to choose from. Furthermore they’ve got things like eggs, toast, bowls, smoothies and snacks on the menu. It’s also not very expensive. Most dished cost around 10 euro, some 15, drinks around 3-5 depending if you’re going for soda or beer. By the way: their menu is in English. 

To get to this place you will have to walk quite a bit, or take the tram. It’s located outside of the city center, a 35 minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station. We just walked there since there’s a lot to see along the way and you can walk through the shopping street when going there so you can shop at the same time. This definitely made me feel less like I was walking to the north pole. 

Basic one

Sumo is the basic one. At least it is for us Dutchies. Pretty much every big city in The Netherlands has a Sumo restaurant. Amsterdam even has three. One located right in the city center at 5 minutes from the train station and two a little bit further out of the center. The first one is the one we went to.

Sumo is an all you can eat, Japanese, sushi and grill restaurant. You can also order a la carte though if you don’t feel like eating a lot. All you can eat will cost 19.95 during lunch and 27,50 (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) or 29,50 during dinner. It’s a nice restaurant that’s not too fancy and not too casual. Just classic with a slight Japanese vibe.

I don’t have a picture to proof that I actually went to this restaurant, but please enjoy this picture of an avocado lamp instead. Avocado is used in sushi a lot, so that counts, right?


Now there are a lot of different sushi restaurants in The Netherlands and in Amsterdam even, but Sumo is definitely considered one of the better ones. I went here with a friend from Canada and he said he had never had such great quality sushi at an all you can eat restaurant before. I don’t think I really need to explain more about the food, I mean, it’s sushi haha. Not many choises if you’re vegan. Also not a lot if you’re vegetarian, but thats obvious. They do however, have ‘mini pokebowls’ on the menu, which I personally have never seen at a sushi restaurant before. Their menu is in Dutch and English.

Fast food

When we went to Amsterdam last friday we wanted to have something quick to eat before heading back home. However, fastfood like Burger King wasn’t really on our minds. This is when we found a restaurant called Burgerij. It’s pretty obvious what their specialty is: burgers. Their location is very convenient as they are located right inside of the central station. You do however, instead of walking towards the entrance of the station at the citycenter side, need to walk the opposite way.

Now I just had a small salad and some sweet potato fries because I didn’t want to have a non-vegan meal. Was really delicious though! My friends had a chicken salad, which was served hot, and a burger. They both really liked the food as well! Their menu includes lots of different burgers such as ones with chicken, lamb, beef, fish and vegetarian ones but they also serve wraps, salads and deserts. The only thing is: the titles of the dishes are in English, the explanation of what ingredients are used in the dish however, are not. Each proper dish will set you back around 15 euros.

LRM_EXPORT_20180519_102454 (1)

Now I know this is the fast food restaurant, but it’s nothing like Burger King for example. Yes the service is fast, yes you get your food quite quickly, but no, you don’t have to wait in line to order. There are proper places to sit and eat as well, it’s just a restaurant like all others. It looked great as well, kind of an industrial vibe.

Hipster one

The hipster one is called Terpentijn. It’s actually a ‘sister’ of the restaurant called Metropolitan, which is were we origionally wanted to go. The place was completely packed however, so we went to Terpentijn, which was only a few doors down the road. I’ts actually located on the same road as Het groene paleis, the first restaurant I just told you about.

We were actually really happy about going to Terpentijn to be honest. The place was smaller, had a open kichen so you could watch them prepare your food and the overall vibe of the place was so nice! It had a very hipster look to it, which I personally really enjoy. Since it’s so small though, it’s easy to overlook the place and not see the entrance.

The restaurant serves lunch and dinner. Lunch dishes (which is when we were there) include dished include acai bowl, bread, eggs, toasties, burgers, salads and snacks like oysters and chicken wings. They also serve baked camembert, truffel fries and tuna melt nachos, which I’ve never seen anywhere else. They’ve got a couple of things on the menu that are or can be made vegatarian or vegan. I went with the ‘2 sandwiches with salad on the side’. It was two sliced of bread with homemade hummus and lots of nice veggies. I enjoyed it! My one friend ordered a burger and wasn’t able to finish all of it, but she doesn’t eat a lot anyways so maybe you would be able to 🙂 I challenge you to try and finish one of their burgers and send me a picture of it! 🙂 The dinner menu of Terpentijn includes snacks, burrata, soup, salads, tuna steak, burgers, szechuan ribs, bokchoy, caponata and lots of different kinds of fries. There’s a lot of things on the menu that most restaurants don’t serve so if you like trying out new things definitely go here!

Lunch will cost you 8-14 euros and dinner about 30 if you’re going for a starter, a main and a side.



Let me know if you’re visiting one of these restaurants! I’d love to see pictures of it! 🙂 You can share them with me on Instagram @ijustwanttotravelto. Also, one of the friends I went to Amsterdam with has her own blog. It’s in Dutch, but also focusses a lot on travelling so if you want to check it out the site is www.dmontheroad.nl


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