Malaysia day 5: bird park&China town Kuala Lumpur

This was my last full day in Malaysia, unfortunately. I made the most of it though!

First I went to the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. It’s basically a fake jungle complete with waterfalls and there are lots of different kinds of birds that just walk and fly around freely. Some of the smaller or more precious ones live in cages, which I don’t particularly like. There were lots of funny looking birds that would just casually walk past you, not scared at all. One of them actually sat down on his knees. I’d never seen a bird do that before and it was hilarious.

2018-03-15 06.53.46 1.jpg

Half way throught the park I decided to have a break from the heat. I bought a fresh coconut and sat down at one of the tables in the shadow. Honestly, even before I sat down about 10 birds had surrounded me, looking at my coconut. All hoping to get a bite. I loved the coconut juice but I personally think fresh coconut flesh is disgusting, and that’s the exact part the birds were hoping to get of course. So that worked out perfectly: I had a nice refreshing drink and all of the birds got a nice piece of coconut.

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After the bird park I went to Chinatown. I had some lunch in a restaurant called ‘Old China’. Doesn’t look like much from the outside or the inside even haha – but the food is great! Actual Chinese food, made by Chinese people. The food came very quickly as well, but that might just have been because the dishes I chose were pretty simple: spring rolls and an omelet. Afterwards I went to see all of the different markets  in this area. You can basically buy anything you want here, lot’s of fake designer stuff as well. I ended up buying some soap and bathbombs and a dreamcatcher in this lovely indoor shopping centre. Kind of last minute I also decided to get some durian candy. Durian is the most disgusting smelling fruit in the world. Honestly, for a fruit with a reputation like that I did expect it to smell worse than it actually did. Anyways, I was not brave enough to try the actual fruit, so I dediced to get the durian candy instead. -Big mistake, it’s disgusting-

I wanted to have a swim after getting back to the hotel, but it started raining so I decided not to. Instead, I decided to write a little in my travel diary. Then I went to go get dinner. I went to a street where apparently the locals love to go to as well. It was international womensday that day and so all of the restaurants and bars were crowded. I started off at a tapas restaurant which had ladiesnight that evening and so all of the wine and cocktails were free! Amazing. Tapas was lovely. When I was having dinner I noticed a bar across the street where a live band was playing. I think the bar was called bar shack, such a weird name. There was also one called ‘naughty babe, dirty duck’, hilarious.- There are not a lot of bars where I live that have live music so I really wanted to check it out. It was a lovely girlband which was called Candy I think. They had a great variaty of music. Immiditately after I sat down one of the waiters came to me and placed a bracelet with flowers around my wrist, telling me ‘Happy Humansday!’. I guess they didn’t want the guys to feel left out, but the guys didn’t get anything so that didn’t make any sense haha. I had two cocktails there and since I basically never drink any alcohol I got a little drunk from just these two and decided to go back to the hotel to get some sleep.

Best part about today: Feeding the birds.


– Go where your dreams take you –


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