Tourist in your own country

I love traveling, you probably love traveling, pretty much everyone loves traveling. I’ve never met anyone that did not like to travel. If I would ever meet someone like that I would probably send them to a doctor to get themselves checked. Just kidding.
The thing is, traveling costs money. A lot, if you want to have a faraway vacation or a not-so-far-away-but-just-very-luxe one. People don’t always have that kind of money. In fact, there’s lots of people on this planet that don’t have to money to ever go traveling and thus have never left their city. How sad is that, I really feel for those people. Being able to explore the world is the most beautiful thing ever. Now I also don’t always have the money to go traveling. Unfortunately I’m not one of those influencers that gets paid to stay at the best hotels. I do have an Instagram page, which is called @alovingladytravels if you want to follow. I post a new picture every day and my insta stories are quite elaborate I would love your feedback on the page by the way 🙂
I’m not letting the fact that don’t have enough money to go far ayway stop me from going anywhere at all though. Have you ever thought about just being a tourist in your own city? Your own country? It can be so much fun! Even going to places you’ve been before but just trying to look at it from a different perspective or trying to go to certain spots within that place that you’ve never been to before. You may end up discovering a whole different aspect of a city you’ve been to 10 times. The thing I find the most fun to do when visiting a place I’ve been to many times, is looking up more. We all tend to just look straigt foreward, when we’re shopping for example, just looking at the shops. But there is more to those buildings than just those shops. There’s usually people living on top of them, the complete buildings might be beautiful and detailed, really old or very modern. Also looking up when you’re out for a walk in a park you’ve been before is nice. The tops of the trees just floating in the wind, blue skies with clouds slowly drifting by, birds flying around… Just try to look up more, it’s fun, I promise!
Being a tourist in your own city or country does not have to cost you a lot of money, or any money at all! Which is the reason I love it, because I can save up more money for my travels to other countries while still exploring beautiful places. I live in The Netherlands, somewhere a bit more in the north of The Netherlands. My favourite cities in my country are Utrecht and Tilburg so far. Places I love to visit that are quite close to me are Leeuwarden, Giethoorn and Havelterberg.


Photo above is of Leeuwarden

Leeuwarden is a lovely city with lots of history and lots of students. They really value culture and there’s always people out and about, always something to do. There’s also a fairly large man-made park just outside the city which is great for going on a walk but it’s also where a few music festivals take place.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Photo above is of Havelterberg

Havelterberg is just a huge natural park which has lots of different things to explore. There are small forests, old trees standing alone, megalithes, craters that remind us of the second world war, a sheep farm, neverending plains and lots of pretty flowers and cute animals. Even little snakes!

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Photo above is of Giethoorn

Giethoorn is the only one you might know if you’re not from The Netherlands. It’s considered Venice of The Netherlands because it’s a small village that has a lot of houses in the middle that can only be reached by boat. The houses on the outer parts of the village can be reached by bike as well, and some also by car. I’s a gorgeous place to rent a small boat and just sail through the old inner city, or out to the open lake with the bigger boats.

If you’re ever in The Netherlands, close to any of these places, I highly recommend visiting them! Obviously there are a lot more beautiful places in our country to see, but these are just the ones closest to me.

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