Malaysia day 3: historic city of Malacca

New day new adventures. After sleeping really well the first night in the hotel I woke up without feeling jetlagged. I honestly don’t know how I did that.

I decided to have breakfast somewhere outside of the hotel and so I walked to the shoppingstreets closest to me. It would have been better if I had looked up some restaurants beforehand or if I had eaten something small before leaving. Most of the restaurants were closed and the ones that were open did not serve food at the time I arrived somewhere between 10.30 and 11.00 in the morning –, or they served just a few dishes.

Eventually I ended up in a nice little restaurant. Well, if this restaurant was located in any first world country we would  most certainly not think it was nice but that’s part of the fun right: going places you normally would never go. So I sat down to look at their menu and pretty much all they were serving was rice dishes and different kinds of bread. So that’s what I had: rice with three different sauces and a naan bread the size of my head! I expected them to serve me everything on a plate, which they did serve me the naan bread on a plate, but not everything else. Some guy came to my table, and put down a banana leaf. Then another guy came to my table to place some sort of crispy bread thingies on there and then a third guy came over with a small bucket, full of cooked rice. He put a huge hump of rice on the banana leaf and later came back with another small bucket to put the sauces on the banana leaf as well. It was quite the experience. – Oh by the way, fun fact: if you say you don’t need any more, rice for example, they will still give you one extra scoop because they don’t believe you, lol -. With my breakfast I ordered a fresh mango juice, which was actually not fresh, it was extremely sweet lemonade. Apparently, only the juices made with fruits that are in season at that moment, are made fresh. So figure out which ones that are before you get on the plane if you don’t like extremely sweet lemonade.

If you yourself ever happen to go to Malaysia, you’ll notice the locals eat pretty much everything with their hands. No wait, with their hand, singular. They only use their right hand. Why, you ask? Well, because they use their left hand to wipe their ass. And they don’t use toilet paper for that, just water and their hand. It’s quite disgusting to me and probably to other western people, but they will probably think using toilet paper is quite disgusting, so yeah. Anyways, most restaurants also have cutlery, but if they don’t, remember to only use your right hand!

After breakfast I decided to go into the city centre where all of the historic buildings are. Red square, or Dutch square, is quite a famous place in Malacca. It was smaller than I had imagined, but beautiful. There’s a red church on the square called Christ Church, which we, the Dutch, built. So for me that was fun to see. There was a long queue of rickshaws lined up next to the fountain, all waiting for tourists to pay for a ride through the city. All of them were eleborately decorated with bright colours, stuffed animals and pictures of characters. They all had a theme: Frozen, Pikachu, Hello Kitty, you name it, and they were all blasting happy music during the ride. It was very fun to see. I took a picture of the queue and there so happened to be a man sitting in one of them. Quite an old man, sitting in a bright yellow Pikachu rickshaw and he waved at me for the picture. He was not embarrassed at all haha I loved that. – Yes, of course I waved back. –


I went on a river cruise after that, took about half an hour and it was lovely. The city really made an effort trying to make all of the shops look good not only seen from the streets, but also seen from the river. A lot of the buildings were restored, painted, and remodeled to face the river.

Then I just went back to the hotel, had a nice, refreshing swim in the swimmingpool and had dinner at another hotel -springrolls, a salad and caramel pudding if you’re wondering- before writing in my travel diary again and finally going to sleep.

Best part about today: Discovering the incredibly colourful city.


– To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries –


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