Malaysia day 2: arriving at the hotel

After a whole day of traveling, and a bit more traveling on the second day of my journey I finally arrived in Kuala Lumpur! I first spent two nights in Melacca and then two nights in Kuala Lumpur (KL). Want to know what the first day in Malaysia was like? Keep on reading! 

After leaving the plane and getting my luggage (I had to take the train within the airport to get to the place where the luggage could be picked up, wow, did not expect that) I decided to just get an Uber to take me to the hotel in Melacca. It was about a two hour drive with lots of rain unfortunately, but also lots of things to see. Everything is so different over there! Much more interesting than The Netherlands, where everything is flat and boring. I actually expected the traffic to be terrible and the people to drive like maniacs, but that was not the case at all.

So the car arrived at the hotel, and I knew it was sort of a fancy hotel, but honestly, I did not expect it to be this fancy! They came to open the door for me and carried my suitcase into the hotel and eventually into my room. I was blown away, I had never experienced that haha. I liked it though. The hotel is called The Majestic Hotel by the way, defenitely worth a visit. The staff are incredibly nice and polite and the rooms and the building itself are gorgeous. One nice lady escorted me to my room and brought some traditional tea with her to welcome me, how lovely! The style in which the hotel was built is very traditional but also luxe. The room had a nice bed, great view and an open bathroom with a bath and a shower.


Since it was getting a little late already, I decided to have dinner at the hotel since that would be the easiest. I had never had Malaysian food before, – or pretty much any kind of spicy asian food to be honest –, so this dinner turned out to be quite an adventure. Pretty much everything had chilli in it. Eventually I decided to start out with a salad that had pineapple, onion, chilli and lettuce in it. Quite a weird combination I thought, so I had to try it. Despite the fact that my entire mouth and throat started burning and I was trying not to cry okay maybe I’m exaggerating a little – , it was actually pretty good. Main course was some sort of noodles with egg, which actually wasn’t spicy at all luckily, but very hard to eat. They served it with this tiny spoon and chopsticks and I just sat there trying to figure out how to eat the noodles without splattering the broth all over myself and without looking like I hadn’t eaten in a year. Eventually I sort of figured it out, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t doing it the right way haha. For dessert I went with some sort of rice pudding, but a lot more watery. I was black rice and had waaaaay to much sugar in it so I couldn’t finish all of it. Apparently the Malaysians not only love spicy food, they also love sugary things. By the way, after ordering the cook actually came to my table to introduce herself and her style of cooking. Such a lovely old lady. I’ve never had a cook do that it was great.

After dinner I just went to bed and slept like an angel. But before that, of course, I had to write in my travel diary.

Best part about today: The lovely staff working at the hotel.


– One of the joys of travel is visiting new towns and meeting new people –

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