Malaysia day 4: typical local house in Malacca and going to KL

Today is my last day in Malacca. I had half a day left in this beautiful city before I had to leave to go to Kuala Lumpur. I’ve enjoyed my time in Malacca very much, but there’s so much more to see!

To make the most of the time I had left in Malacca, I decided to go to a small museum that actually used to be someones house. It shows visitors what people used to live like about a 100 years ago and it was lovely. The owner of the house was present to explain more about all of de rooms, decorations and pictures. She’s a very old lady and she actually grew up in that house! I was very honored to have a little look inside her life basically. There were lots of photos of her and her family. She told me she had 9 brothers and 2 sisters, wow! There was a room where they would get married inside the house as well, which I did not expect. Also, the entire house was elevated from the ground, built on posts. Eventually I took a picture with her. – I sent it to my family and my dad thought it was photoshopped because the lady is so incredibly small haha. I mean, look at this, I’m only 174 cm tall. –

2018-03-12 03.08.07 1.jpg

After the museum I went to have breakfast at a restaurant I saw the day before. I think it was called Halia Inc, it was right by the river. Not a very good restaurant in my opinion. I had rice with some sort of extremely spicy vegetable curry. I didn’t eat most of it because of the spicyness, but that’s just me. I then had a warm waffle with banana, vanilla icecream and caramel souce, which was heavenly! Defenitely go get that if you’re in Malacca. Now the reason I didn’t really like the restaurant is because the waitresses were not really paying any attention. I was sitting outside and they never came to check if I needed anything else or if I was finished. One of them even wanted to send me to a public toilet outside when I asked where the toilet was because apparantly she didn’t realise I had been sitting at one of their tables, having a meal for about half an hour. Also: no toilet paper in the toilet stall, WHAT. That was an adventure.

You should now though, if you’re ever going to visit Malaysia, don’t be surprised by their different attitude towards work. A lot of the time all of the staff was just sitting down, looking at their phone. Didn’t really matter where I went, they did this in restaurants, shops and at tourist attractions as well. Quite strange. Apparantly that’s quite normal over there. Also, every person working in, for example, a restaurant, has a different ‘job’. So there is one person that only takes orders, one that only brings the food, one that only cleans the table, etc. So even though it might be a very quit day for the restaurant, there are still like 6 people working. No wonder unemployment rates are so low haha.

After the delicious waffle I walked over to the observation tower. It provided a 360 degrees view over the city, which was lovely. It was up there that I realised how close all of the tourist attractions were together.

Then I had to take an Uber to get to the hotel to get my stuff. One of the ladies working there was so incredibly nice to me, she even walked me to the car with an umbrella because it was raining. It was only like 5 steps, so sweet! So then the Uber took me to my next hotel, which was also The Majestic Hotel, but this one was located in Kuala Lumpur obviously. Gorgeous as well, but very different. This hotel is very modern and chique. There is black marble everywhere and basically everything is shiny. The staff wears crisp white suits and they speak English very well.

2018-03-09 09.07.05 1.jpg

I went into the city to go get dinner. I ended up at a small Lebanese restaurant. Best choice I ever made, the food was heavenly. I had hummus, baba ganoush I think -honestly I don’t even know what all of the dishes were called or how to write the names of the dishes or how to pronounce them, please don’t kill me- , some kind of salad, some sort of pastry filled with spinach, cheese and lemon and another dipping souce like hummus. This was, hands down, the best dinner I’ve had in Malaysia. Afterwards I walked further into the city centre, to the street where all of the streetfood restaurants are. As I came closer I smelled something horrible, which turned out to be durian, the most stinky fruit in the world. It wasn’t actually that bad, considering it is the worst smelling kind of fruit ever, I’d expected it to smell worse. Still not very nice though. I went and had a nice foot massage, my first one ever, and it was only 10 euro for one hour! Amazing. After that I went back to the hotel, wrote in my travel diary and went to sleep. 

Best part about today: Definitely dinner. 


 – It isn’t the travel that’s broadening, it’s all that rich foreign food. –

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