Exploring Utrecht: best restaurants

Unfortunately, I am not a part of the elite group of people with endless amounts of money which they use to travel the world. I actually have to save up for quite a long time in order to be able to travel, like most of us.

However, you don’t have to go far in order to enjoy yourself or in order to feel like you’re exploring something new. Of course it’s nicer to go somewhere else, somewhere warm in particular, like Malaysia. But I find it very fun to explore my own country as well! When you purposely look at a city differently, even one you’ve been to before, you’ll actually notice different things. You just have to look at the city from a different perspective, a tourist perspective. You’ll be surprised.

Now the last day of my two weeks off I went to Utrecht with my sister. I had been there a few days before that as well, and I’ve actually been to the city quite a lot in the past few years. I’ve always loved it there, at one point I even wanted to study and move there. Eventually I started a study in a different city, but every time I visit Utrecht, I fall more and more in love. What I love about the place, is that no matter where you go, no matter which street you’re in, there’s always a few shops and restaurants near you. I think that’s what makes the city so lovely and cozy, along with the history of the place as well. Very charming old buildings for example, I love those. 

Food journey

So I mostly just went on a journey of food discovery in Utrecht those two days I was there last week, but I also did some shopping and my sister and I went to two museums together as well. I love food and I’m guessing you do to. I mean, who doesn’t love food right? I’ve had some lovely meals in some lovely restaurants in Utrecht that I think you should visit to! Disclaimer: no I have not tried every restaurant in Utrecht, far from that. However, I did try quite a few and I pretty much liked all of them. The ones in this article are my favorites so far.


If you like to have breakfast really early in the morning, it’s probably best if you just have breakfast at a hotel. Not a lot of restaurants are open before 9.00 a.m., even if they do serve breakfast. One place I love to get breakfast is called ‘Yogurt Barn’, right in the city centre and it opens at 8.30 a.m. It’s a lovely, small restaurant that honestly does kind of look like a barn on the inside. They serve -you guessed it- yogurt! You can choose between three different kinds of yogurts and you can choose all kinds of different toppings, as many as you like! It’s amazing and incredibly delicious! If you’re terrible at combining different flavours, you can also opt for one of the pots of yogurt specials from the menu. They do serve a lot more than just yogurt though, like overnight oats, smoothies, toast and cake. I personally have  not tried any of these yet, but I’m definitely planning to!

If you’re not a fan of yogurt for breakfast, you might prefer going to Ted’s. This place is also located in the city centre, right by a small canal and near the Dom tower. They serve brunch all day. It’s a modern, slightly hipster and very instagrammable restaurant. I like the place better on, for example, monday mornings, when it’s not so crowded and you can just chill and sit near the window watching people walk by. I tried their ‘Triple Omega’ with avocado instead of salmon and is was delicious! Everything with avocado is delicous. I love avocado….Anyways! Ted’s does a lot of different dishes with egg, you can choose how you like the eggs as well. They also do all sorts of sandwiches that I haven’t tried yet and which would probably be nicer to have for lunch. I definitely need to try their french toast and banana pancakes as well next time. Moreover, I personally think they’ve got quite a cool selection of drinks you don’t really ever see anywhere else on the menu. 

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To be honest, so far I’ve only had lunch at Stan&Co, but I went there twice because the food was good and the service amazing, I just had to come back. I’m one of those people that will go to a restaurant again just because the service was amazing, even if the food wasn’t that good. Located right in the city centre, Stan&Co is quite a large, rustic/industrial and modern restaurant that serves all kinds of things. I personally tried their nacho’s, veggie wings, shakshuka and also their yakitori by accident. The yakitori was amazing, even though I’m actually not allowed to say that because I don’t eat meat and that dish is definitely meat. They served me the wrong dish and I didn’t realize soon enough, don’t blame me! They made up for it though. The shakshuka, I don’t even know what that word actually means, but it’s egg and it tastes just like you would expect from a cooked egg. It’s served in a pan though, loved that. The restaurant really made an effort to serve the dishes in a very special way. They also have homemade green tea, which is really nice and refreshing if you don’t really like sugary drinks. They also serve salads, sandwiches, other small bites, grilled meat, cakes, soup, snacks, sweets and lots of different drinks. If you’re a vegetarian, there’s plenty to choose from!



I’ve had dinner in four restaurants in Utrecht already: Mahanakorn, Comptoir, Le Connaiseur and Sirtaki. They all serve different kinds of food and I liked all of them for different reasons.

I liked Comptoir, which is a Lebanese restaurant, pretty much just because of the way the restaurant looks. The service wasn’t great, it’s located in central station and also the food wasn’t as good as some real Lebanse food I’ve had before. Don’t really recommend. Sirtaki however, a Greek restaurant, is great if you like Greek food. All of the staff actually is Greek, the food is amazing and the place is really cozy and a little quirky as well. It’s located near the Dom tower. When I went to Mahanakorn, a Thai restaurant, I only tried one dish -and also coconut icecream-, but it was amazing. I love asian food anyways, so I knew I was going to love this restaurant. The staff is Thai, the restaurant very modern with tables decked in the typical asian way with folded napkins. It’s located right in the city centre, on the canal, so you can’t see it from the shopping street. I would love to go here again, however, there’s not much to choose from when you’re a vegetarian so I don’t think I’ll be going there again soon, since I basically will have to order the same thing. Lastly, Le Connaiseur. A bit of a fancy looking, brownish restaurant just outside the city centre. I went here with my sister and we had a full, three course meal. And they don’t serve small dishes, no, they serve huge plates full of food. We felt 4 months pregnant when leaving haha. We had the nachos and tomatosoup for starters and then my sister had a ‘fish duo’ and I had the ‘vegetarian irish steak’, or something like that. I know, weird right, a vegetarian steak haha. I thought so too. Turns out they just serve soy burgers instead of the steak. They served it with mushrooms that were honestly the best mushrooms I’ve had in my entire life. There was also some rice, salad and some sort of bread on the plate. AND we got fries. Way. Too. Much. But delicous. We even had room to split a desert afterwards. Who doesn’t like ice cream?

I also know there is this restaurant that serves Hawaiian inspired food that I really want to try. I’m going to do that next time I visit Utrecht! 


I didn’t actually have a lot of snacks when I was in Utrecht. There’s a Dunking Donuts that I went to once. I also went to this lovely frozen yogurt shop with my sister. Right across Sirtaki. It’s called Amarty’s. We didn’t go there to get frozen yogurt though, we got warm waffles with three different toppings and chocolate sauce! I can almost taste it again when I think of the waffle… I got one with white chocolate pieces, strawberry and caramel flakes. My sister got discodip instead of caramel. Both looked and tasted amazing. They’re quite small, but they really fill you up. Also, the place lookes very cute, colourful and instagrammable and the lady that worked there was really nice. I’m definitely going here again to try their frozen yogurt once the weather starts getting warmer. It was still freezing outside in March.



Those were all of the restaurants in Utrecht I’ve tried so far. Amarty’s, Ted’s and Stan&Co are definitely my three favourites so far. Please let me know what restaurants are your favourite so I can check them out!

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